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The Boy Without a Fairy
He was ten years old. In these ten years of living in the Kokiri Forest, Link had always been taunted for being different;An outcast. A no-fairy boy. However, one day his wish comes true;A fairy companion of his very own. This ...
28 reads 19 readers 4 by breann.west.5
the believer chapter 2
i would have edited the story but i didnt feel like it enjoy rate comment and follow me will always be appreciated that way i will know that you guys want me to continue thank you enjoy
23 reads 17 readers 5 by nj3000
Sick [Gajeel x Reader]
You contracted an illness not long ago, and Gajeel Redfox is here with your lunch. No gender for reader is given. Warnings: sickness, shamelessly written i'm sorry
25 reads 23 readers 19 by Kanya888
The nerd challenge
It about a girl wanting the new york dream.she wants to get in a fashion school in NY.but her requirement to get in the school is she has to give a nerd a makeover and she has to do a blog about it. so which one will she pick ...
162 reads 37 readers 15 by SecretWritter
Sans's Skeleton Puns
Some Skeleton Puns of Sans. I hope these are pun-derful. Please do not judge the grammar.
27 reads 26 readers 6 by InsaneSpaghetti
A Little Bit of...
A little bit of normal... A little bit of crazy... A little bit of Gjinka... A little bit of forest... A little bit of magic! Hai! This is the book that I'm adding y'all's OCs from the question "Volunteers" (I'm always open for...
54 reads 8 readers 25 by Kinnare
How I Met the Creepypasta Gang
The following contains fanfiction, and probably murder when the right time comes. Word from the author: I guess I started doing these series because I wondered what would it be like if I had met the creepypasta gang. Please sug...
462 reads 36 readers 16 by Masubii_Chan
Taking over the World 101
Edited by meh ownr, Acacia_The_Goddesss I fells alsep. I wrote it, and she converted it, liek right there. and now. So I luv u.
17 reads 16 readers 1 by General_Meow_Meow
A Little Pasta
A little girl had found her way into the mansion of the Creppypasta's.
243 reads 28 readers 17 by GoHappy
A "SPECIAL" STORY... =^.^=
Thankyou everyone for reading this!!! it helps more than you think bro's!!!
51 reads 21 readers 10 by Mary_chan
project 0
I wrote this in my English class for coursework and know I really want other people opinions as I hope to be an author when I'm older. it is about a girl who was created with the purposes of being and government assassin this i...
15 reads 9 readers 4 by meMEme13
Gretchen, Talia, and Winnie get all caught up in a Bully Battle. Will they learn that it's the differences that bring people together?
78 reads 17 readers 3 by Hogwarts_Huntress
Reflection (Short Horror Story!)
Kelly is home alone, watching a scary movie, when she see's something that freaks her out! Is it just her imagination?
59 reads 44 readers 14 by becca01thebest
Bullied (1)
True story, based off of 2 real teens.. since our stories have already been released..
52 reads 21 readers 5 by Marcus
Rise of the Dragons
This story takes place in ancient Rome, and the main characters, Linet and Gareth, are married. It has some twists to it, and I hope you like it!!!
12 reads 9 readers 4 by Mcdazzle2000
We need to talk (Revamped)
Originally, I had a little story on here called "We need to talk" but I realize that I literally gave out WAY too much personal info in it, so I took it down. I know that 25 people already saw it, but I don't want anyone else t...
145 reads 27 readers 66 by SuperSnow
My Book of Rants
This is just a book of rants about things that bother me or that I don't like.
96 reads 27 readers 5 by McDermottsAngel
Rouge mates
She runs away from her home into unknown territory. In this world there is nothing such as true mates, just one lady wolf who submits to anouther, the man gets to choose. She runs into rouge territory, and meets 'the wolf'
33 reads 11 readers 2 by Thehost
Faded Death
Faded Death is a book about a haunted house that three girls have a sleepover in the girls wake up to find Alice the youngest girl missing they try to leave the house quickly but they hear sounds like Alice trying to scream for...
44 reads 20 readers 4 by RosenEliza