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Who would win in a fight? (2)
Twitter or Facebook?
Out of the weather Trio (Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza) is your favorite?
Manaphy and Phione~ witch one is your favorite?
which eeveelution is your choice
Can you write in Lumic? From the riddles of epsilon?
What's your favorite book series? (1)
Do you like Justin Bieber more or do you like Austin Mahone more?
Out of the Eon Duo~ witch one of the 2 is your favorite? (Latias and Latios)
Witch ben 10 charecter is cutes
You are surviveing in Africa. What do you take?
Is French or Spanish better
mew vs Mewtwo (-3- I haven't released a poll in a wile so here is a simple one to keep things going~)
What is the best flavor
who is the best avenger
Which do you do more?
What is your Favorite Singer? out of the ones listed
Do you like vine?
Is The Hunger Games or Divergent better
What's Your Favorite Color.?
What's your favorite Percy Jackson book?
Who would you rather date? Girls and guys
How do you prefer ice cream?
What do you do around summer?
whos better as a vampire
witch is better (5)
witch is better (3)
witch is better (4)
Dork diaries or diary of a wimpy kid?
Wicket or Chewbacca?
Pink or green?
Pink or Blue?
Red or pink
Red or purple?
Red or Blue? (2)
Orange or purple?
Orange or red?
Orange or green?
Yellow or red?
Yellow or Orange?
Yellow or Blue?
Black or white?
Yellow or Purple?
Red or Green?
Orange or Blue?
Darth vader or Obi wan?
Are you more...
Who is better Captain America or the Winter Soldier?
Team Edward vs Team Jacob?
Team Peeta or Team Gail?
Which Zinkoplasma would win in a battle?
witch is tastier
Divergent, Insurgent or Allegiant?
What colour hair do you have??
witch is better (1)
Which is your favorite avengers character?
What Classic Muscle Car Is The Best
witch is better
Which Black ops 2 pistol is the best
Which GTA5 Car would you choos
Who Is Better (3)
which Is better (4)
Umbreon x Glaceon or Umbreon x Espeon
Which color do you like more: blue or purple?
Darth Vader and Son or Vader's Little Princess?
Sith or Jedi?
Piper, Hazel or Annabeth?
Jawas or wookies?
Darth Vader or Anakin Skywalker?
Which Star wars movie is better?
Do you like singing or dancing more?
Obi wan or Luke?
Anakin Skywalker or Padme Amadala
Han Solo or Princess Leia?
Red Orange or Yellow?
Jango or Boba Fett?
Pink or Purple?
Lost boys, redskins (first nations) or pirates?
What is the best? Leopards, Cheetahs or Jaguars?
Red Orange Yellow or Pink and Purple?
Roman or greek mythology?
Blue or green? (1)
whats better "doctor who" or "star trek"
What is your favorite drink? (Answer honestly)
Who is the scariest classic Disney villain?
Which is funnier?
Who is the top Monstro City superstar?
newest Qfeast Update!
How big is your ego?
What is your favorite toe?
Who's hotter?
Are u a smooth cactus, or a prickly cactus?
Which Demigod in The Prophecy of Seven is Your Favorite? (1)
Which Demigod in The Prophecy of Seven is Your Favorite?
Which unique old fashioned girls name do you like the best?
Which unique old fashioned boys name do you like the best?
Shiny eevee or normal eevee?
What is your favorite breed of cat?
Do you believe in aliens?
I know I am stupid for this buuuuttt, I think I am the uglyest pep. My mom says no. Who is prettyer, be honest, I know I am ugly