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the Retro Cafe
Welcome dear guests, Irashaimase. This is your maid/butler/whatever just here to comfort & serve . we have a menu too. relax in this cafe , far from the city and crowd. Take your seat and chill with some cold/hot coffee. we do...
2 subscribers 1 member by SHIRAZURE
Android 16 Android 16 Androi
16 16 Android 16 that's it just pictures of android 16 that i like because android 16 is good boy Android 16 android 16 is good boy ok
2 subscribers 1 member by radical.radish
shatpost page
uh do whatever i dont really give a crap. memes are suggested but anything but the hot pron is allowed
2 subscribers 2 members by KoopaQueen
Ras-Play Ya Yeet
Here, you can replay with other people. Rasplay. Whatever floats your boat. All fandoms allowed.
2 subscribers 1 member by samantha.gif
Sign up to be a nightly customer of kfc
Balenciagas are expensive socks said Cardiovascular Beatrice. -/^*/^-/
6 subscribers 1 member by Bridge.Over.The.River.Kwai
history of the internet
i've been screwing around on the wayback machine (an internet archiving service) and found some interesting things. I made this page to share them. (feel free to post your own interesting finds! just remember to properly captio...
11 subscribers 1 member by Iscopeee
Expectations v. Reality
You know those things that seem like they should go one way but go the other instead? Those. Yeah. Have fun.
6 subscribers 1 member by NiaLaBeada
The best backhanded compliments
What is a backhanded compliment? Correspondingly, a backhanded (or left-handed) compliment, or asteism, is an insult that is disguised as, or accompanied by, a complime...
1 subscriber 1 member by Bridge.Over.The.River.Kwai
pics of keith kogane (ft. lance and krolia)
well dang i can’t post all of them today oh dang diddly doo gosh diddly damn
1 subscriber 1 member by samantha.gif
THIS IS HALLOWEEN PEOPLE i need spoopy pictures ima take this down at the end of october if ya'll don't want me to say so.
0 subscribers 1 member by lolgamer3
Leave me alone or I will be miserable to you. I will daw sinks each day of October until November starts. Bye
6 subscribers 1 member by Bridge.Over.The.River.Kwai
Plz i want friends
Become member if you wanna be my friend and that is all thank you fellow qfeasters
3 subscribers 9 members by Tomsharpoons
Spooktober 2018
this is only for me so don’t post h e re. lol that’s why I’m gonna make it members only uwu.
2 subscribers 1 member by EmilyTehPancake
Automotive Invitational
A place where car geeks and nerds alike can get together to chat freely about the wondrous world of parts & vehicles
1 subscriber 1 member by WestNFS4Lyfe
Corbijn's Dragon Ball Edits
I make Dragon Ball photoshop things from time to time so here's a page for my shiet
5 subscribers 1 member by CorbijnNollyPliggy
I NEED DARK JoKES QUFEAST Qufeast i being mean y you do dis qufeast just so mean
3 subscribers 1 member by lolgamer3
School doesn't Rule
Got any bad school experiences? Cool, me too! Please share them here and have a good laugh as you read other people's experiences. Please don't bully other members here - I don't want a war zone. I'll share some of mine too if ...
2 subscribers 3 members by CoconutCatandCo
Every color is a bad color club
Lets burn red. Drown blue. Infect yellow with some dangerous infection juice. Lets drop green off in a forest with bears and no weapons. Purple will be banished to cold space. Is it wrong to end this violent description with "u...
4 subscribers 1 member by Bridge.Over.The.River.Kwai

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Strange things
Any thing that I post will always be strange or some thing about me. Go look at Koopaqueen page.
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