Fiction and Nonfiction
The Secrets of Life
How do I live a successful and happy life? Have you ever found yourself asking this question? The secrets or inside all you have to do is click...
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When Elizabeth Thorne moves to her dad's house in the middle of a lonely, rainy town she ignores all welcoming smiles and warmth. Then she meets Leon Ruiz. A dark, mysterious boy. He has a secret and she is determined to find i...
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Wanna Be A Mobian?
If you're a Sonic fan, but you don't have your own Mobian style, it's easy to get one! Follow these simple steps!
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A trip with my bro and Ella Part 3!!!
THE FINAL PART!! Its kinda weird i know hope you like it its alo funny. really i wanna see you guys comment more i get limited feedback and the one i do get are nice so comment rate or follow or all 3!!!
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Lungs of Ink
Two siblings, one named Samantha, the other being Johnathan. Both are fighting for something, a cure to Samantha's illness. William Bedford is a writer, a quite famous one. It all fell when he lost his wife and daughter to ...
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My friends and me at freddy fazbears pizza.
Yes this is based off of the game but this is off of FNAF2 I do now own these characters and do not own anything. This was just made for fun.
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The terrible wedding
Amy and Ste seem perfect for each other. There life slowly starts to sink into place. However as the wedding seems to get closer and closer things start to go wrong. Read- funny!
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The Mad Man With a Box
Kamryn was your average teenage girl. She had a perfect life; until, one by one, people start disappearing mysteriously from her school. She has no idea what's going on, but one man came along and changed everything.
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A Writer's True Self
When Carrie tries to start a love story in her internet novel for her fans, she begins to experience new territories with one of the biggest players in her class. As the novel becomes more popular, Carrie must push herself into...
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Funny Quotes
Just some quotes I made up you can comment and tell me which Quote you want I will try to update them every weekend!!!
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It's who we are
Sorta based on Lego Ninjago, 5 friend find out one of them could become the next master of power/powers. However they're not the only ones, a tournament is set up to see who is the best of many fighters, however the friends soo...
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Cake [L + Amy]
Amy and her big brother L can have issues. Issues that result in extremely angsty scenes. Warnings: blood, mentions of death, not really about cake
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Twins of Royalty
Locked inside the royal castle for all their lives, Dusk and Dawn can't say much about the outside world. And when they are about to leave, what evils do you think follows? Fueled by imagination and stories, these twins have to...
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The World From My View.
This is the story of my everyday life, what I go through, what I think about. (Just know that this is pretty depressing, and I'm more of a freestyle/poet) (Language)
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This is a school project and I just want u guyz to say if it's coolo or whatever so yeah!
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Why Autism Speaks is a terrible organization.
Autism Speaks is probably the most popular autism awareness group in the U.S., but many people do not know how harmful they are to autistic people. Please read this, I hope it changes your opinion on them.
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Our trip to Earth.
Yes a lot of these episodes are from Sonic X. I do not own Sonic X also sorry if your not in here but this was when I role played with Sapphire and Bailey.
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A Poem for Sorinne (Sempiternal)
Just a friendly poem for a friend here on qfeast. Thank you for putting up with me :P
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Tdc (the daily challenge 2)
We have a new contestant today that we forgot to enter! All: Who is it?!? Welcome... Madi! We are about to do elimination.
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