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What Is Your Overall Opinion on Steven Universe?
Steven Universe is a tv show on Cartoon Network about a young boy who lives with his three guardians, Garnet, Amythest, and Pearl. We adventure with his through his life and learn just what its like to be Steven Universe, wheth...
8 / 16 by That_Random_Girl
For The challenge animation. Which characters would you like to see in it
Yup. I'm back to animating it idea. Now that I got nothing better to do. I can work on it now
4 / 4 by King_of_Derps
Answer this question
Ok so I’m going to write a story CPxReader but I don’t know what Creepypasta to do so tell me what one and I’ll do the on that gets the most answer ok thank you
2 / 1 by Lynn203
Do you think that Kristina Pimenova is basically the girl version of William Franklyn-Miller?
Look up the pictures and see for yourself!
0 / 0 by TTopazdeParis
tomodachie life island ideas?
so i'm geting tomodachie life and i need name ideas.I don't know if you can change the island name so I need a good name. and I know you all got some good ideas in their.So inspire me!
1 / 1 by Lullaby_Lucy
When's ur bday?
When is ur bday r we bday twins? Maybe say the year u were born to! I was born April 11 2008 at 12:37 pm
14 / 16 by Zoey.1
How to cut someone out of my life without hurting their feelings?
I’ve been talking to someone who’s always extremely negative and always brings me down. It’s gotten to the point where I feel as if the only solution is to cut her completely out of my life, but I want to do so without hurting...
3 / 4 by chesspacito
What is your favourite food? (1)
3 / 0 by maka12345678
There is no point
I have what’s called dissociative identity disorder previously known as multiple personality disorder) is a rare complex psychiatric condition the alters are previously known as personalities During my dissociative a alter t...
3 / 0 by maka12345678
Recomended tween shows?
So I want to find a new thing to watch but can't find anything good. It has to be something on netflix and or hulu (cause that's all I have lol..) also when you recomended it please tell me the plot :p (incase you don't know wh...
2 / 0 by Blue_star
What is your favorite Disney movie? (1)
What is ur favorite movie from Disney?
3 / 2 by Zoey.1
What is your weird addiction?
Mine is eating paper.
8 / 3 by EmptySoul
Thieves or Demons?
I just want to know the answer not for any reason really, no context just need to know Thieves or Demons?
2 / 0 by Fandom_Trash
Is it ruder to stare at people or to avoid eye contact?
i'm very socially anxious and overthink everything and this has been worrying me for a while please help
5 / 4 by Iscopeee
What state is everyone from and what time is it?
Easy very self explanatory In derp language what time is it and what state u live in?
13 / 12 by Zoey.1
Who would you to see in ssbu and why?
Anyone that isn't already in ssbu.
3 / 5 by DarkSpite_Spark56
circus babby monika or ayona ashie
i want to make a species any ideas?
i wanna make a new furry fandom species could anyone give me ideas and names?
2 / 0 by B3n_dr0wNeD
Hi people help me out
My ex wants to get back to getter and I still love him but we have been to getter 4 different times and if I say yes then 5 times so can u help me out please
8 / 13 by Lynn203
Crazy & Funny :D