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Does anyone know how to help depression?
i'm going to see a therapist soon, but does anyone know how to help with my depression?
1 / 4 by CreepypastaFanAndBFF
I wanna come out to my dad but I'm scared... What do I do?!
I need a way to tell him I am this way... Without being scared of him rejecting me ...
2 / 2 by Queenofshadows
Who is worse?
Germany or Spain
4 / 2 by LovinaVargas
Is chocolate licorice the same as black licorice?
My grandma just gave me licorice I asked her "is it black licorice?" but she said its chocolate licorice and I wanna know if black and chocolate licorice are the same thing. they taste alike.
2 / 0 by CreepypastaFanAndBFF
is expired clay oil good for skin
This was a ball of clay thats been an airtight bag for 2 years. now it is greasy and solid. if i rub this on my skin, what will happen
3 / 0 by Aureospace
R u a girl or a boy or neither?
Just asking to c
5 / 4 by shallot
should kanye west run for president?
just a very random question coz one of my friends liked that idea...
5 / 5 by shallot
Not a Q, a psa
Okay, I’m actually pretty upset about this. Brea and I asked you guys not to interact with her and try to make friends but you’re doing it anyways and it’s extremely disrespectful. Please stop. Befriending Maggy is literally d...
1 / 12 by GhillyFeels
JROTC: What is it? Join maybe?
So I'm almost gonna be in highschool in a few months and the highschool I'm going to has JROTC. I'm thinking of joining. I know what it stands for but what exactly do you do and is it a good choice to join? How does it affect y...
1 / 0 by The.Ice.Is.Melting
Not legal in my country but I want to run away
I mean how? I want to earn money for myself m I think I can by selling stories art anything . Anybideas how to escape a place I don't want to be belonged
1 / 0 by Hikari_Chan
so guess how ghehknelauxpeaue is pronunced
using samples from actual english words, i have changed the spelling of (guess the original name) to the monstrosity that is ghehknelauxpeaue. the first person to guess what this name is wins.
8 / 8 by Aureospace
Give me a weird Nickname please
4 / 4 by Queenofshadows
what guy's names are flowers?
1 / 4 by Aureospace
what do you think about nerf guns?
Is abortion ok?
8 / 32 by Damien.Maymdien
Would you like to learn Wumbology?
You know, i wumbo, you wumbo, he, she, they wumbo. The study of wumbology! Its 1st grade spongebob! -Patrick.
1 / 0 by Stop_The_Derpabuse
read the description (1)
okay so as yall know if youve read my latest posts ive beated nfs payback and now im pursuing my goal of getting all the cars i now want but the question is should i get the Regera and Diablo SV, just the Regera, or just the Di...
0 / 0 by WestNFS4Lyfe
Has The Girl been irrational?(TW)
So (TW)The Girl created us so she wouldn't be lonely. So she could be in a relationship, embedding herself mentally into ourselves(Raienko). She created Enko and I to be together. And we've loved it(until now, Enko is mad and u...
0 / 0 by Im_UwU_Fuck_Boigirl
Need lyric writing advice please
what to do/what NOT to do
3 / 3 by Aureospace
Crazy & Funny :D