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Explaining a video game Ive never played to my boyfriend
I’ve never played DBH but I think it’s kinda neat so Let’s see if I can accurately describe it to Nia
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A page for the best qfeaster (read the description)
The best qfeaster @MegaMan.exe this is a page that honors him and the glory that he brings to this site and he handles drama really well he joked telling everyone stop doing this drama and watch the remastered Pokémon movie
0 subscribers 1 member by Firey_is_back
Fake Posts
There are literally many r/thathappened moments on qfeast and damn it I will turn anything I don't like into a meme. I've done it before and I'll do it again. This is an entire page dedicated to writing up fake posts. Shade is ...
4 subscribers 1 member by Teenaged.Narcissist
picture page
basically a page to put pics from my camera roll onto because im kinda runnin out of storage so im keepin em safe here.
0 subscribers 1 member by HaruMaki
Yo if any of yall wanna be friends cause you think I’m decent or whatever, chAt me up here. Hopefully I won’t forget. !Warning! I’m a piece of shit
4 subscribers 1 member by Mrs_Bakugou_You_Hoe
reasons why ___
basically on this page, you talk about reasons of why...something happens to you or wutever. example: reasons why people hate me 1.stupid 2. annoying and so forth
5 subscribers 1 member by shallot
just a general psa <3
im making this as a page to make sure everyone sees it; here’s the real. apparently people are still trying to be all buddy buddy with maggy despite the fact that ive said SEVERAL TIMES ‘don’t interact.’ doing this is extremel...
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brea fOCKING died again
it’s kyle again and uhh brea died again. she sacrificed herself to piss the petty people off (:
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Nobody: Memes
You know those memes that are like “Nobody:” “Somebody:” right? Post them here and have fun.
6 subscribers 1 member by GhillyFeels
You can post the biggest bruh moments in life only certified bruh moments
3 subscribers 1 member by Gogeta
Hetap Gulili the movie
Shitpost page Hetap Gulili the movie It is a funny game Let us resound our checks in the morning The bathroom is now Tuesday
1 subscriber 1 member by CorbijnNollyPliggy
Konner Conspiracy
Proof my instructor Konner is actually Connor from DBH. 100% real and true
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Shy ppl protection
Sh-h-hy pp-p-pl are r-r-really nice i-if they are talked to frre-equently! Be nwice to em! Plwes preotecc them
5 subscribers 1 member by Hikari_Chan
club of qfeast emojis
I forgot who started it brea or nia but anyways change ur profile pic to a qfeast emoji and your profile background to regular emojis
5 subscribers 1 member by shallot
Tips for a Plant-Based Diet
I've been living as a vegetarian for years now, and I've learned a lot about how to make sure you're properly sustaining yourself on a plant-based diet. I'll be sharing some of what I've learned on this page. If you have questi...
6 subscribers 1 member by Teenaged.Narcissist
uglee face page
im uglee lol heres my face. just wanted to show y'all my face cuz why not
0 subscribers 1 member by HaruMaki
CreepyPasta (5)
this is a page for creepypasta fans to share their favorite creepypasta stories! I haven't read any creepypasta so i'd love to hear some! my bff LOVES creepypasta.
0 subscribers 3 members by CreepypastaFanAndBFF
Webcomic Page (For characters suggestions)
OK so I'm hopefully gonna make a webcomic so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
6 subscribers 1 member by Saturn.Clash

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Fashion (Girls)(animals)(dsign)
This is a page where you can post anything for your type of fashion. Dresses, weddings, fancy, goth, tomboy, whatever you prefer! You can show off some of your clothes too!And fancy objects too
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imagine an absolutely terrible way to spell your name
ok so like "sss st" instead of "forest." come up with an absolutely terrible way that is technically correct to spell any common name or your own
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