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Hot sexy Ringo Starr and Elton John F*cking In A Pet Store
The FitnessGram™ Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues. The 20 meter pacer test will begin in 30 seconds. Line up at the start. The running speed starts slowly, ...
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Reader X Yandere-Chan
I finally had an idea so I'm getting it down before I forget like the dumbass I am This is my first (proper) story so enjoy ^^
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Gachalife_Alice08 x Reader
You sometimes gets lonely, it seems like all your friends are starting to see people and you want someone you can have a special bond with. So what do you, someone who's successful, lonely and has money do?
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Pikaboi266 x female reader
This story is reccomended for girls to read unless you are gay. Enjoy!
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"My life's a mess, my parents are stupid weebs, my brother can somehow read my mind, we're currently out of strawberry milk and worst of all... I'm surrounded by mildly attractive guys who show literally no interest in me." ~s...
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Join Oliver as he discovers a shocking family history secret, that will lead him to a new home and body. A book series I invented. Ask for permission to copy.
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me x aiden (lemon)
thie ie a lemon fic abt me and aiden because we are gonna sex and jtll be sexie
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reliable news
news for qfeasters, weekly updates on the world around you. researched and double checked
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the dark and the light
it is about an angel thar fell inlove with a demon but the demon sont like him (Diane, the demon is the main character) Diane later falls under the spell of a demon to fall inlove with. eventualy Adam gets over Diane and finds...
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Until Dawn (Josh x Kiara)
Just rewritting this story because i found a script and can now actually be more accurate! none of the characters in this story are mine except for Kiara and sorry if its cringey! i'm not doing every single detail so sorry if i...
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pre written essays
literally made these as a joke for my friends to plagiarize for an english assignment so anyone can take them. i guess tw? like theres not anything as political as abortion but especially my argumentetive essays are biased as i...
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3rd Grade
This is not the story of my 3rd grade year, but my childrens. Seeing as one day, they'll stroll along to 3rd grade themselves, my mind has been filled with pictures of this! So this is how I hope their year will go.
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Freddy x Reader *remake*
so this is a remake of the last freddy x reader i made cause that was kind of sucky and i only made 2 chapters
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My Asian Aunt is Against Abortion
My aunt who is from South Korea is against abortion. She wants it to be illegal worldwide because she’s a Christian. I had a dream about her talking on the news about opposing abortion.
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Sasuke x reader
But this time its not a slut fiction i promise i really tried despite not knowing what a sasuke is.
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A bnha various x fem reader. "I love you (Y/n), but please stop voring everyones toes." ~a beautiful story full of struggle and many memes~ based off a wonderful and much better written story called 'LACUNA'
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