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What's your favorite creepypasta? (1)
It's that time of month again! Time for spooks and scares, and of course internet horror stories that we call "Creepypastas". So, what's your favorite creepypasta? Comment below!
4 / 2 by Casual_Red
Do you like transformers?
4 / 1 by Deviant_lover
Favourite month and why?
Out of the 12 months, which one is your favourite and why?
5 / 9 by FireSpark56
what is a pineapple mouse?
Heard someone yell at some at school, saying :You F'ing Pineapple Mouse!" that is no mistake they yelled that! any ideas what it is?
2 / 1 by SillySantaSausage
How long were you a visitor before you joined Qfeast? And how did you find it?
I was stalking the OGs for 4 months before I joined. I think I was googling Sonic quizzes or something. Idek.
11 / 1 by samantha.gif
Say one word about qfeast
Just say one word for qfeast what’s your opinion in one word
8 / 14 by JaeLovesAnime
Which would be better to cosplay from BNHA?
Okay so We have this Comic con thingy and i wanna cosplay really bad. And I want to do from BNHA. I don't know whom to cosplay. help please? I actually uploaded a pic which slightly shows how I look . My face is a bit round an...
2 / 1 by SHIRAZURE
why do girls always like the edgy charecters?
i feel like girls always preffer the more edgy charecters but i need to know why (why do i feel like this question is cringy...)
5 / 0 by Blue_star
Team Arika or Team Axis?
Simple as. Pick one. Arika is a fûcking bitchy savage as fûck teacher. ‘Axis is a penis head.’
4 / 4 by Wasssuuupeeps
What are your thoughts on PEACHETTE?
Peachette is Toadette from Mario but with a super crown. BAM! She looks like a human when she wears a hat? What is going on here? Seriously.
2 / 2 by CUPCAKE2004
I want to give Sam a name like the way she calls me "nerd"
But I have no original ideas
4 / 0 by Bridge.Over.The.River.Kwai
Is Mother Gothel (from Disney Tangled) left or right handed?
I am just curious for various reasons... Also write how you got your answer
0 / 0 by CUPCAKE2004
Okay... what is actually wrong with me
I'm enjoying the pain I brought to myself. I felt happy cutting my arm. I laughed at other's pain. I know this isn't how I act. I know I'm having problems. But the frick is actually wrong with me
6 / 1 by Derpyderpjuice
Nickname ideas? (1)
I always wanted a nickname :3 How about you guys come up with some for me ^_^
3 / 3 by Casual_Red
Do you like one direction or justin beiber?
Whats your favorite idea?
Mine is being creative!
5 / 4 by Starlight_the_crusader
What is my favorite animals I like?
Cat or dog
6 / 4 by emoji253
Who likes eddsworld?
i don' what it is
8 / 6 by lolgamer3
who do y'all relate to the most on qfeast?
if qfeast asks me to post more shit im going to bash their heads in with my foot
2 / 0 by aeipathy
Crazy & Funny :D