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Jul and the ink machnine
this is my bandy and the ink machine fsnfic starring me rawr x3 inspired by moody.bloo
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gLItCheD 3:
Another fun adventure of Chloe and Bree! They go into FNAF 4 and it’s su much fun!
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yours truly
book of super shitty short poems and memoirs of an average high school girl living in a tiny close knit town
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Zoroark: illusions of fate
Kesh is a Zoroark who lives alone and hidden away from all other pokemon and humans, until one day, his den collapses due to an earthquake, Luckily he survives, but one of his legs is broken and he is trapped under a fallen tre...
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Stowy tm
time fir a story time time fir a story woohoo time for for a a story woo woo
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The greatest story ever told
There is absolutely no doubt about it. (Just watch, I'll get tones of people commenting stuff like, WoW rly)
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These were wrote for a class I take. I felt like posting them so yea here it is, btw the pictures have nothing to do with the speeches
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Smash Bros character concepts
Some ideas I have for new additions to the roster in super smash bros. Ideas will include attacks, final smashes, alternate skins, etc. I'll add more characters when I get enough ideas for attacks and stuff for them.
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The best of friends
I like to write and would love to be an author some day so ya. This story has romance, suspense, drama and explosions lol so have fun. I have not finished the whole story yet but I am excited about this one so I will let ya'll ...
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My life living with creepypastas
In this book you will read about the life of Lynn A.K.A. Whis living with the creepypastas and the drama and humor that goes with it.
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My Other Life (1)
The second part of "My Other Life" i hope you guys liked the first get ready.
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Dawn meets the world
just a story of a simple girl. No, this is not about how magically she finds herself a soul mate. no this is not how she became rich or found herself really great friends. She never did. This is how she learnt a few things in l...
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Cryptic Killer
just read the god damn story please and rate it ok? still wants words. oh there.
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Halloween 17
Drabble about how I met the best boyfriend ever on the Halloween of 2017
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Obsessed || An Oliver Wood/Harry Potter fanfiction
Lo and behold another Harry Potter fanfic, this one being between my character, Emalia Moran, and Oliver Wood. It takes place during Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's (or Philosopher's) Stone, which is Em's third year, and I put ...
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The batter for home
Dark is a werewolf in command of a high tec ship for space but Earth was bing attack by human from Mars. Dark need all his friend he can get and ship to keep his home safe from harm.
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The Switch
This is a story I wrote for a school asignment. It is about two of my sonic oc's in particular - Lilac and Tanya - and only has three parts, all very short.
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