Fiction and Nonfiction
The odd one
this is about a 6th grade girl who gotten a weird disease that make her seems at times hostile she learns more about why she have to leave and live a secret life
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The challenge Revived #28
Time for the merge. Even with 25 people. Merge was bound to come soon.
50 reads 7 readers 17 by Derpyderpjuice
The challenge Revived #27
The final challenge before everyone goes solo. Nothing planned, I'm going with the flow this challenge.
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Pigeonwing: The Cat Who Changed a Clan (Warriors Fan-fiction)
Fours Clans of cats live in the forest: DayClan, RainClan, NightClan, and LeafClan. Until a new Clan emerges - PitchClan. Much like BloodClan, they don't care for the old, sick, or wounded, so they have no medicine cat. But wit...
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The challenge Revived #26
Not sure how this challenge is going to go. It's not very planned out. Well compared to others.
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The challenge Revived #25
This is my 100th The challenge. Hooray... I think I wasted my life. Maybe. A little bit. Hmmm.
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The challenge Revived #24
When your low on challenge ideas. Copy challenges from other things. Hehehe.
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The challenge Revived #23
Guess what's going to happen. It's big. It's story changing. It's something. Actually, its nothing. I'm being crazy again.
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Perseverance 3
Read the first perseverance description because I can't be bothered to write it.
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Perseverance 2
Read the first perseverance description. I can't be bothered to write it again.
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Cara and milly decide to venture out into the unknown, however they fall down a hole leading into the depths of the underground. They meet the evil oaktopus and things go downhill very quickly, for oaktopus wants to find out ho...
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The challenge Revived #22
Hmmm. Could this be a calm episode after a bunch of killing. NOPE! Death will always happen
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Survivor #3
24 contestants, who will crown sole survivor? outwit, outlast, outplay. Also, this is not a copy of any other stories. one more thing, Go fish!
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The challenge Revived #21
The next couple ones will be quite interesting without Pred here. So... who will be the next to die.
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Ezio Auditore One Shot ~Feather~
A short one shot in which the reader is saved by Ezio and becomes an assasin Not my best work but it's a nice lil bit of AC anyway, originaly from my wa.ttpad account
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The challenge Revived #20
RIP Hewkii and RIP Pred both had 3 votes as I wrote this episode. Guess they're equally loved.
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The challenge Revived #19
To me, it hasnt felt like 19 episode. So... this is good. And I'm sitting in a chair, good for me.
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The challenge Revived #18
Yet another crappy episode. Nothing new. Hooray for basic sentences and a crapy stories. Life is good
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Merge madness 5c
Lol. I hope this is the last of the episode 5 thing. I wont be making any new MM episodes tomorrow thru sunday.
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The challenge Revived #17
I just watched some minecraft and got an challenge idea. So... MINECWAFT!
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