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This is an idea that a youtuber started and I adored! HMOC stands for Hive Mind Orignal Character. Essentially every week you'll be able to submit different aspects that could be chosen, then the next I'll compile them into a s...
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Geuss the song
everyday i'll post at least 1 song lyric and you guys have to geuss it
1 subscriber 1 member by creepypastafan1
The Wanderers. -Character Submissions
A young lioness just who had just become an adult and her pride was attacked by humans. With only three other pride members who escaped. The catch is that is is dry season and the four are inexperienced in hunting of in the way...
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randum page
Do whatever you want here, It's not like I will care. So.. go right on ahead.
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UnderTale Merch!
Share me some UnderTale plush, pillow, tarrot prints, little buddy, shirt and more! Share some links too were we can see some UT things!
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Buy From China-China Sourcing
China Sourcing-A Best sourcing agent in China for small business to buy goods from China Efficiently & Safely. Specialized in Custom Manufacturing & Engineering.
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I'll draw any character
Basically what it says in the description! A drawing will be made for any character requested including originals. Just fill out the form and the drawing will be made ASAP
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PUNS! lots of puns
A page to be punny, good or bad puns are welcome, that just have to be puns
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The Radom story's and memes
Hi star/shadow hear if you got a random story well this is the place! Gust nothing nasty you can post memes too!
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This is about other stuff...I guess( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)and then ill try to upload and be on as much as I can by getting reminders and getting on for about 3 hrs a day doo just to let all of you now this one of my pages.
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Character submit again
A camp story you know it's haunted no one knows at the kids of the camp try to escape and no more characters the slot is taken by the sky the limit
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Ideas page!
This page is for ideas of quiz ideas etc. And just random ideas that pop into your head so yeah... Enjoy!
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Musical Theatre Page
This page is for anyone who likes musicals! Feel free to share your favorite musicals and actor/actresses, and post your favorite showtune or the best version of it!
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Shower Thoughts
Hello beauties! This is a page for all those weird but amazing realizations known as “shower thoughts” for example, I’m going to be the last person to die in my lifetime. Crazy!
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poems :p
write or put down images so yay the title says is all Look! free space X3
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Maroon 5 in my beehive
lelelel adam is best i found alotta maroon 5 memes so i just made a page for it yes, ok.
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Monster Hunter Stories
I love the game. It's rlly cool trying to fill up this description...done
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Long Live The Queen!
Post memes or pictures of the queen. Idfk why I made this. I'm thirsty for rep points.
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confidence and compliments!~
This is a little place where you can come whenever you feel insecure. Do whatever you'd like to build others' confidence up, get help building your confidence-- Do as you wish, really. It's alright to upload pictures of yoursel...
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Private boarding school thing
I need to do some nice prof rølepłäÿ thing So it’s a private boarding school And it’s like,, college And fancy So umm Yeah
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