Fiction and Nonfiction
My Asian Aunt is Against Abortion
My aunt who is from South Korea is against abortion. She wants it to be illegal worldwide because she’s a Christian. I had a dream about her talking on the news about opposing abortion.
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Lucid Dreams ~ A Klance Drabble
A little something that took me a long time to write, but was totally worth it. Just a simple one-shot. No hate for the ship, please, as I know Klance has become less popular throughout the seasons. I myself am a multi-shipper,...
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Something I'd Like to Change About Myself
A monologue I wrote for an in-class drama project. Just thought I'd share it with you guys for some opinions before submitting it for a writing contest.
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Hetaustria Character Songs!
The only platinum thing that Hetaustria needs is platinum character songs.
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MatchMaker (1)
24-year-old Kyra is America's best matchmaker and she keeps her private and business life separate. She's dealt with all types of heartbreaks but experiencing them first hand as got her running in circles. None understands why...
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Smash Bros character concepts
Some ideas I have for new additions to the roster in super smash bros. Ideas will include attacks, final smashes, alternate skins, etc. I'll add more characters when I get enough ideas for attacks and stuff for them.
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This is a story about ch ok e. It is a story about ch ok e which is a story
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The Story of My Life (2)
Hello. My name is Jakestar2828, or Jake Lancaster. This is the story of my life.
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I'm not like other cocokroaches
Hi I am Annie . All cockroaches are ugly but I pretty. I have good wings and I. Pretty but why peeple bully me? They say I don't look like cockraokz and I ask my daddy he says this
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Pikachu x Glaceon love story
Hey guys this is my first time writing a love story so i hope y'all enjoy!
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everything i touch dies.
“Nothing happened to me, but I have an opposite Midas touch. Everything I love is quickly wiped away like a speck of dirt. I don’t feel like I’m a ruin, it’s just a part of me. Like someone’s receding hairline, it’s just an an...
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Covered eyes (Sasuke Uchiha x Shy Reader)
Hey! I had nothing else to do, and everyone that was on the poll wanted this, so yeah. This might be ignored like my other stories, but, enjoy the romance I guess...
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Royal Rose
Prince Todoroki X commoner reader. Hope you love this romance! Enjoy the story!
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Love at first shot, a murderer's love story
take two. Follow Chloe, a 19-year-old sociopath on her journey to find love and kill the enemy. Can her friends keep her from finding out her past? Will she stay at Murdurur High? Find out now!
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A bnha various x fem reader. "I love you (Y/n), but please stop voring everyones toes." ~a beautiful story full of struggle and many memes~ based off a wonderful and much better written story called 'LACUNA'
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My Sides and Demons
This isn't a story but its about my sides and demons! tell me your favorite!
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A Witch's Guide to Crystals
You don't have to be a witch to use crystals. I genuinely believe that they can help everyone. In this story, I'll be detailing my favourite crystals chapter by chapter, what their properties are, how they can be used, how they...
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The Boy Who Standed Up Whilst He Needed A Wee And A Poo
This is gross, as you can see from the title, but it won't get into horrible details but you still should probably not read it unless you're a weirdo who loves gross, moral, short stories.
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Water's Edge (1)
this story is a Ben Drowned x Reader! Key: y/n=your name f/m=family member f/n=friend's name m/n=mom's name y/a=your age f/a=favorite animal
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