Fiction and Nonfiction
put vaporub on your wounds it will help. stuffy nose vaporub, scrape vaporub, stab wound vaporub, cut vaporub, gunshot wound vaporub.
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d ding da ding amogus among us e m h k j l i o p u r e w q r s t y g f
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The Wall
The city is filled with everything anyone could ever ask for. With entertainment and fun and beauty and intrigue. So why do I feel so dissatisfied? So why do I feel so empty? The Wall around the city is high. It's thick. No-o...
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Why I Swear By My Standing Desk
For more information on how you can maximize the advantages of replacing your traditional workstations with a standing desk, contact FEZIBO today.
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Santa Cruz
Scenic views, mind-boggling spots, and what not, you will find it all in Santa Cruz. here is your guide to knowing unique things to do in Santa Cruz.
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Comment contacter American Airlines en France ?
Américain aérien accueille beaucoup des passagers de différentes parties du monde a chaque jours qui envisage multiple type des problème comme la perte de bagages, besoin d’un fauteuille roulants, urgence médicale, le retard etc
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Como falar com a KLM no Brasil?
Como falar com a KLM no Brasil? disque o número de telefone para obter a melhor solução facilmente obtenha os melhores serviços através do número de telefone, e-mails, mídia conecte-se facilmente com o representante para reserv...
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the jules story
i have a draft story from 2018 where im detailing my life in every grade so im going to be remaking this story Right now!!
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Auster's anime reviews
I’ve been wanting to write down some of my reviews for a while now. Some of the shows I watch will be a little bit disturbing. Spoiler warnings for some parts.
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the tall men
yes there was a tall man that was a WOMAN (gasp) :0 ;0 6
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Playing in Minecraft: Noob to Pro
this is not a account of my life in Minecraft. Just some made up girl who's username is Milky9965. Every time she sleeps is the end of a chapter. Probarbly 0-2 chapters a day.
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Lana The axolotl
Lana is an axolotl. her owner is called Bink. Bink is a naughty boy. Lana thinks she had enough of this torture, so she escapes.
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Demon in the Woods (work in progress)
(I have bad grammar so don't mind the grammar) Lilith and Alfa rent a old house near the woods. Every night a mysterious voice comes from the woods. So Lilith and her friend Alfa journey into the haunted woods and that journey ...
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The monster I am now
A story about a creepypasta that I made up. He is from a game but you never see him and I am turning him into a creepypasta
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Fallen Souls
Love is just a way of lose..Smiles are mask of the heart...And words are just shorter lies..Promises are meant to break along with trust..She is like me and she understands this...She looks at me as I am real..But the real ques...
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Gods and Goddess of the unknown
okay, this story will have no copyrights. it will be my own Gods and Goddess. I do hope y'all enjoy. this is not an roleplay btw.
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the qfeast creepypasta
yuzu and kiara DNI with this story. this is the story abt how yuzu and kiara accidentally wound up in the qfeast world and... find out whats next! (note: i cut out ryan and 2 duplicate accs)
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The Hidden (1)
While she can't remember her past, she can remember her daughter. Eliyannah knows there is something she is running from, Darkness that follows her and keeps her from finding her way to her child. Running is all she has done, N...
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The Bite (my story for the challenge)
Chris Afton was getting ready for his birthday in 5 days, but his brother won't leave him alone. Many things go wrong, he's locked in his room, his plush bear seems to be watching him, he can't seem to stop crying.
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Forest x Athena
When Forest and Athena spends more time together, they learn more and more about eachother throughout the chapters.
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