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What NEW thing should I create?
Which iphone case is cool?
Manga or Comics!
What do you like better Divergent or The Hunger Games
Which Phone Case Should I Get??? (look at first comment before voting)
Percy Jackson
Which Film Do You Prefer The Best
What power would you choose
What would happen if the Bumblebees meet the ABC Group?
Which is better (5)
Witch is better (7)
If you could have any pet out of these, what would it be?
Which one of these is better?
Choose a number, 1, 2, or 3
which assassins weapon is better
who would win in a fight
who is the better assassin
Who is your favorite person from Good Luck Charlie?
which assassins creed game is your favorite
what do you like better
What's your favourite series for under 13? (for freeveiw)
Who's your favorite character from Frozen?
What's your favorite song from Frozen?
Werewolves or vampires?
what should Oraki look like in normal mode
What is your favorite color? (3)
Favourite colours!
Are you nice ,mean,funny,smart,quiet
What is your favorite band? (2)
Kevin Durant or lebron James
who is better (6)
does anyone ever go through their followers to see whos on or am i the only one
Bannana or cheese?
Which creepypasta do you most like?
What is your favorite creepypasta?
Hot wheels or barbie?
Do you like anime?
Which frozen character s the best
Which show is best ?!?!
What type of music do you like?
Which is better? Hunger games or divergent
What is your favorite Harry book?
whats ur fav winx girl? (1)
whats ur fav winx girl?
What is better? (9)
Pewdiepie or Smosh?
What is your zodiac sign?
Which Katy Perry song do u like better that's popular?
Do you like summer?
what is better? (8)
What's the number one product you look for when buying Beauty Supplies/Skin Care?
Which has better Graphics?
Which one??? (6)
do you like divergent or frozen better
what is your favrite animal
Which one??? (5)
Which one most describes you???
what game is better
When is somebody a true adult?
Firefox or Safari?
Who the real MVP?
Which Hunger Games mix-up is cooler?
Which MJ Song Is Best?(90's)
Which Michael Jackson Song Is Best?(80's)
Do You Think 007 Is Cool?
Which book series is better?
What version of Obi-Wan is best?
Should parents read your texts?
What is your favorite color? (2)
tom or jerry?
Which Sonic X character is the best?
Are you a sports fanatic!?!!?
witch is your favourite frozen sister
Let it go by Demi Lovato or by Idina Menzel
Frozen or Tangled
Best GTA Game Made
Triss or katniss?
Puppies or kittens or both
Which rodent is best
What animal is the weirdest out of these?
What would you choose?
Harry drawings :P
In the Hunger Games Would you rather...
If you had a super power what would it be?
Which Youtuber is best part 2
One Direction or R5
1D,Big Time Rush,or Justin Bieber
Which book series? (1)
Which chipsets?!?!
Which Chickmunk?
Which Youtuber is better??
who is your favorite homestuck character
What is Better? (7)
Left Twix Or Right Twix?
Which of these colors is your favorite?
What should the child in the picture have her name be? (Please choose ASAP!!!)
What How To Train Your Dragon 2 Advertisements/Products have you seen/so far/the most (Seeing them on internet DOESN'T count!!)?
Pick Your Favourite
Who is your fave Guardian from Rise of the Guardians?
Looking for suggestions for a hostel name in Waterford, Ireland.