Fiction and Nonfiction
Adventures of the Uinverse
What will happen when people meet and they become friends . What will happen when thier home is in danger? Will the evil win or will none end at all What happens when they meet new people that will join both good and bad for...
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Meeting the Matsunos
This story is how Sam met The Matsuno brothers for the first time of her being in Japan.
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The other part
Mizu brown loves the the seas of Kyojin. The sparkling deep green, the waves crashing against the tall cliffs, the nice sea breeze, laughter of children while their feet slaps on the cobblestone pavement now its all gone. ever ...
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drake goes to hope peak
Drake goes to hopes peak all the way from maple leaf country in order to make song
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my story (5)
my story on things that have happened during life. I need a place to write. it could be triggering to.
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everything i touch dies.
“Nothing happened to me, but I have an opposite Midas touch. Everything I love is quickly wiped away like a speck of dirt. I don’t feel like I’m a ruin, it’s just a part of me. Like someone’s receding hairline, it’s just an an...
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Abnormal Days: NEW lore bible
The new and improved lore bible of Abnormal Days, detailing the adventures of Corbijn, Nolly, Pliggy, and more.
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Warriors: Changing Times (Work-In-Progress)
There are 4 Clans that make the forest a whole: BirchClan, FloodClan, HollowClan, and RidgeClan. However, when 2 new Tribes of cats arrive, the 4 Clan Leader must decide if they should let these new cats stay and make territory...
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gLItCheD 3:
Another fun adventure of Chloe and Bree! They go into FNAF 4 and it’s su much fun!
13 reads 7 readers 1 by silly.goose
The Beacon on the Hill
A young man, Bromdun, discovers a relic of the past that could not only break open the roads that would define his future, but also the future of the world. Urged on by his friend, will this man find the meaning behind his find...
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Diary of an Awesome Kid
The adventurous Diary Of Me, Zhe Awesome Prussia that is Gilbert. The life of me and my family. That is, Ricd my brother, Germania my dad, and my mom that is Ludwig. Plus Hungry Elizabeta.
13 reads 4 readers 4 by The.Ice.Is.Melting
A tale of two Arthurs
What happens when book-loving antelope Arthur Reed who is fond of yellow, meets snobby Brit kid rude mean tea-sipping Arthur Kirkland? Will they get along? Especially when two new kids come to town who share the names of Arthur...
13 reads 3 readers 6 by celestos
The Barn Cats
Welcome to a story on the barn cats. Here are a few of them: Peppermint, Matmite, Jesse, etc... Not cats irl but characters
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Margarita and the bottle of magic.
Margarita is a 12 year old girl living in Seattle, Washington who got this unicorn accessories kit for christmas. In that kit contained "bottle of unicorn magic" which has more power than it looks...
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Just an idea for a prologue... please read I want to know what you think! Might be continued!
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