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was my aunt's church's priest allowed to do this?
religion: christianity so basically her priest overlooked the whole crowd and started preaching "hell isn't a thing anymore and everyone's going to heaven. k night." i was laughing, but they seemed very upset by what he was ta...
2 / 0 by Aureospace
React to this (first one)
I can't multiply and I'm 14 years old but I can divide
1 / 1 by Samanthavs.Zero
What do you think life would be like if John Lennon was still alive?
would there be much of a change? more drama? more twitter posts? what do you think?
0 / 0 by pasghetti
Who died ?
ok This is hunger game similator and i gotten another event and you HAVE to pick at least 1 favorite charcter for this the rest is what ever you want The border rapidly closes and you somehow you survive filled with dread yo...
1 / 1 by the_sleepy_wolves
how good is your hearing?
watch the video in the comments and how many hz can you hear?
3 / 1 by MilkAndHoney
Anyone wanna be a friend
I got heart broken and back stabbed from my friends. Can u be a friend?
11 / 18 by cinnamon.snacc
Anyone else watch MLB?
4 / 2 by Stop_The_Derpabuse
What kind of dance is good to learn.?(read descp)
So here's a short note on me. I am not very hands are super flexible tho. I'm kinda lazy but when it's a high beat I feel energized to dance. I have no patience and don't like slow dancing. I listen to indie and a...
0 / 0 by Hikari_Chan
Do you think I told my crush I liked her?
Choose a number
One to ten and the name of the oc you want a fact on
5 / 5 by Samanthavs.Zero
What is the point of the elite four if we are going to game rage/beat them anyway and don't see them ever again?
So I just drank three bottles of soya bean sauce and sprite. Would anything happen?
Is that a bad combination or have a drink a little too much.
1 / 0 by cinnamon.snacc
What would you do if you met me in real life?
If you met me in real life what would you do
3 / 0 by hansedak000
What love one that you miss a lot. That a loved one passed away?
Tell me about your loved one that passed away. What Loved one do you miss. I miss my grandma
1 / 0 by hansedak000
Can you go to highschool if you're homeless?
I have no ideas for what to draw..have any drawing ideas?
Please help me!
1 / 0 by Queen_Angel_123
did your newfeed items get deleted on own?
like for ex I had 3 in my newsfeed but the count got disappeared and showed none
2 / 2 by Hikari_Chan
Crazy & Funny :D