Fiction and Nonfiction
Twisted: Shadow X Reader
Another thing that I wrote a long time ago. This story includes: friend-turned-foe, time travel, and of course self-insert.
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The Roblox Forest
One day two kids wandered off into a forest and couldn't find their way out. Legend says that in that forest there is a castle holding the legendary dominus. It would give it's wearer powers that you couldn't imagine! The two k...
7 reads 6 readers 4 by Supertrashman
Hydro back story
Hydro the guy who's rude and mean but I wanted to make this because I wanted to show you why hydro is mean
10 reads 8 readers 1 by Hyperthehedgehog
This story is about a world where those who are unwanted are exiled to.
2 reads 2 readers 1 by ThreeBirds
The Eldest Daughter
When a oracle tells the lynx overlord of the forest, Opekun, that his eldest daughter will kill him, he sends his henchmen to kill her, but the henchmen couldn’t bring himself to do it, and didn’t kill the kit, just left it in ...
4 reads 4 readers 2 by Clawdacat
Daisystem's Story [ This is gonna be shOrt ]
[ ` Her parents and brother cried out to her, their terrified screeches hissing above the wind. Daisykit didn't listen. Her instincts screamed at her to help them, but her paws sailed away from the three deaths, drawn in by the...
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The Fighters -Full Story
This is the full thing for all the parts and all plus this was requested.
14 reads 6 readers 1 by MaylatheGalacticWolf
Lungs of Ink
Two siblings, one named Samantha, the other being Johnathan. Both are fighting for something, a cure to Samantha's illness. William Bedford is a writer, a quite famous one. It all fell when he lost his wife and daughter to ...
85 reads 29 readers 1 by RaspberryJello
Moondancers story
Hey guys it’s been a while since I created something. So I just thought that I would make my ocs backstory for you all.
2 reads 1 reader 1 by Ticci_toby_creepypastalover
The Keeper of Visions
This is a story my friend made that is about a girl that is just learning how to use her powers.
2 reads 1 reader 0 by NicoDiAngleo
Studying in Kosovo
This story is about me studying at AAB College. Hope you will like my story!
1 read 1 reader 0 by Doricfc
Twenty one pilots
these are twenty one pilots lyrics i will add more to lyrics :p or you can ask for any song
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Undertale life story
a amazing story (random words)kshkhsduhaudhhadhahdihaidhaihdiahdidsugdiau
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The Magician of Mobius
Hi I'm Tappdancing the cat and I’ll be telling you more about me in this story and future stories. Btw, I look like a turquoise cat which is similar to Blaze.
4 reads 3 readers 0 by tappdancing7860
My Story (Skii)
Most of This isnt true... But, theres some things that was inspired from a real life experience. Please do not bully me. If my story needs to be improved, Though, Tell me. I can also add your oc to the story if you'd like. Plea...
7 reads 6 readers 2 by SkiiTheSkitty
A New Life (1)
This is book two of Love Of Pokemon Trainers.So I hope you enjoy.No mean commets.Commet if you want more .
9 reads 5 readers 1 by MaylatheGalacticWolf
Daphne's curse
A scooby doo fanfic i made about a year ago. hope you enjoy this random fanfic i made! (Oh btw it might be slightly cringy..)
8 reads 4 readers 0 by Ramona_Badwolf
The Pack
[ ` She scrambled out of the thicket, her little paws threw dust into the air. In an instant, she ran straight into the pack-leader, Wither. ` ] This is the first story in a line of Qfeast books, going over the life of a small ...
5 reads 4 readers 0 by FlawIsNotA_Weed