Fiction and Nonfiction
Take Me Too
Oliver is a lost soul, roaming the earth, searching for a way out. Until he falls for a human girl, Amanda. She soon dies from a terminal illness, and taking her to heaven is his assignment. On the way there he truly knows that...
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Darkness and Light
This is a story based on a life I have lived with a quick warning this story may mention bits of abuse, trauma, mental illness, and suicidal thoughts but never go into the nitty gritty. Basically the character Im using Lilliana...
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Shattered (1)
High is a 16-year-old girl who lost her twin brother, Low, who was brutally murdered one month ago. She is abused terribly by her step-father, Adrien, and her mother is an alchoholic. High ends up falling in with the outcasts w...
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Two Sentence Horror Stories
These are some Two sentence horror stories i found that i thought had a great plot, dont judge me.
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Creepypasta x Reader (3)
This is a creepypasta x reader thing, so you can find the boy that you like, and read that part, or if you want a girl, write it in the comments and ill add her- Just saying, y/n = Your name Btw, if you want a certain someone i...
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Unexpected Kindness
This is just off of a quick write that I had to do in writing but I have such big ideas for it so here it goes! This story is about I boy named Alex who has a couple of friends that always have his back and when times go tough ...
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My fnaf backstory
My name is Ethan Afton. This is my sad story, I hope you like it! Here we go
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Knights of Round Table vs Blue Crusader Knights
This story is based on a dream of mine that took place back in the year 1285. The knights of Round Table from England visited a fortress on the mountains in St. Petersburg, Russia and fought the crusaders that are wearing with ...
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a honest displeasure
i got to much time on my hands i wanna try to write to express some of my frustration i am a poet by no means so if its bad i understand<3
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My story (5)
It's pretty interesting to be honest. Cookie here's my story that I wanted to tell you about!
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Red Winter
(I caved and decided to make a full story kinda deal with my horror universe just to quit my spam and such *yawn* im also very bored and wanna improve.) Ugh some things may not make any sense but you know... (Ill update it ever...
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Endless Fields
It all started after the government started experimenting on crops. A huge explosion that made plants over-aggressive, causing them to take over almost the entire planet. The people fled to the skies in Floating cities and the ...
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Fantasy World
This is a Fantasy Story about a young demon/fox boy that learns that the world isn’t as safe as he thought...and he commits some bad treasons in the process, hope you like this ^^ got HEAVY inspiration from one of my best frien...
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Nearly Cheating On My Fiancee
This story is based on a dream which took place in 2022 about my ex-crush offering me something sexual nearly four years after rejecting me while I was dating my fiancée who happens to be Matilde Marroni in my dream. I decided ...
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My Sides and Demons
This isn't a story but its about my sides and demons! tell me your favorite!
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The Love Story Of My Best Friend
Okay, So this is the love story of my best friend. She has been through a lot so no hate comments please. Cookie this is for you to show you how much I care for you!
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My Hidden Twin
This is a FICTIONAL story about me and my best friend. I wish it was real though. This was made for you Blossom! To show how much I care about you! My bestie uwu
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My Backstory (1)
this is my story. It's kinda lame but this is also my first story so here it goes.
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My life Story (3)
This is my life story, well to the part im at, at least. hope you enjoy!
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my reaction...?!
my reaction my reaction my reaction my reaction my reaction my reaction my reaction my reaction...
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