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Frank's Return - Leo's Return story short w/Frank
My story Leo's Return focuses on how different Leo is after being gone. I'm making shorts with each of the seven (except Leo unless you ask maybe) and some other characters of the aftermath of their disappearance.
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This Is not A Drill.
Marianne is a young atheist girl who has gone through a lot in her life. Family neglect, moving into a trashy apartment in New Jersey at age 16. But what happens when she has to survive a nuclear bombing in her bordering state?...
9 reads 8 readers 1 by bitchtits
Survivor #3
24 contestants, who will crown sole survivor? outwit, outlast, outplay. Also, this is not a copy of any other stories. one more thing, Go fish!
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Lost in our fears
Sometimes you don't want to wake up from a dream... But some other times, you just want to wake up from a nightmare alive...
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Cold Blood
This is my newest creepypasta OC story. hope you like and enjoy the story! there is a part that is based off of a true event in my life. (yes, it's the dead animal on the side of the road one.)
9 reads 7 readers 6 by Casual_Red
Journey Through My World of Sleep
My fears, my love, and my second world. This is recordings of my dreams I have but not just any random dream. Only the ones that have meaning to me, or the ones that make me feel feelings, or I can't get out of my head. Now tha...
11 reads 6 readers 4 by CeceNel94
Elina Violets - the really real me...
Since I got 100 followers, I'd promise I'd tell who I really am. I was scared people would hate so I waited... very long... You didn't really think my names Elina Violets did ya, well read more about it ^-^
18 reads 15 readers 0 by ELINAviolets
Awakening the wolf
Chase Bain isn't the most popular boy in high school. Or the hottest, but when he learns of a hidden power stored inside him and accidentally awakens it suddenly he is better, faster, stronger, and all his senses are enhanced w...
19 reads 11 readers 3 by LunarMn
Cake [L + Amy]
Amy and her big brother L can have issues. Issues that result in extremely angsty scenes. Warnings: blood, mentions of death, not really about cake
17 reads 17 readers 0 by Kanya888
Man Answers Buzzfeed's "36 Questions Women Have For Men"
I am just a teenager, but I wanted to sound dramatic and call myself a man. Misleading, I know. But Buzzfeed gave my gender these questions so... I also may have messed up the question format so there may be more than 36 questi...
29 reads 22 readers 11 by Sombra
How Did This Happen?
This is a fan fiction about meeting about a girl name Laura meeting Harry Styles, it will be cleanish...maybe... it all sort of depends on your definition of "dirty"... ;) And hopefully it won't be as dumb as it sounds. Even i...
340 reads 37 readers 47 by Bmac99
Qfeast Interviews
Hi! So here, I will interview some Qfeasters, and such. PM me if you want to be interviewed, and have fun looking at all these amazing people. THING: So it turns out that someone else did this in 2013, but people said that it w...
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~ Keara and Kipper the two huskies ~ (Diary entries)
Keara is my precious little husky and Kipper is her brother, and Kipper is my brother's husky. They are a special pair of huskies and this story is diary entries by Keara and Kipper, every day. I'll add it every day in the holi...
63 reads 11 readers 25 by Beauty784
The Story Of Lucinda The Hedgehog
Discover the life of Lucinda and find out what made her into the tough hedgehog. Find out the past she has and how the past effects the future. I hope you enjoy her life story! :)
31 reads 18 readers 4 by LucindaTheHedgehog
The Blossom of June
This story revolves around Aki , a guy around 15 years, returning to his hometown after 5 years. The Hometown doesnt change much nor his friends except a strange , Shy , Mysterious, childhood friend, Aina. Lots of surprises an...
9 reads 5 readers 15 by SHIRAZURE
Shara the hedghog
this is a story of my OC Shara the hegdehog and I dont have a pic of her yet =p *wish I did* ps NOT MY PIC
47 reads 22 readers 16 by Sharathehegdehog
The challenge Revived #35
Time for my favorite oary. Instant losing. Yay... we're that far into the season.
35 reads 7 readers 1 by King_of_Derps
Corpse Party - Tortured Souls [Read Description]
[Be warned: What you are about to read may appear as just an ordinary Sonic story at first, but it contains a LOT of horror, blood, and gore, just like the original Corpse Party anime. Read at your own risk! With this in mind, ...
136 reads 37 readers 42 by Weiss_Schnee
Not So Human
Heaven Ross used to be a normal person. That was until the "accident". Now not only is she in danger but also those she holds close.
27 reads 15 readers 4 by Free_The_Silence
Qfeast Times October 2015
This is the Qfeast Times issue for October 2015, covering a variety of different topics.
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