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Nolly: an Abnormal Day sidestory
A little side story for my web comic that I haven't gotten to work on for a while. This is kind of how Nolly came to be Corbijn's second pet.
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Happiness Happens
The girl you wanted was the sister of a girl who wanted you. And the girl you wanted loved her sister too much to love you. But now you're home from the war, and the world has changed. Now happiness happens. But does it?
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Party with the Pastas!
You go to a party in the slender mansion just to get a BIG surprise! Find out what you go through below!
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shadow demon
it's my first one and I hope you guys enjoy it i't about this demon girl, and i'm not gonna spoil it, just enjoy until chapter 2!
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The Phoenix
Phoenix (Lucille Lockwood), once thought she was a human being. That is until an entity started to appear in her dreams, once she lived a normal life, free from the disasters that life caused. Until one day the Abnormalities di...
18 reads 11 readers 8 by AngelicPhoenix
The Fighters Part 4
How will our heros react to one of them dyeing.How will the new character feel ? I hope you enjoy.OWN NOTHING BUT PLOT.
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The Blossom of June
This story revolves around Aki , a guy around 15 years, returning to his hometown after 5 years. The Hometown doesnt change much nor his friends except a strange , Shy , Mysterious, childhood friend, Aina. Lots of surprises an...
7 reads 4 readers 15 by Hikari_Chan
The Fighters Part 3
Hello and here is part 3 of this story.We get to see our characters past that I have so far.I DON'T. OWN ANYTHING BUT PLOT.
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The Fighters Part 2
New people and ravils along our heros way.But what happens when the siblings join our heroes.
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The life of a anthro Fox
this is a revival story for my account and it has nothing to do with my undertale series for two reasons 1. the version of Amaze i'm using in this has different powers and abilities 2. different characters will be used (other...
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LionSlash (book 1) Roar Of A King
Nidju has lived her entire life in her pride, but one day she, A cub she never gave a second glance to, her two best friends, and her two sworn enemies get washed down a river into unknown lands, but they are cubs, thrown into ...
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Thae Haunting House
Lisa, Hollis, Jessica, and Delbert think it's just a normal summer day. But when Jessica and Lisa are taking a walk, and Hollis is on some house stairs. They realize that this is not a normal run down house. When something is a...
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Cyber Love! (Cyber rabu!) : My love life?!?
What would it be when you re unite with your worst enemy unknowingly... not face to face! but in Chat? It maybe a bit confusing to understand. Mieko, , Nicknamed as #Miette had a problem like this... Can she move on? Find ou...
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Warrior Cats: What if Hollyleaf was discovered?
In Sunrise, Leafpool managed to find a scrap of black fur on Ashfur's body. She hid it away so no one could discover the truth. But what if someone managed to find it, what if Firestar saw it? And this story is here to tell you...
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To Fear the Moon
I never knew werewolves were real... in fact, I thought they were just silly tales from the medieval times. I knew I was wrong soon enough... the night I was bitten. That's when realization hits. I'm a monster. A wolf. I am fre...
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Shane and Thunder
Shane and Thunder are two best friends. Everything is normal when trouble comes from a boy named Jay, and another boy who everyone calls Panda Savage. New teachers, and new problems. Shane and Thunder find it harder, and harder...
16 reads 5 readers 5 by Newskitty
My Worst Drug Experience
This is wild. The worst day of my actual life, i thought i was dying. I don't smoke often, and i'm not promoting it, but yeah. I don't do it often, i'm a little weak to its affects.
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Start of My Book
Not quite done with chapter one, but I believe the story is going somewhere. There are things that I will completely change in the future (UT references, title, names, grammar, "weird creature," etc.) Therefore, criticism is no...
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The Fighters - Part 1
Hello again and this is a story that people's characters live in a town with good and bad thing but what will happen when two closest friends betray.This is a Many parts to this.Leave a comment if you want more.
21 reads 4 readers 0 by MaylatheGalacticWolf