Fiction and Nonfiction
Guide Me Into Death
Ashton opened her eyes, swiping her way through the water. Which way was up? She couldn’t tell… Her lungs screamed for air, but she couldn’t breath. Sputtering chokes erupted from her throat, before she finally went silent.
17 reads 15 readers 3
Nikki is not a normal girl. She gets abused by family and rich girls. She finally decides to get revenge on all with her little friend, TicciToby. Want to know their adventure? Read this story, now!
30 reads 11 readers 3
Once There Was A War
The planes flew by. I was scared. Well not scared. More like terrified. They dropped bombs like madmen. All I coul here were explosions, and all I could think if were my parents, who had not yet returned home.
35 reads 10 readers 19
Butterfly Kisses [Zelink Friendship]
Some great things don't always go as planned; Sometimes, things happen. But Zelda refuses to let life spoil her day with Link. (Zelda, Link, Friendship. Prior to game)
20 reads 17 readers 3
This Is It (1)
(The apocalypse! Woahh!) A story of how Mobius breaks out into a zombie apocalypse and how our heroes throw themselves into dangers and more to survive and find the cure. Who will survive? Only time will tell.
202 reads 20 readers 44
Creepypasta Rituals
some rituals, enjoy, have a nice read. be careful in attempting any of these, as they are potentially dangerous
176 reads 22 readers 19
The Charge
Four kids. An elevated base in a tree. Electric zombies. Weekly floods. Oh yeah, and aliens. What could go wrong?
21 reads 7 readers 0
The Dragon Amulet...
This story is about a small dragon, that is destined to save the world...
11 reads 9 readers 3
Jeff The Killer Love Story (part 2)
I have decided to continue with this story and put in parts on though to the end. so if you want to read the first part it's called (Jeff The Killer Love Story).
148 reads 27 readers 2
mystic messenger x reader
step right up folks! I will be writing a mystic messenger x reader story and you can request any characters you want! :3 and if you reaally want it I "might" do lemons. anyways enjoy!
53 reads 27 readers 1
What if Mapleshade's kits had lived?
We all know Mapleshade's tragic tale, she was a loving mother who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. And because of that she suffered the death of all three kits dying, being rejected by cat she thought she co...
52 reads 21 readers 0
The Boy Made of Rags
This story is based off a dream I had when I was five, and I haven't forgotten a single detail to this day. The story starts with Abbey, the protagonist, explaining the dream she had at a young age. After the dream finishes, it...
7 reads 6 readers 0
The Power Alignment
I decided that since I'm not doing any more Sonic things that I might as well try something new and uh, yeah. So lets do this. If you want to know what the storys about then read it for a little bit. I did get a lot of the idea...
9 reads 7 readers 13
I ain't your ordinary wizard...
There's a town in Fiore called Magnolia where a famous wizard guild is based. The name of this guild? Fairy Tail. Within this guild is a young dragon slayer. Her name is Hikari Grace. Hikari has had a troublesome past. How you ...
21 reads 8 readers 4
The Outsiders Sequel
This is a sueaul to the Outsiders. Let's go with what the story is about. Dawn and Strom was twins who are still treated unfairly by the Socs . They knew that nothing would change .
11 reads 9 readers 10
Lungs of Ink
Two siblings, one named Samantha, the other being Johnathan. Both are fighting for something, a cure to Samantha's illness. William Bedford is a writer, a quite famous one. It all fell when he lost his wife and daughter to ...
101 reads 36 readers 1
Spirited away : the forgotten promises
Chihiro is finally a high schooler. After coming from the spirit world, her life turns ordinary . but after she stalks the mysterious kid in the class, will chihiro come to remember her past. Can She feel the same for Haku?
17 reads 7 readers 1
Living With The Pastas (Fanfiction)
This was a request from a friend who wanted me to write this a long time ago... so yeah...don't judge too harshly.
28 reads 11 readers 7
The Sharkenge #3
The third continuation of the Sharkenge, the Challenge with sharks now.
48 reads 7 readers 11