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Are you a Sam or Dean girl?
How often are you bored?
Do you like regular show?
Which Anime do you prefer out of these two?
Are you a social person
What is a better mixed color?
Who is the cutest Naruto canon couple?
Do you watch Good Mythical Morning? A.K.A GMM
dipper or mabel (gravity falls)?
What's your favourite meme?
What is your favourite Touhou Character?
Death Note: L vs Kira(Light Yagami)
Do you like my Picture?
Which show do you love/like/enjoy the most? (1)
Which show do you love/like/enjoy the most?
what would make a good story? (That people would actually read)
What side are you on of Global Warming?
Do you prefer Mikasa or Levi from attack on Titan?
Are Ariana Grande and Ariel Alike?
Big Buff Cheeto Puff VS Dorito Head
What desert do you find the yummiest out of these?
Mature or Childish
Llamas or Alpacas
Are you allergic to, penuts, tree nuts, or not aalergic to any nuts al all?
Do you think the plot for Star Vs. the Forces of Evil is similar to Steven Universe? (Look in comments for why I think this)
What Cat Breed?
Who would You want for a YouTube morning show host?
Who is the best Late Night host?
Which animal is the Uglyiest
Witch kyoto/key anime do you like the most of these 3
Which picture does my cat, Little Angel, look the cutest in?
Which sounds like a good crossover with Steven Universe?
Do You Like Shark Week
Did you enjoy the movie Get Hard?
What animal photo do you think is the cutest?(Out of these)
Selena Gomez & Zedd or Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
Who do you think caused the bite of '87
Who's the best in My Little Disney?
Who is hotter, From twilight
Which is the the best dog?
What is your favourite eos?
Code lyoko or anime
Are you in marching band aka best thing everrr!
what is your favorite official pokemon tier
What is your favorite lip balm?
Which 6th Gen Console Is The Best? (Please Explain In The Comments)
what type of dogs are the best?:)xD
Which band do you like the most OUT OF THESE?
Cola or Pepsi
Favorite Type of Potato
Ketchup or Mustard
How'd you describe yourself?
Which backpack looks best?
Burn the Heretic?
This picture or that one?
which name is nicer (1)
which name is nicer
What's you're best trait
who do you ship Pearl with?
do you love emo's?
If you could date a Creepypasta, who'd you date?
Who's your fave Winx fairy?
Which homunculus from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is your favorite? (1)
which would you rather? 3
do you like zinnia zebra from littlest pet shop?
what combination of colours is best to wear?
have you ever watched nowhere boys before?
What do you think of this Steven Universe Remix? (In comments)
How many accounts do you have? (In total - ALL your accounts)
do you think you are a good friend?(please be honest)
whitch girl is prettier?
have you ever watched sally Bollywood?
why did you join Qfeast?
are monkeys adorable or just plain ugly!?
what is your favorite ice-cream flavor
what name is nicer?
Do you Want a Cupcake
whitch name do you prefer for a pet parrot?
for a minion whitch name do you prefer?
whitch name do you prefer? (1)
whitch name do you prefer?
who u like better lol
Do all emo's cut?
if a popular girl and an unpopular girl had a fight at school who would you stick up with?
which girl is prettier?
Sliver or Tron Sliver
What names are best? (Boy names)
what do you prefer? girly girl or sporty girl?
does it mean a boy has a crush on you if he just talks to you but annoys your friends?
can a 10 year year old girl be popular when she is shy at school?
If you were to be stuck in a room with one of these characters who would it be?
Do You Want to Build a Snowman
Who would win in a fight? (Without weapons)
Which HomeWorld Gem looks better in one of my dresses?
What is your favorite color (2)
Who Would Look Best in a Dress? (Even Though Lapis already is in one)
Do You Want a Cookie
What is your favourite type of chocolate?
Which do you prefer? Youtube or Pandora?
How much maintenance are you?