Fiction and Nonfiction
Journey Through My World of Sleep
My fears, my love, and my second world. This is recordings of my dreams I have but not just any random dream. Only the ones that have meaning to me, or the ones that make me feel feelings, or I can't get out of my head. Now tha...
11 reads 6 readers 4 by CeceNel94
The Blizzard
I don't know what to say, The Blizzard has trapped 2 Kids in their house.
9 reads 6 readers 9 by GamerZ
How Did This Happen?
This is a fan fiction about meeting about a girl name Laura meeting Harry Styles, it will be cleanish...maybe... it all sort of depends on your definition of "dirty"... ;) And hopefully it won't be as dumb as it sounds. Even i...
326 reads 36 readers 47 by Bmac99
This is a school project and I just want u guyz to say if it's coolo or whatever so yeah!
12 reads 10 readers 4 by Meowzilla
Quotes and stuff
well um this is a story where its quotes and thigns that has helped me with my life i don't know how much or when i'll update or anything so yeah.
30 reads 8 readers 2 by InfiresMan
Life of a Fox
The story of Lili the Fox (Prower)! Hope you like it. Love adventure. :D
17 reads 13 readers 2 by lilifox
A Real Doll
When a young girl stops in a shop to purchase a doll, things take a sweetly sinister turn.
31 reads 15 readers 2 by BalletBear
Game Of Death
Some games are fun with guns. Some games even take peoples' breath, but this game determines between life or death. When a group of teenage friends get tricked and forced to play the game by unknown hosts in a large mansion, wi...
262 reads 37 readers 94 by DarkAngel1204
Behind The Curtains
There was a teenage girl. She was scared. She was lonely. She was determined. To escape.
66 reads 31 readers 26 by VeronicaCuteS
The Story of Us (Jasmine and Tails) (1)
I haven't been on in at least a month, I think that's my cue to make something! Here's the story of how Jasmine and Tails fell in love <3
23 reads 15 readers 4 by JasmineTheHedgehog
art to singing.
this is a story of a girl named chalice, her sister marry(not real) read and enjoy. don't forget to comment ;)
19 reads 10 readers 0 by sparklypainter
Qfeast Times October 2015
This is the Qfeast Times issue for October 2015, covering a variety of different topics.
277 reads 36 readers 27 by ellotherelove
Love, A Ray Of Sunshine
"Love, a ray of sunshine" is the title of a story that includes several little stories involving love, hope and trust in other person. It worth to read this story because you could find yourself.
55 reads 25 readers 7 by Dedeea
Paper Airplanes
Two balconies away, a girl sits quietly. The boy took his piece of paper, and started folding it.
59 reads 18 readers 13 by DontMindMyAwesome
the beliver finale
this will be a five chapter story things are finally gonna get serious >:) WARNING SOME CONTENT MAY BE INNAPROPRIAT FOR SOME AUDIENCES VIEWERS DESCRETION IS ADVISED
40 reads 18 readers 2 by nj3000
Wire (3)
Silver helps Wire to remember a piece of her memory, but something goes wrong.
12 reads 11 readers 2 by GoHappy
Figure It Out
It seems like a normal school day at a normal middleschool but thats when your wrong.. Something's up and Cherry and Wolfy have to figure out whats going on.
41 reads 14 readers 2 by Howlite
Friendship or more? (Niall Horan Love Story)
The title tells all. I'm going to try to make this very suspenseful, and I am apologizing in advance if I fail miserably. This is dedicated to my friend, officalmrshoran. I hope you like it.
233 reads 35 readers 17 by EvilAngel1490