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My Hogwarts Story
So, um this is awkward i really wanted to do this, you don't have to read it. so lets go? Not Using My Real Last name (for reasons)
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You choose
Like mine craft story mode were you choose how it's played out I'm so excited to do this
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Keinoa's story
I have a chat page and the question is for a making a character also this oc is based off of me that's right also please have more characters for me
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The Fighters Part 6
PART 6.There going to be lovely doubly things in here.Anyways will Mayla be saved in time or will Roy suffer by this.Find out on part 6.Sorry if theses chapters are short.
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Qfeasters trapped on an island
The beginning is based of titanic. But eight people make it on to an island and are trapped there and must survive. Qfeasters are in the story.
72 reads 20 readers 6 by ABgaminggirl
Hello, I’m Alexandra. I am your usual teenage girl- aside the fact that I have insomnia, claustrophobia, and hydrophobia. And the fact that I hear voices... that no one else can hear... so I guess you can say I’m a bit demented...
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A fox's life - A brother returns
hey everyone this is a story that continues on from the previous one but in a different style
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Viola and her eleven suitors
Aoi Viola is a girl whom you can relate to. Average grades, Average at sports, not so social. During her daily visit to forest she finds a unique grey beaked bird with a message saying "you're my bride"!?!? A prank ? or a tru...
4 reads 3 readers 0 by Hikari_Chan
Shadow x reader: How I feel about you...
You(your oc) finds a black hedgehog out in the snow covered woods,passed out.You decide to bring the hedgehog home,and when he wakes up...Well,you will have to find out yourself!By the way,new things have been added including t...
36 reads 16 readers 0 by Personwhoisawesome
How To Make: A Warrior Cats OC
Today, I'll tell you how to make a good warrior cats OC! Tell me if you want more "How To's" and I'll make more of which how to you want! Plus I'll give a shoutout to whoever suggests anything!
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Fern's Pathfinder Characters
I thought this would be cool to share with the DND page and to show a few of my characters that I have created so far and work on their lore.
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Frostbite *OLD*
This is a very old story that I began years ago and to be able to get feedback and to find this easier, I wanted to post it here. My self-insert oc at the time in the Sonic universe ^^' please have mercy on me
11 reads 6 readers 13 by Fernweh
Twisted: Shadow X Reader
Another thing that I wrote a long time ago. This story includes: friend-turned-foe, time travel, and of course self-insert.
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The Roblox Forest
One day two kids wandered off into a forest and couldn't find their way out. Legend says that in that forest there is a castle holding the legendary dominus. It would give it's wearer powers that you couldn't imagine! The two k...
9 reads 8 readers 4 by Supertrashman
This story is about a world where those who are unwanted are exiled to.
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The Eldest Daughter
When a oracle tells the lynx overlord of the forest, Opekun, that his eldest daughter will kill him, he sends his henchmen to kill her, but the henchmen couldn’t bring himself to do it, and didn’t kill the kit, just left it in ...
4 reads 4 readers 2 by Clawdacat