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Opinion on Cabin 7?
Who is your favorite Ever After High student
How do u feel about fashion
Which kind of pizza?
Are you going to be a book character or OC for Halloween?
What would you rather be? (2)
Camp Half-Blood, Camp Jupiter, or The Hunters of Artemis?
Harry Potter, Percy Jackson or Hunger Games (1)
Pikachu or Zekrom?
Halloween Costume Part 2
PS3 or Xbox 360?
Seananners or VanossGaming
5 nights at Freddy's or Amnesia the Dark Descent?
Pewdiepie, Skydoesminecraft or Markiplier?
Which Dress is Cute?
What's your favourite avatar?
Do you like cheesburgers or regular hamburgers?
Which of These Qfeasters Are Better? (credit to lovecrusher001 for inspiring me!)
Who is best character? Soul Eater.
Did you cry when Augustus Waters died?
What story would be better?
Are you against Racism
Which Celeb is Your Fave?
Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, or Hunger Games?
What rose?
Would you rather (6)
Who is your fave Sonic boy?
Kirito vs. Erza, who will win?
who's the best pewdiepie amnesia character?
Which Anime Guy Would You Date?
What Do You Think of Ariana Grande?
The evil of the pony-furry alliance is coming! What's your weapon of choice?
Who would win in a fight of five people?
Which Black Butler Star is best?
Have you watched Noein?
Icarly or victorious?
Would you rather (5)
Ariana Grande, Jessie J, Taylor Swift or Katy Perry?
Would you rather (4)
Would you rather (3)
Would you rather (2)
Would you rather? (1)
Which Ariana Grande Pic is Best?
Which Becky G Pic Is Better?
Which Selena Gomez Pic Is Better?
Which Iggy Azalea Pic Is Better?
who would win the hunger games
would you rather listen to
Favorite Sonic boy?
Which Mobian Hedgehog is better?
Wich is cutest?
Who is Your Favorite Avenger?
Which is Your Favorite Anime?
Which YouTuber is more awesome?
Favorite Dramatical Murder Character
Cake or fruit
Who is your favorite Monster High student
Who should be with Ash ?
Do You Like LittleKoriboh?
whats your fav website
what is your fav game
what is better (2)
who is better youtuber?
Favorite disney channel show
Rainbow Waffles or rainbow unicorns?
Cola Wars Coke Or Pepsi
What's Your Favorite Just Dance Game?
Wich female caracter from the grey garden is your fav?
Percy Jackson or Harry Potter? (3)
Do you think Brittany Maynard should take the pill
What's your favorite breakfast meal
What's your favorite way to eat chicken?
Who Is Your Favorite Celebrity? (1)
Do you Pray
So far, I have 3 ideas for Halloween:
If You were a singer trying out on The Voice and all judges turned for you ,which judge would you pick?
Do you like Exclamation Point?
Which is the best Attack on Titan couple?
What's your sign?
How Many Of You Are Confused On What It Means To Be Christian?
Are You A Christian? (Answer honestly, please!)
Which Sounds Like A Better Story?
Which Homestuck Troll~
Which Anime Looks Better?
What is your favorite Nickelodeon show?
Who would win The Hunger Games? (This question has bothered me for a long time)
Do you read your horoscope?
Divergent or Hunger games, which is better
Choose your starter Pokemon ?
which belly?
Right handed or left handed?
Mephiles or castiel?
Which Dress Should I Wear For Prom?
We got a new dog, a boy cocker spaniel, what should we call it?
Eyeball or Premierball?(Pokemon)
Which of these is your favorite crime show?
who makes better parodies?
do you like elfen lied?
out of these 3 which is funnier?
Who is your favorite SVU detective