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Does anyone like the song Gold (Stupid Love)?
I love it and this is one of my favorite songs of 2018!
1 / 0 by Batim17
What is your nationality? (1)
I know some of you have a nationality and don’t be afraid to answer!
2 / 2 by Batim17
BDFI character?
I’m pretty unsure of mine but I know you guys have one if your a fan of this!
3 / 5 by Batim17
Does anyone know Total Dramarama?
Total Dramarama is the new Total Drama I was talking about to you guys such a mentioning in posts. It is a crossover spin-off/prequel of Total Drama but there in daycare. Plus it shows a few characters like Beth, Courtney, Dunc...
2 / 1 by Batim17
Who's your favorite story time animator(s)?
Mines James, Swoozie, and Don the Jamaican sauce god. Yeah I love the originals more than the newer channels (but my YoungDon is kino and my Its Detergent is also kino, but she's an animated critic like Digby)
1 / 0 by Spider_fam
Have you seen the behind the scenes animation for mcsm?
Its pretty funny. Im on my phone and cant post a link but its cool.
2 / 5 by Starlight_the_crusader
Truth or Dare? (read desc)
Just comment what you chosen and I'll tell you what to do. If you chose Truth, I will ask you a question, you must reply the truth. If you chose Dare, do what I asked you to do, then, take a pic and post it on your wall.
6 / 6 by SparkleHeartOwl
Does anyone know Office Christmas Party?
I do and my parents showed me this, however they try to make sure I didn’t see the inappropriate scenes since this is rated r!
1 / 0 by Batim17
What are you good at drawing?
10 / 18 by ABgaminggirl
Contact lenses
I hate contact lenses i never wore them in my life and i never will i heard to many horror stories about them i believe noting belongs inside your eye like what if the contact lenses slip up and behind your eye does anyone else...
1 / 0 by Usernams733
What kinds of subjects do Qfeasters like?
Well, it seemes like most of my quizzes are left alone only with 1 response or maybe even 0 responses, so, I am asking what is a topic/subject that most Qfeasters like. Bye!
4 / 3 by FIREquizzer
Does anyone like Punch Out?
I know the game and my older sister does! She played the game and she feels like she wants to play it again. Hope you answer this if you remember this game!
1 / 0 by Batim17
what game do you like the most roblox or fortnite?
who knows the pals?
if you d'ont know it is a gaming YouTube channel
0 / 0 by Jessethgamer
Does anyone like the song Horror Show?
This is a bendy song I totally love but I mostly like it when it’s CG5’s remix cover!
3 / 3 by Batim17
Has anyone pee in their pants?
I did when is younger and that’s like all of us, not really!
3 / 7 by Batim17
Is this abuse?
I generally don’t know if this is bc I’ve just realize how bad I feel around my mom, but I legit don’t know so. My mom always ignores me and my sister all the time, there have been days where she hasn’t come out of her room, an...
5 / 0 by do.panic
Does anyone like the Survior story?
I do and this is so amazing and intense! I’m not really into these things but I think I am now! I even thank FireSpark56 for creating the page and story! Hope you answer this if you like subscribed to these!
4 / 10 by Batim17
Are there any good boy names meaning "sarcasm", "expressive", or "apathy"?
I get the feeling I spelled apathy wrong.
1 / 0 by Spider_fam
What is the difference between Boris and Tom?
I mean, the Boris before Alice took him. Tom looks exactly like Boris except for the brown thing Tom is wearing. What about their faces?
0 / 0 by SparkleHeartOwl
Crazy & Funny :D