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The randoms
You can put random things here! Hope you guys enjoy this! :p I have to put more
2 subscribers 1 member by creepypastafan1
Quotes (1)
Here is where u can put sad depressing quotes cuz why not? Heh heh heh
0 subscribers 1 member by StephTehWafer
Monthly contests
Each month there is a new contest in each genre. There is no prize just the liberty of winning.
0 subscribers 1 member by ABgaminggirl
Marvin Rants
Marvin’s page of rants. Anything cringe can and will be criticized. Send some suggestions for future rants if you’d like!
2 subscribers 1 member by TeamMarvin
Literature Club
Write poems, chat with friends, and remember that MANGA IS LITERATURE!
4 subscribers 2 members by LuluSummers
Stop Feesh Boi Abuse
please please just— STop HuRtInG the fEeSh— DON’T HURT FEESH BOI. please please
1 subscriber 3 members by BweonTehKwispy
Celebrity gossip
Post any gossip you hear about celebrities. Actors, music people, ext.
1 subscriber 1 member by ABgaminggirl
30 day drawing challenge
im too lazy to make a description but i think you get the point just a challenge
11 subscribers 1 member by PeachyKeen
The Sans Fans
We are the sans fans we all know sans is very PUNNY haha. just to let you know we exept all sans fans there are lots of AUs and all the sans are amazing!
1 subscriber 1 member by lilblue
Soul Eater Fanclub!
This is a club for all fans of soul eater! I've got a lot to say! A lot to do! And won't be active as much as you think! 😂 But you can try to get in!
1 subscriber 2 members by Keeps.Changing.Fandoms
qfeast has gay mom
haha qfeast mommy gay ban me daddies 夢_aXQncyBva2F5IGkgcHJvbWlzZQ== stupid qfeast gay mom
10 subscribers 1 member by sydnei
The pokemon portection squad
This is where we post our favorite pokemon! Hope you guys enjoy this squad!
5 subscribers 2 members by creepypastafan1
Art Ideas!
So, I'm really just jotting down some ideas (both for myself and for anyone who needs them) to draw when you're experiencing art block. I've seen plenty of lists of art ideas, but not many have appealed to me, so I decided to m...
7 subscribers 1 member by TrashCow
If movies where directed by Tim Barton
It just so interesting to see how it would look if it was done by Tim Barton
4 subscribers 1 member by NicoDiAngleo
Drawing prompts
Ill post a prompt and if it inspires you, maybe post a picture of the end product
7 subscribers 1 member by Hyrule_Castle_Town
Quotes from my directors~
Basically a page to post things said by any of my marching band directors. Enjoy—
0 subscribers 1 member by twinkle.dinkles
MBMBaM: A quotes page
Here's a page for my favorite My Brother My Brother and Me quotes Key: J: Justin T: Travis G: Griffin I'll add the episode name and number
1 subscriber 1 member by Pair_O_Dice
Hello beauties! This is a page dedicated to the amazing acapella group, ‘pentatonix’. They are truly talented! I can’t even begin to describe how amazing their work is.
4 subscribers 1 member by Skiesofjupiter

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Secret jokes in Kids Movies
Hello beauties! Have you ever been watching a kids movie and see or hear something that kids shouldn’t be displayed? I see them all the time... do you? If you have... post stories and pictures here!
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