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what things aroung the house do you use for masterbation?
I have recently started masturbating and want to get more intense do any of you guys have any tips and tricks to have an amazing orgasm.
10 / 26 by swimming123
why does my back hurt?
my back always hurting please help tell me why
2 / 3 by sadkweenmiu
Can anyone recommend novels?
Any science fiction or fantasy novels. Please don't recommend Harry Potter
4 / 3 by Erdrick
Any fanfiction reader requests?
I want to be there and make others happy, so i'll be an author to whatever fanfic anyone wants me to make! I just need the characters, and plot. (And maybe any other detail)
2 / 0 by Sam_Stardust
Caption this
Bo r k⬇️
4 / 2 by aurorae.mariposa
What was the scariest thing that has happened to you that you think is funny now?
I've had scary things happen that I think now it's funny! What do you have?
2 / 0 by Sam_Stardust
Drop usernames
7 / 7 by Cameron.Boyce
I need someone to draw
One boy One girl First come first serve And I need a picture
3 / 0 by M.andrews1
ANything anyone want to ask m e?
im kinda bored so ask away will not turn down questions
1 / 0 by Queenofshadows
What was the last thing that made you sad?
I often feel upset about a lot, and this might help people.
0 / 0 by Sam_Stardust
Anyone heard of Servamp? If so what do you think of it?
So my friend lended me this manga it’s called Servamp I find it really interesting but none of my other friends knew about it so I come here to see if anyone knows about the manga ( really don’t know if I’m spelling that right ...
2 / 0 by Rosethorn101
Do I deserve to be loved?
I always feel like that I don't deserve to be loved...knowing that I shouldn't be... :'(
6 / 2 by sadlonelykitsune
people into freakishly obscure bands, how did you find out about them?
feel free to answer with non obscure ones too, theres not really a reason to feel left out. it can all be good music
7 / 2 by Aureospace
What would you do? (2)
What would you do if there's two girls on the roof top ready to jump and end there life.there you see one of them is beautiful and its your future wife but if you safe her she would love u but after a few month she would cheat ...
3 / 1 by Kssnipergirl2002
What was value of just the perfume?
A bottle filled with perfume sold for $20.00. The perfume was then emptied out and priced serparately from the bottle. The bottle was then valued at a price that was $19.00 higher than the perfume. What was the value of just...
2 / 0 by jeniferwoodard
Story au idea thing?
Ok so I have this au im in the works on, and guess what? It's not Eddsworld for once. It has to do with my new obsession Sanders Sides. I kinda wanto to write a story with it but im not sure if I want to post it on here. What a...
1 / 0 by Edd_gy.Future.Cola.Boi
Chewing stims?
So, I chew to stim sometimes but I don't have any chew stim toys for it. I tend to bite my lip, the sides of my mouth, the tips of my fingers or my shirt instead and I need to stop. Any way I can improvise one until I get...
0 / 0 by sodagalactics
Whats your fave color?
What color do you like best?
5 / 0 by haleysungmin2002
Has anyone seen "the end of evengelion"?
Crazy & Funny :D