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Would you rather eat your favorite food for the rest of your life or eat your least favorite food for a second.
Favourite Ariana Grande collaboration?
MOST annoying song
Which extreme sport is better?
Zac efron or Taylor Lautner
Who wore it better
Which super villain is better? (I might use this in one of my stories)
Who do prefer?
Who is cuter? (7)
Do You Know What Mountain Monsters is?
This one or This? (3)
This one or This? (2)
This one or This? (1)
Should There Be A How To Train Your Dragon 3?
Who is your favorite? (1)
What Book series you you like the best?
If you had just bought a horse what would you name him/her?
What electronic company, (apple or Samsung) do you think is more user friendly?
cats, dogs, or hamsters
Salt n Peppa or TLC
Which TLC song is the best
The wanted or The vamps
Which Simpson family member is the best?
Diseny Or Nickoledeon
who is better (4)
Best collaboration
Hangover or Haunted House
Witch hunger games person do you pick ??
Who is.... your favorite person in the world? (Yourself is not an option peoples!)
What is your favorite thing to do?
Which Magcon boy do you like the best?
What's your favorite thing to do?
What do you like more? (1)
Do you like Animal Jam?
What do you like more?
Which is your favorite? (1)
Who is your favorite from Frozen?
What Element Of Harmony Do YOU Think You'd Be?
One direction or 5sos
2 chainz or TI
Witch Is Better (6)
What name do you like more?
Who Do You Like.
Which Littel Mix song is the best
Eat, Sleep, Rave, or Repeat?
What do you guys think about Justin Bieber?
Do you like Louisville basket ball?
What are your plans after high school?
Would We Be Good Friends.
what Do you prefer Sonic Or Mario
Who's the mostly liked sonic character? let's find out!
who is you fav. black veil brides member
Bellsprout or Oddish?
PS2 or N64?
what hogwarts house?
Hollyleaf,Jayfeather,or Lionblaze?
Sandstorm or Spottedleaf?
Silverstream or Millie?
Graystripe or Firestar?
Which is your favorite 'Mom' movie?
Which fandom are the craziest? - Books
Which fandom are the craziest? - Music
What Gameboy Looks The Best?
Pewdiepie smosh or nigahiga?
Who do you think would be a good match for Flake? *Hint read The Life of a Hooligan to give you an idea*
What eeveelution is your favorite?
What original STAR WARS trilogy character is best?
Would you rather have Elsa's powers OR a talking walking snowman named Olaf???
Team Edward OR Team Jacob (2)
Percy Jackson Or Harry Potter? (2)
Which one of these are your favourite year?
Who is your fave mane six?
Have you read "Lying Through the Night" or "Please Stop, I Love You", the newest hits on Wattpad, yet?
Which one is best ticci Toby or Jeff the killer
Divergent VS hunger games
Voldy or Nagini
Grumpy Cat v.s Lil Bub
do you you like the suite life on deck the best or wizards of waverly place the best??
One direction,little mix or miley Cyrus?
What should I go as to a fancy dress party?
What is the Best TV show for Fandom Lovers?
Who is your favorite person from the hooligan team?
Which Movie Is Better?
What type of pop
Which frozen character do you like
Which sports are the best?
Who would win a death battle, comment why.
which country is the best
which one is the funniest?
whos pic looks better
what 1D member do u want to marry? ( if i could choose i would pick sexy zayn malik)
what type of girl do u want to be?
do you like the new or old miley cyrus
FB or Twitter?
Whats your favorite pet?
What is your favorite animal? (1)
Who do you like more? Elsa or Anna?
Which 1D member do u thinks hotter?
What show do you think is better? (All of these shows are ones I like, but if you don't like any, just pick the one that's best)
What show sucks the most?