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What time do your parents send you to bed?
What's your new years resolution?
11 / 3 by King_of_Derps
To all my Wiccans and/or witches/warlocks: HELP!
My aunt wants me to get rid of my tarot cards and so I have 2 questions: 1) Can a proper witch not have tarot cards? I use them daily to help me through the day and to soothe my anxiety and to help me figure out what’s coming ...
4 / 3 by aeipathy
What Music Group/Artist Do You Think You are the Biggest Fan of on Qfeast?
I claim Nirvana, Prince, and Daft Punk >:3c
13 / 1 by aeipathy
Want to be in a nee years animation?
Submit an appropriate non-joke object oc AND IT MUST BE AN OBJECT!
3 / 3 by NetherWorks
What is 14/88?
2 / 3 by Jrenner
Do y'all think we should should just let Caillou's baldness be okay?
He's a kid. No hair, but a kid. He may be a complete brat, but don't make fun of his baldness. He whiny ass fûck but his bald head, leave it alone. His head be a melon.
4 / 1 by Ice.Moon.Melting
Is Dora actually kinda good?
It taught white kiddos Spanish, taught ya bout mean steally foxes. Her haircut was smh but still.
1 / 0 by Ice.Moon.Melting
Is QUBO underrated?
Childhood again. Turbo Dogs, Rupert, I Spy, 3 2 1 Penguins, that channel is lit. Pippi Longstocking. Jane And The Dragon. My chuldren will hear bout that.
2 / 2 by Ice.Moon.Melting
Is PBS kids underrated?
It's my CHILdhood
2 / 1 by Ice.Moon.Melting
What is your least favorite color?
4 / 1 by King_of_Derps
who is your smash bros ultimate main?
mine is mega man
5 / 2 by Reploid_goku
What's an old anime you like but isn't really known by others or doesn't have that big of a community?
This kinda excludes Sailor Moon and any Dragon Ball series that wasn't made this or last year ig.
4 / 2 by radical.radish
U get high on wead? Like, flower weeds?
0 / 0 by Ice.Moon.Melting
Which ARTHUR character is best?
Buster Baxter be best boi
1 / 0 by Ice.Moon.Melting
Are the trolls too chickenshit to troll more populated sites?
I bet that they’re afraid of having their devices banned from bigger sites, so they pick on smaller one instead. Typical school bully behavior, in fact!
3 / 4 by CorbijnNollyPliggy
What would be a better use if time? Trolling Qfeast, or trolling a site that is more well known?
Let’s be real here, wouldn’t more people care if you tried spreading the hate speech on a site like Tumblr or Newgrounds or some shit?
1 / 1 by CorbijnNollyPliggy
Crazy & Funny :D