Fiction and Nonfiction
a creepypasta story! This is about a 16 yr old girl named mia and all 7 of her "identities" WARNING: may have cussing ~enjoy~
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True Eclipse
A heartwarming fiction story about a puppy named Eclipse trying to find a fur-ever home.
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The School's terrible secret-Power Girls|1|
Crystalrose and her friends have been at Alpha Ridge Middle School for 2 years they thought they knew everything about it but no... they find out a terrible truth about their school's history...
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Gimme those rep points
Literally do not care if you know me or not please ust star or comment or whatever so i can have some poiiints im desperate here, man.
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Danganronpa Chiaki's Diary
Chiaki s going through some tough times in high school. Keeping a diary and playing video games seems to be the only thing keeping her Sane.
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Gachalife_Alice08 x Reader
You sometimes gets lonely, it seems like all your friends are starting to see people and you want someone you can have a special bond with. So what do you, someone who's successful, lonely and has money do?
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Pikaboi266 x female reader
This story is reccomended for girls to read unless you are gay. Enjoy!
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Truth or Dare with Sam
Truth and Dare! Give what you want to do please! Have fun! Enjoy! Thank you!
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Ashlynn Aker Woods Backstory
This is my Creepypasta Oc, she went through some pretty tough stuff in her life.
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The other part
Mizu brown loves the the seas of Kyojin. The sparkling deep green, the waves crashing against the tall cliffs, the nice sea breeze, laughter of children while their feet slaps on the cobblestone pavement now its all gone. ever ...
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drake goes to hope peak
Drake goes to hopes peak all the way from maple leaf country in order to make song
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everything i touch dies.
“Nothing happened to me, but I have an opposite Midas touch. Everything I love is quickly wiped away like a speck of dirt. I don’t feel like I’m a ruin, it’s just a part of me. Like someone’s receding hairline, it’s just an an...
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Abnormal Days: NEW lore bible
The new and improved lore bible of Abnormal Days, detailing the adventures of Corbijn, Nolly, Pliggy, and more.
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Warriors: Changing Times (Work-In-Progress)
There are 4 Clans that make the forest a whole: BirchClan, FloodClan, HollowClan, and RidgeClan. However, when 2 new Tribes of cats arrive, the 4 Clan Leader must decide if they should let these new cats stay and make territory...
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gLItCheD 3:
Another fun adventure of Chloe and Bree! They go into FNAF 4 and it’s su much fun!
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