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Who do you think is stronger Captain America thor the human torch or the thing or hulk.
What is your favorite type of fiction?
What continent are you from?
What is your favorite Inheritance Cycle book?
Which Halo 3 DLC was the best?
Which Halo: Wars DLC is the best?
Which Halo 2 DLC was the best?
Which Halo: Reach DLC was the best?
Which Halo 4 DLC was the best?
Which one is scarier?
how many friends do you have
how many people have you dated
What is your favorite Jane Austen novel?
Which couple are more cute together?
what do u think
What is your favorite color? (or colour:) )
What do you think of Miley Cyrus?
do you have a boyfriend??? or girlfriend???
For Divergent readers only - Which of the five faction's clothes is the most stylish?
Which Book Do You Like Better?
Would you date over the internet?
What is your favorite Halo game?
I am bored so here is a random poll. Which do you think is better:
your walking down the street and boom a -pretty lady comes out (your a guy)what do you do?
Twilight or good luck Charlie?
dragons or unicorns?
zombies or unicorns?
Do you like the Doggy or the Puppy more?
Which one of the pin up dolls I made is the best?
Coke or Pepsi? (2)
Are you too young to have a facebook?
money or friends???
Which animal do you want?
Which setting/ place have you heard of? (From a story)
what si you favrite band
Which one of the princesses I made is the best?
What is better? (6)
Which is better? (20)
Strawberries or grapes?
Huskies or pugs?
Ariana Grande or One direction? (1)
What is the best tv show
Is revising stupid?
Hunger Games, Twilight, or Divergent?
Which one is the best car?
Do you think Adolf Hitler was Jewish?
Which band do you like ?
Out of the Lake trio/gaurdians (Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf) witch one is your favorite?
Which flavor you like more? PS. flavor for desserts .3. *tap index finger together*
who is your favorite horror movie killler
Who is cuter? (6)
How many do you consider "popular"?
Who's a better singer? Katy Perry or Lady Gaga?
what is the best instrument
Which is your favorite Disney Princess?
What's your favourite Tegan and sara album?
Which comedian is funnier
What's your favorite color? (2)
Which is the better voice actor for Sonic?
Which faction would YOU choose?
Which family would you rather join?
Witch movies/books are the best?
Who thinks there should be a Qfeast app?
Best types of fragrance
Vanilla or Chocolate?
What's your favorite color
Whos better
who's the best Divergent Character?
Are you a boy or a girl? (1)
Which comic is funnier?
Which is the better couple?
what book is better? choose wisely
Who is better of these ice queens?
do you like Anna or Elsa better from Frozen?
Who is the best girl in the goddess girls series?
Which frozen charater do you like the best?
what ice cream flavor is your favorite?
How did your first relationship turn out?
How do you deal with annoying siblings?
If Batman and Superman were to engage in battle, who would be the victor?
Who do you like most in divergent??
What god would you like to be related to?
Who would you like to have played tris in divergent?
Which is better? (19)
Which is better? (18)
Which is better? (17)
Who would win in a fight (guy version)
Who would win in a fight? Yes this is a several way fight, free for all, whatever it's called.
Who would win in a fight? (2)
Twitter or Facebook?
Out of the weather Trio (Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza) is your favorite?
Manaphy and Phione~ witch one is your favorite?
which eeveelution is your choice
Can you write in Lumic? From the riddles of epsilon?
What's your favorite book series? (1)
Do you like Justin Bieber more or do you like Austin Mahone more?
Out of the Eon Duo~ witch one of the 2 is your favorite? (Latias and Latios)
Witch ben 10 charecter is cutes
You are surviveing in Africa. What do you take?
Is French or Spanish better