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[FNAF 1-3] Phone Guy's Calls... Transcripted!
Finally, we have transcripts over the internet of Phone Guy's calls from every night in every game! These transcripts are accurate, and should be able to give you a good image of what is being said. The Phone Guy is voiced by t...
5442 reads 522 readers 21 by Weiss_Schnee
Diary of a 7th Grader
Being a 7th grader is hard. It's time to show what goes on in a girl's life. It's kind of based on real life events. I hope you all like it.
2406 reads 204 readers 37 by bluesister908
Ticci Toby (Love story)
I will make more Creepypastas stories, just leave a comment of which one you would like me to do..
2118 reads 259 readers 17 by DanosaurPhilion
A New Killer Is Born
Ashley Voorhees is the daughter of the well known killer, Jason Voorhees. She is a ten year old girl who is following in her daddy's footsteps to be the next killer in line. As she gets older, her nightmares are getting worse, ...
1533 reads 137 readers 117 by HellRaiserPrincess
This is a story about a girl who has never stuck out... But maybe, just maybe, with the help of a cute guy, she can change that.
1487 reads 91 readers 206 by Bmac99
Black Butler seven minutes in heaven
Well, I am like..In a Black Butler mood, so I'm making a seven minutes in heaven story about it cause I'm just so awesome like that XD oh and BTW...NO ONE DIED LET'S MAKE THAT CLEAR
1405 reads 120 readers 232 by Prussian_Mistake
Jeff The Killer (love story)
Here is a Love story about Jeff The Killer. If you could please rate it and/or follow me
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Hurt. (One direction fanfic)
Angela has had a rough past and the only one keeping her together is her 'boyfriend' Troy. After breaking up with her, Angela is lost and sees a man that looks exactly like Troy but realizes it's none other than Louis Tomlinson...
1155 reads 51 readers 45 by ChokolatLover
Drarry fic inspired by a Tumblr post. I wrote this randomly, fueled by mountain dew, determination, and a snap.
1118 reads 146 readers 12 by vive_la_revolution
Diary of an 8th Grader
Sequel of the book Diary of a 7th Grader. Ariana has now moved up a grade and is starting a whole new beginning. This is her new diary. Read it to find out the continuation of her life.
1112 reads 60 readers 18 by bluesister908
Darkness Falls (1)
Skittle Aradito has a hard life. She has no friends, is hated by everyone and, worst of all, she is bullied by Casper Arterton, the most popular boy in school. Casper thinks he is all that, and tries to make Skittle's life a mi...
1012 reads 61 readers 34 by McDermottsAngel
The Matchmaker
Lindsay started her 9th grade year as a regular student, but then she starts a blog that helps people in her school find their true match, but she has a secret... She has never been in a relationship.
981 reads 52 readers 253 by CrystalDiamond2323
Anime One Shots!
Anime one shots...if you don't know what a one shot is...look it up, its amazing
913 reads 57 readers 302 by Prussian_Mistake
Horoscope Signs
all types of horoscopes! some will be really random and some will be from you guys. if you have a idea tell me and i might add it. And this is my FIRST story.
904 reads 40 readers 29 by morgan5021
Chuck E Cheese Creepypasta
This is the TRUTH behind the creepiness of Chuck E Cheese. Make sure that the lights are out /;)
831 reads 186 readers 8 by Cloudedstar
Creepypasta Stories
I OWN NONE OF THE STORIES!! Also, some are of gore and MUCH violence. Read at your own risk. :P Some are also NSFW. :/ I have decided to look up origional stories and such and then post them on here!! I'll be looking up popul...
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