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Food Wars: Pop Tarts vs Waffles
If I could be anything in the next 20 years I would...
Who would you like to see as our next president?
Who's better? (Greek gods/goddesses)
What are you? (1)
who is more annoying?!
Who would win in a fight? (1)
who do u like clare edwards or katie matlin?
do u like drew torres or elijah goldsworthy from degrassi?
Best brother?
Who is the best anime character?
Who are the best twins?
Who acts most like you?
witch monster do you like more?
Who is best? (1)
What is your favourite colour
Which is worse? (1)
Who is the best death note character?
Who is the best Alvin and the chipmunks character?
what accent would you rather have?! random question I know?!
Who is your fave on Youtube?
Can guys and girls just be friends?
Google or Bing?
Which demon would harvest souls?
which dance moms blond is your love?! for boys or lesbians!
What Is The Best Sims 3 Expansion?
Who's better? (5)
Should I wear my silver tutu or black pencil skirt to the dance??
Who is your favorite celebrity?
Favorite female figure
Which drawing is your favorite?
Which Alice Dress Do You Like The Most?
Voldemort or Bellatrix?
do you like ronald weasly!!! please
Who sings the best in One Direction?
Pads or Tampons?
Whats your fave fashion brand?
Whats your fave cookie?
Pizza or Burgers?
Which pic is most epic?
which Gryffindor girlie is to your fancy?! BOYS! oh yeah and if you're up to it says why you like her better.
which ravenclaw girl from harry potter is better?
Who is your pick for the 2014 East Coast Music Awards Album of the Year?
Whats your fave nail design?
Max Thieriot, Hot or Not?
Who is a better singer?
Who would win a battle?
What is your favorite name (out of these)?
Which picture of Ariana Grande?
Quien es la mejor
Celestia best dress style
Cadence best dress style
Who do you like best? (1)
who is better? (11)
Favorite from Chuck cast.
Scanty or Kneesocks? (from P anty and Stocking)
Favorite from psych
Blanket.. or Pillow?
Are you skinny or...
whats your favourite flower! mines a lily!
What's your favorite family activity?
Who is better? (all my friends by the way)
Favorite type of bug?
be a character in my Hunger Fames FanFiction?
P anty or Stocking?
Which is a better game dark souls or halo ?
Who do you like in aladdin
are there any minecrafters on here?
do u like Jeff the killer or eyeless jack?
Which is better: Sonic or Mario?
Who is better? (10)
Which do you prefer? (1)
Are you a cheater?!
Do you believe in Santa Claus?
Who in 1D?
love or money
Who would win in a fight Jason , Slender man or Jeff the killer
Would you rather.. (you asking a girl this)
Would you rather.. (1)
Would you rather..
Would you rather... (3)
Would you rather... (2)
are you like me im girly and hip where boho and dance for life!
Would you rather be... (1)
Would you rather... (1)
Would you rather...
Would you rather... ( I credit all these "would you rather" questions to ZOBMONDO!!)
whats the best thing about sleepovers
what pjs should I ware to pj day
Are the majority of people on Qfeast English or American?
Who should be in the hall of fame?
Which Chip or Crunchy?
Pie lover or Cookie/Biscut lover
Are you lefted handed or right handed?
What's your favorite STORMCAST Member?
How was your day today?
Leo Valdez or Jason Grace?
Who's your favorite Inuyasha character?
What's your favorite month?
What's your favorite letter of the alphabet?