Fiction and Nonfiction
Survivor #3
24 contestants, who will crown sole survivor? outwit, outlast, outplay. Also, this is not a copy of any other stories. one more thing, Go fish!
48 reads 10 readers 10 by DarkSpite_Spark56
Baako the monkey
This is a children's story I wrote about a monkey who goes to the ancient city of Timbuktu hundreds of years ago. Remember that this is a children's story. Tell me what you think!
10 reads 9 readers 6 by bluebear0914
Owl City lyrics
I wrote the lyrics of songs of Owl City. He is a Christian and his songs are also wonderful. *METROLYRICS.COM*
16 reads 15 readers 1 by Marvel_Gleek
Quotes and stuff
well um this is a story where its quotes and thigns that has helped me with my life i don't know how much or when i'll update or anything so yeah.
30 reads 8 readers 2 by InfiresMan
DIS (like the underworld)
I visit the underworld. Ooh I hope there's not spiders.... very spooky. Not for the faint of heart.
35 reads 8 readers 4 by wolfness
Legend Unmasked
A long-lost brass key which lends great power to the wielder. Invisible doorways leading to hidden rooms, alternate dimensions, and forbidden realms. And on top of it all, a 14-year-old girl with a thirst for adventure. Infinit...
15 reads 8 readers 2 by GalacticBiRavenclaw
How I Almost Saved the World: Part One: Regrets
Starr is a 4th year Hogwarts Ravenclaw who discovers a plot that will change the world forever and attempts to stop it...but this journey will ultimately lead to her own death.
12 reads 10 readers 5 by Hogwartian123
Brandy and Chance's modern adventures
Brandy Jody Biersack and Chance Jody Biersack are twins who came from their parents, Bryanna Biersack and Andy Biersack. their little sister Hazzy Biersack Is only a year old. life is modern for Brandy and Chance. their father ...
42 reads 13 readers 8 by PHYSCOTIC
Heartbeat (Ticci Toby x Reader)
Just a regular day at school until it wasn't. A new boy comes by and you fall for him but, what happens when you find out who he really is and what you really are?
142 reads 23 readers 9 by pure_truth16
Runaway Bride... (heart-breaking + funny + betrayal +lurv etc.)
Everyone goes blurry, slowly I push George away from me and run out of the huge hall. "KATHERINE!" ... It's time for a new start. A new place. A new life... And I'm NEVER coming back! ~Something tragic happened on Katherine's...
166 reads 23 readers 14 by girlonfire
Something I'd Like to Change About Myself
A monologue I wrote for an in-class drama project. Just thought I'd share it with you guys for some opinions before submitting it for a writing contest.
10 reads 10 readers 0 by kinkykuron
This is a 3-page poem I wrote about my past experiences and what I dealt with. I would like yall to read it, if you have the time. :)
8 reads 7 readers 2 by Miss.Red
Amer Pari was not a normal child. He had white deer horns, mint eyes, cat ears, and a snake tail. He felt alone. His parents could of been worse, but it didn't change the fact he was meant to be a parasite. You will see how thi...
55 reads 17 readers 17 by AngryGayFish
What to do when you are bored
I got some from the internet, other people and I made some up. Please enjoy and comment. Maybe even do some yourself!
24 reads 22 readers 4 by Emowolfgirl
the believer part 3
i just relized that there was a movie called the believer i want to change my stories title but i thought i keep it sorry guys :(
16 reads 15 readers 2 by nj3000
Is this just some random bulling story? No. It is worse than any bulling story. At least, this is what it seems to be. An unknown kid is bullied, and yes, his name is unknown. Everyone calls him U though. Why? I don't know? His...
77 reads 22 readers 7 by EverymanHABIT
Scarlet Warrior
Vianguard, a place once of great peace and harmony. Though now, rage, hatred, sins, and killing reigns supreme as the tribes of Vianguard have called war upon one another. The Nagarus, wanting the power and succession of being ...
8 reads 8 readers 7 by LordExplosionMurder
Hetalia Middle School
There are always HIGH SCHOOL things for Hetalia. But, how about Middle School? This story is literally crack. Everything is random. Nothing makes sense. Someone please stop me from making anymore stories. Kms I want to die.
31 reads 11 readers 1 by Prussian_Mistake
Kimmy's Diary
Duh! Kimmy couldn't be more upset when she's given a DIARY for her birthday. But a few days later she notices she likes it, and in the nick of time loses it at school. Who has it? Her crush? Her BFF? Her enemy? The JANITOR!?! T...
88 reads 25 readers 13 by xxFallenAngelz_xx