Fiction and Nonfiction
Henrys diary
I started the diary because I can't remember what the fucck i do during the day
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The longest beep
don't read this i'm warning you. It's just one word. One really long word.
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the jules story
i have a draft story from 2018 where im detailing my life in every grade so im going to be remaking this story Right now!!
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How to find OPT jobs in USA?
If you have finished your academics and looking for jobs; reading this would surely benefit it a lot. Your OPT job search ends right here with OPTnation. OPTnation is one of the most prominent US-based OPT CPT job portal, whi...
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cum an balls
duck balls cum an cock and balls lol ha ha funny nuts 69 420 i love funny balls and nuts
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This is a krattcest fanfiction (Chris x Martin from the show Wild Kratts) don’t like don’t read
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Kaeya x Reader
This is my first time writing fanfiction plz don’t hate! I hope you guys like it uwu (also I know it’s ooc so DON’T TELL ME!) —🌙
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Grey Diary
this grey diary, i might post everyday or might not, its hard to say, so yea here da grey stuff
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jules diary
every time i attempt to keep a diary it goes horribly so i need you guys to hell at me if i dont update
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GreyFromOkays Wisdom
this will show everyone my immense wisdom for i am just so so intelegent, everyone should follow and live by what i have to say
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high society !
the misadventures of four high school seniors who like to do illegal things!
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Troll pages also dumbass ads
I want to be an asshole today and make a whole story dedicated to deleted pages of people who are weird and fake asf- also most of this are people I generally don’t like and don’t want to get to know cause if I do it’ll be a bu...
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Alter Introductions!
Hey everybody XD We are the Starrynightsystem and we thought it’d be a good idea to make a thing to let all of our alters introduce themselves to you so Ya :3 Comment if you want to talk to any of them or be freinds —🌙
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Lol what the yum this dream
Yum is a code word for f Anyway there are characters Blake - A girl from my school supposed to be my friend Shom- Another random kid from school Izzy- My friend who thinks she is my bff My mom The cleaning lady
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Age is just a number when you are with Female Delhi Escorts
After reaching a certain point numerous individuals started to think that their sex life is over and now they do not get to enjoy this heavenly pleasure again. Well if you are one of those then you are sitting on the wrong trai...
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Variety of oral sex with Female Delhi escorts
If attempted right, oral sex can offer you ultimate pleasure and sometimes it can be more pleasureful than intercourse itself. Now you may have figured out the importance of oral sex in your sex life. You will be excited to kno...
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Lost at sea (1)
Kiana was kidnapped at the age of 5 and was raised by her mother for 13 years while her father, the famous captain archer, had been looking for her. Only the daughter of the pirate captain knows the wellerman song.
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Auster's anime reviews
I’ve been wanting to write down some of my reviews for a while now. Some of the shows I watch will be a little bit disturbing. Spoiler warnings for some parts.
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