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Goretober 2018-2019
Goretober is a month long event where someone draws gore for everyday in October. Some people arenโ€™t comfortable with seeing gore on their newsfeed so Iโ€™m making a separate page for that. Anyone is able to post their art on here.
8 subscribers 1 member by moriimorning
best friends (2)
Its where you can go to talk about ur best friends (in a good way) and tell about things you guys have done in the past and such.
4 subscribers 1 member by AutiWay
Uh what
What's on here can't be explained honestly. This is a page for small dogs and friends to post whatever they want.
6 subscribers 1 member by Bridge.Over.The.River.Kwai
Im making a big animation mem so submit characters
I already have an idea for the first parttt. Also theres a rules list below.
4 subscribers 1 member by KoopaQueen
League of Writers
So, this is just like the google classroom page the league of writers. It's where a bunch of writers (no matter the genre), you can post something you'd like some criticism on. The only rule is, obviously please no plagiarism (...
1 subscriber 1 member by
Broken Heart Club
Ever had your heart broken? Well, you're welcome to stay here. All are welcome.
9 subscribers 1 member by Casual_Red
i'll draw y'all's shit or whatever
you read the title, bitch iโ€™ll draw shit for free because idfk what to do and i have drawing ideas about 0 percent of the time
4 subscribers 1 member by provoked.tater
All the depressed page for people who have, depression
For people that have depression we cheer u up please no bulling that makes depression worse and sometimes causes it. I can help with your depression by giving you tips and boosting your confidence!
1 subscriber 1 member by JaeLovesAnime
Undertale au stuff
Stuff about undertale aus ๐Ÿ˜€, my personal favourites are endertale, glitchtale, underswap and under fell.
0 subscribers 1 member by SanskittyPunz
beautiful pictures
post any picture that you love and plz subscribe :3 -mimi3 btw first ever thing created for me
9 subscribers 1 member by mimi3
Nias Peaceful Page Of Persistent Positivity
heโ€™s got pOSITOOVITYโ€” Okay thatโ€™s enough of me being a musical nerd. Basically just compliment each other and be positive and stuff
6 subscribers 1 member by NiaLaBeada
Pretty page
A page where you think of yourself as pretty. Besides looks yourself. Also you could put pictures that look pretty to you like funny ones. This page is very cringy.
3 subscribers 1 member by Batim17
Five nights at Freddy's! Five nights at Pinkie's! Love them! Post them!
3 subscribers 1 member by Sparkle_Heart
Bad puns
Bad means good in punny language. Remember this if someone tells you that your puns are bad. ๐Ÿ˜‚
5 subscribers 1 member by SanskittyPunz
How it feels to chew 5 gum meme?
How it feels to chew 5 gum. New 5 gum. Stimulate your sences. Post memes about this.
3 subscribers 1 member by Starlight_the_crusader
Pidge fan page!
A whole page dedicated to this girl who has gone through alot. Idk what else to say but...
5 subscribers 1 member by Starlight_the_crusader
Want to talk about really gay characters I made?
This is a Q/A and a page to dump my art. Free hugs from my o c s are delivered to every subscriber
1 subscriber 1 member by Bridge.Over.The.River.Kwai
An Extremely Brutal Movie (Oneyplays X Abnormal Days Movie/Storyboard)
Iโ€™m planning to make a feature length storyboard in which I depict my characters spouting out Oneyplays lines and going on a big adventure. If you wanna show support for this silly idea, this is the page to do so
2 subscribers 2 members by CorbijnNollyPliggy

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Patreon for bostyns dads friends butthole surgery
if u comment u donated 1000 dollars and it came from charity to homeless peeps so yeah.
0 subscribers 2 members by KoopaQueen
Euro art
This will be a page about Euro and all the poses with or without fwiends.
2 subscribers 1 member by Starlight_the_crusader