Fiction and Nonfiction
Most Fun Activity Ever
Hiya! This isn't really much of a story, more like a little activity thing. It won't take up much your time! I just hope you enjoy it! A piece of paper, pencil, and maybe some crayons will be needed.
17 reads 15 readers 4 by Toriel
A Sad Love Story (1)
A sad love story that broke my heart when writing it. A girl and boy fall in love and the boy gets tired of her in a week. Read the story to know some more.
17 reads 15 readers 3 by Rainbow_Fluff
Weird Symbols
I collected some symbols of of comments on my Facebook account. :) Here they are.
21 reads 20 readers 1 by Anime
Meaning of Zodiac signs
I bet some you wonder what your zodiac signs mean well I've been searching info about them so heres a story about what they mean hope you enjoy.
102 reads 49 readers 9 by CrazyFandom
Favrite Greak myths!
there are many greak myths and i will be telling you them please comment!!!!
20 reads 19 readers 9 by Mythsandlegends
Like Mah Song?
This is a song I wrote cos I was bored :O Hope u enjoy! (PS: Plez don't copy)
18 reads 16 readers 8 by NeonTiger
This Is It (1)
(The apocalypse! Woahh!) A story of how Mobius breaks out into a zombie apocalypse and how our heroes throw themselves into dangers and more to survive and find the cure. Who will survive? Only time will tell.
207 reads 20 readers 44 by sapphirethehedgehog
How I Met the Creepypasta Gang
The following contains fanfiction, and probably murder when the right time comes. Word from the author: I guess I started doing these series because I wondered what would it be like if I had met the creepypasta gang. Please sug...
473 reads 37 readers 16 by Masubii_Chan
Hoodie and Dollie
my fiirst story i hope you like it.. now to the story,,jigdsdvnuijgkhbvnh
7 reads 4 readers 0 by Lunawolf13
Alyssa was a regular girl in high school. She had blonde, not-so curly anymore hair and hazel eyes. Just normal... OR IS SHE!? Alyssa has trans' as she calls them and weird ones about some familiar creepypasta characters. But ...
57 reads 30 readers 10 by LexiCha
The Story of Us (Jasmine and Tails) (1)
I haven't been on in at least a month, I think that's my cue to make something! Here's the story of how Jasmine and Tails fell in love <3
23 reads 15 readers 4 by JasmineTheHedgehog
Twisted Fairy Tales~*!
these aren't mine.. I found em' online! And honestly lol I think these fairytales should have stayed gruesome..
176 reads 29 readers 18 by Mary_chan
project 0
I wrote this in my English class for coursework and know I really want other people opinions as I hope to be an author when I'm older. it is about a girl who was created with the purposes of being and government assassin this i...
14 reads 8 readers 4 by meMEme13
Black Butler seven minutes in heaven
Well, I am like..In a Black Butler mood, so I'm making a seven minutes in heaven story about it cause I'm just so awesome like that XD oh and BTW...NO ONE DIED LET'S MAKE THAT CLEAR
1579 reads 127 readers 232 by Prussian_Mistake
your super hero name!
if you wee a super hero what would you name be and your power. im soo bored
53 reads 28 readers 14 by gill_mcg
Adros (Anime FanFiction)
Adros, a magical land hidden beneath a ruin where Erin, a quirky, curious 14-year old lives. When she's pulled under, Erin meets unlikely characters, a few past memories, and an old book that could determine who she really is.....
19 reads 12 readers 4 by Kitty_Kat
Fnaf songs!
This will be filled with all my favorite fnaf songs and possibly a few of others who like fnaf so enjoy!
87 reads 31 readers 6 by ChocolerryPOP
Samson and Rusty
Well its Roxy again and these are my further adventures. I wanna tell you about a little gentleman and scruffy pup who came to me last year. They were so funny so I gave them a story.
24 reads 7 readers 12 by kellygirl2