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A Sad Love Story (1)
A sad love story that broke my heart when writing it. A girl and boy fall in love and the boy gets tired of her in a week. Read the story to know some more.
16 reads 14 readers 2 by Rainbow_Fluff
Meaning of Zodiac signs
I bet some you wonder what your zodiac signs mean well I've been searching info about them so heres a story about what they mean hope you enjoy.
103 reads 50 readers 9 by CrazyFandom
Kimmy's Diary
Duh! Kimmy couldn't be more upset when she's given a DIARY for her birthday. But a few days later she notices she likes it, and in the nick of time loses it at school. Who has it? Her crush? Her BFF? Her enemy? The JANITOR!?! T...
89 reads 25 readers 13 by xxFallenAngelz_xx
Behind A Screen
Two fangirls take over their cousin's popular tumblr blog thats hasn't been used in YEARS. The anime characters from AOT in the blog don't seem to really like that fact.
34 reads 17 readers 3 by retrobabe
Talking to the Osomatsu-san Sixplets
This will be chatting with the sixplets and you can join if you want with us. Some will be in Japanese and some in English. Enjoy.
35 reads 15 readers 3 by SugarPlum
You're beautiful,Amanda.
This is a short story on bullying I guess? It's not too good though:L I hope you like it? This is one of my first stories on here but not in real life!:P
30 reads 18 readers 5 by UsernameTaken
Taking over the World 101
Edited by meh ownr, Acacia_The_Goddesss I fells alsep. I wrote it, and she converted it, liek right there. and now. So I luv u.
16 reads 15 readers 1 by General_Meow_Meow
24 contestants, who will crown sole survivor? outwit, outlast, outplay. Also, this is not a copy of any other stories. (sorry for the delay) things are about to get very interesting in this one and also there might be a twist i...
38 reads 6 readers 5 by DarkSpite_Spark56
The Story of Us (Jasmine and Tails) (1)
I haven't been on in at least a month, I think that's my cue to make something! Here's the story of how Jasmine and Tails fell in love <3
23 reads 15 readers 4 by JasmineTheHedgehog
A "SPECIAL" STORY... =^.^=
Thankyou everyone for reading this!!! it helps more than you think bro's!!!
52 reads 22 readers 10 by Mary_chan
project 0
I wrote this in my English class for coursework and know I really want other people opinions as I hope to be an author when I'm older. it is about a girl who was created with the purposes of being and government assassin this i...
14 reads 8 readers 4 by meMEme13
Firebird Fly
A group of people are on an airplane during a dangerous storm. Will the pilot be able to save them?
7 reads 7 readers 52 by dezzylarson
Black Butler seven minutes in heaven
Well, I am like..In a Black Butler mood, so I'm making a seven minutes in heaven story about it cause I'm just so awesome like that XD oh and BTW...NO ONE DIED LET'S MAKE THAT CLEAR
1770 reads 145 readers 233 by Prussian_Mistake
Love, A Ray Of Sunshine
"Love, a ray of sunshine" is the title of a story that includes several little stories involving love, hope and trust in other person. It worth to read this story because you could find yourself.
59 reads 29 readers 7 by Dedeea
The Epic Adventure of My Ass
My ass has been turned into a dolphin and we fell love.Will our human and dolphin love survive or will we break up forever and I'll be without an ass...
121 reads 38 readers 29 by American.Idiot
the beliver finale
this will be a five chapter story things are finally gonna get serious >:) WARNING SOME CONTENT MAY BE INNAPROPRIAT FOR SOME AUDIENCES VIEWERS DESCRETION IS ADVISED
39 reads 17 readers 2 by nj3000
Is this Love?
Kathy is a middle school girl who just doesn't quite fit in. She is extremely shy and doesn't really talk to anyone. She is extremely observant and can easily point out small changes. Her shyness makes her popular with the boys...
301 reads 19 readers 19 by TinyOtaku
Asgardain forbitted love
YAOI DON'T LIKE IT DONT READ THIS THANKS thor and loki are going thought bad times against the frostgaints after awhile loki starts to have nightmares that just might kill him.
33 reads 11 readers 6 by JeanKirschtein
Elise Akito was new to Adeki high. To Tokyo. To falling in love. Sesa was the nicest guy in Tokyo. The only problem was a crazy girl wanting to make him hers.
52 reads 16 readers 40 by xXEmo_KingXx