Fiction and Nonfiction
Welcome to the life of Electra Heart
The story of Marina and the Diamond's Electra Heart and her ups and downs. Who is Electra, really?
17 reads 5 readers 3
The Story Of Sapphire
A re-write of the original story. This is Sapphire’s past, present and future...enjoy!
32 reads 16 readers 18
Notice Me (1)
Ayano Aishi had always been... Empty inside. She was always like this... Just a robot, just herself. But then she met Senpai-san, and then she felt the unending urge to kill all that were in her way.
69 reads 18 readers 2
Nikki Forces You To Do Challenges //1//
Here are the contestants that are still competing: Tori (Dowogami_Is_In_Love) Keiona (Firey_the_human) Hyper (Firey_the_human) John (Firey_the_human) Skipper (Bl00m) Tucker (Cool_kiddo) Dee (Cool_kiddo) Kitsune (Cool_kiddo) Ro...
33 reads 9 readers 14
Top 10 The Challenge Characters
Yet another Top 10 list, this time featuring my top picks for DerpyDerpJuice's series, The Challenge Revived, specifically.
56 reads 8 readers 8
The Sharkenge #9
The ninth continuation of The Sharkenge, the Challenge with sharks now.
39 reads 6 readers 6
Lucid Dreams ~ A Klance Drabble
A little something that took me a long time to write, but was totally worth it. Just a simple one-shot. No hate for the ship, please, as I know Klance has become less popular throughout the seasons. I myself am a multi-shipper,...
7 reads 7 readers 1
This is a story about ch ok e. It is a story about ch ok e which is a story
7 reads 5 readers 0
Reader X Yandere-Chan
I finally had an idea so I'm getting it down before I forget like the dumbass I am This is my first (proper) story so enjoy ^^
34 reads 15 readers 17
Two Sentence Horror Stories
These are some Two sentence horror stories i found that i thought had a great plot, dont judge me.
118 reads 19 readers 12
Concession-Villan Uraraka AU(Dialogue Story)
Ships(main):Ohcahimideku, AFO x Inko, Bakukiri, a continuation of the first one. Uraraka grew up with little money and not that much to eat. Wanting to help her parents she went into the hero course at UA high. Because of her ...
54 reads 7 readers 5
All of my Sh!ps!
Here is a list of all my ships, Their current sailing status, And why I ship them. YASS I ship people. Get over it UwU Please put ships in the comments if I missed any! I like adding new ships to my mental list UwU
82 reads 21 readers 23
banned words list updated
this is an updated list of banned words cause the other list atopped production
24 reads 20 readers 4
askk me and bouncy questions!! x3
hai im chiba or jingley and im here with my fiance bluncy say hiii bouncy: i hate social media me: ok well ur doing this bab e
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Gods and Goddess of the unknown
okay, this story will have no copyrights. it will be my own Gods and Goddess. I do hope y'all enjoy. this is not an roleplay btw.
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my childrens book
i made this for my class i had to make a childrens book so here it is yes
22 reads 19 readers 2
Slave to Love
A slave/master type of story - I understand I am not a professional and look for criticism and advice on how I can improve my writing :)
126 reads 62 readers 24
The Rise in Popularity of the Term "YOLO".
This is just a short story about how the term "yolo" gained popularity. I got the idea to do this because my brother was running around the house screaming "yolo". lol. Well, hope you enjoy! :D
63 reads 33 readers 15
Im back!
just the 2 book of days of my life so please read the frist book! before reading this one because the frist book is really great!
30 reads 16 readers 6
Everything has some sort of soul.When that soul becomes emotional toward something ,whether it a cause ,object ,person,etc it can become dangerous.This case in particular is about a doll.A broken doll.
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