Fiction and Nonfiction
Love for a Cat
Basically, this is about a cat who is abused, and tries to find a home. You might cry a little.
64 reads 23 readers 4 by BillCipher
Just Tell Him
Sequel of Love Or Hate. Daniela is now in high school. Her life is going to get out of hand again when there's a new boy in the school. Louis is worried the new boy might try to steal Daniela away and his jealously might start ...
33 reads 16 readers 3 by bluesister908
Birthdays and Parties [Tamaki x Izzie]
A long(ish) oneshot featuring Tamaki Suoh of the Ouran High School Host Club at a birthday party he organized for his crush, Izzie Bradford.
18 reads 14 readers 4 by Kanya888
Forever Lovesick
Anne-Charlotte is probably the only girl Marcus wants. But then what about his previous feelings for Vanessa and Melody? And his actual girlfriend Jessica? Will he become more of a player than he wants to be? Or will his true l...
61 reads 23 readers 9 by getupandkickbutt
Tales of The Unpredictable
Ever had an unexpected surprise? A shock that appeared when you least expected it? Well, you're not the only one it happened to...This is, the tales of the unpredictable. New tales will be made one at a time
32 reads 11 readers 14 by xKearax
My One that got away Songfic!!!!
ok this is a one that got away katy perry songfic. if u dont kno wat a songfic is its basically a fanfic but the base of it would be based upon a song. ok so this is my first songfic. so plzss no harsh judging. let me kno wat u...
13 reads 11 readers 13 by MEGS0316
Selena's story preview
This is just the preview of her story. Selena is stuck inside a mirror. She doesn't know what happened to her family. This all happened when she was 14. Now she is 16 almost 17. Mephiles frees her out of the mirror. Under one ...
21 reads 12 readers 0 by toughwolf3
bumblebee angst i mean kind of idk rly
sigh im so bad at writing this sucks so much lmao but uh here take it anyways i guess :/ im only making one chapter of this the idea just popped in my head so i felt the need to write abt it the bees are hurt and i just hope th...
8 reads 7 readers 1 by Knife_Gun
1D One-shots
This is going to be a bunch of Oneshots for people. Comment what you think or if you want one.
108 reads 33 readers 16 by Gisselle
Tdc (the daily challenge 2)
We have a new contestant today that we forgot to enter! All: Who is it?!? Welcome... Madi! We are about to do elimination.
23 reads 5 readers 4 by Starlight_the_crusader
The Sharkenge #6
The sixth continuation of the Sharkenge, the Challenge with sharks now. This one broke my heart to eliminate this character.
39 reads 8 readers 5 by Luigi25
Cup O' Cocoa
Life in Honeydew becomes exciting when a new girl named Cocoa shows up. Inspired by Pippi Longstocking, Cocoa is wacky and doesn't fit in with the crowd of ordinary people. Follow Cocoa's adventures from the view of Lily Albert...
33 reads 14 readers 8 by CafeGirl1908
The Beliver part six mid finale
this one may have some drama and questions shall be answerd did i spell that right? well i dont care well onward to the story shall we WARNING THIS CONTAINS INOPPRIATE CONTENT FOR SOME VIEWERS DESCRETION IS ADVISED
23 reads 11 readers 4 by nj3000
Elemental - Stories of Legend
Millions of citizens with powers of the elements live together in one world, separated by the Covens that signify their power. But when darkness threatens, what will happen when they have to unite as one?
161 reads 37 readers 18 by Weiss_Schnee
How I met BEN :)
I met Ben by buying Majoras Mask.... for my wii? This is my story about meeting BEN and beating his 'Little Game'. But when he brings me to the C. Pasta place.... things get difficult. Do you want to know if I got along with t...
284 reads 62 readers 20 by LexiCha
Creepypasta Poetry
Ok, this is some poetry I've wrote about creepypasta, obviously. Whether you think my poems are good or bad please do not leave any hate comments. This is just for fun so I'd rather only have positive criticism. If you have any...
41 reads 22 readers 3 by TossedWhisper4
The Charge
Four kids. An elevated base in a tree. Electric zombies. Weekly floods. Oh yeah, and aliens. What could go wrong?
21 reads 7 readers 0 by GalacticBiRavenclaw
Changing The World
With a war separating Earth, two sides (Adya,light side, and Duante, dark side) are locked in a deadly war. Two unlikely teams must work together to prevent a dark evil that is beginning to awake, or will they destroy each othe...
147 reads 20 readers 27 by DarkAngel1204
I'm so sorry, wait, what?
This is a We Are Abnormal AU. I do hope you enjoy it. Here, green means fück off qfeast. ~Anthony
13 reads 11 readers 0 by Furry_Ass_Crusty_Ho