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The challenge Revived #40
Ooo... got something planned. Hopefully it goes good. Because I hate when my plans fail
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The Unicorn
This is a story about me and my friends,and how we stole a unicorn from the zoo (this is not true :l) Also i made the picture, so thats why it looks weird, but read the story
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When Time Stops
Well here it is guys! Please tell me if you like it or not! i'm kind of new at this whole writing thing...So yea please read and Review!
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Being Ignored
This isn't a question- it's reality. Evrey time I log onto Qfeast I see swearing or offensive stuff online, and there's worse reviews on my quizzes like, "Quail: Your pretty and cool" Quiz Is Way Too Short GUYS I don't Recomme...
88 reads 46 readers 19 by ellotherelove
Firebird Fly
A group of people are on an airplane during a dangerous storm. Will the pilot be able to save them?
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All About BTS
This is your key to understanding everything I post! It includes short biographies about the members, theories on their songs, and links to their interviews and reality shows!
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The Dark Desent
This Is A Story That I've Been Writing For Writing In School. It's Based Off Of An Internet Game Called Amnesia: The Dark Desent.
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Encouraging Quotes
Feeling down? Depressed? Sad? Well, I'm putting together a contemplation of some quotes to help you feel better (or to just read when you're bored XD).
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Ticci Toby
Toby is a boy who sees things not so good. He sees a slender looking man. No face, and pure pale. What does he do this next day? Will he EVER give up?
82 reads 30 readers 8 by Lucy_Heartfilia
hope u enjoy just music that i like hope u do have a nice day too- looking
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This day aria (Roses version)
Rose is about to marry radioactive but recently esor got through from the other dimension abandoning sonic.exe and trys to crash the wedding by using her similar looks to rose updating them just a tad bit and faking to be rose ...
31 reads 20 readers 8 by Vanessa_the_dark
Thrown in Purposefully
Get ready to find out what happens when a 16 year old girl is forced to change her life.Read to find out how & why.
57 reads 16 readers 2 by Moony
Try Hard
One girl. Four boys. They will all compete to win the girl's attention - but do they end up trying too hard each time? A 5 Seconds of Summer fan fiction. Though you don't need to know who they are to understand it! ;)
93 reads 25 readers 46 by swageyamatobiyolo
Underswap - Return of the Fox
It seems all of our personalities have swapped with our counterparts and life in the underground just got swapped. enjoy
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This is Kelly's Story
For all people who read "The Red-Ribboned Killer", this is pretty much the backstory of the first character my OC Sophia has met, which is a human instead of a creepypasta...
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The challenge Revived #17
I just watched some minecraft and got an challenge idea. So... MINECWAFT!
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Dark Secrets
Ashley is a popular girl and has everything. Emma is a nerd and no one likes her. Emma thinks Ashley is the perfect girl until they both get sent to camp "to bond" and Emma discovers that Ashley isnt that perfect after all!
117 reads 27 readers 12 by ChokolatLover
Working the Night Shift
Mike Schmidt has hated that place. Ever since his brother was killed there, he's avoided the old restaraunt at all costs. However, just this once, he's returned to exact vengeance for his brother's death. As he works the night ...
66 reads 28 readers 10 by Adderstar
How to Play Monopoly
You know Monopoly right? So, you forgot it's rules, huh? I'll remind you, don't worry!
13 reads 8 readers 1 by zai6977