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Why does my mum always tell me I smell?
Okay, I have a shower every single day and every single day my mum tells me that i smell. It's starting to really annoy me. Yes i put deodorant on straight after and clean those areas but. Ugh. Someone help.
2 / 1 by HikariGrace_TheEarthDragonSlayer
Which Bird or bug egg is that?
I found a small egg in the bushes in our school. Very sure it was an egg. it was very tiny . It was round . Found it in the bushes. What would that be. (Asian country)
2 / 2 by Hikari_Chan
I am looking for some good character ideas for my warriors based story ,if you can help that would be great
Leaders Warriors Queens Elders Apprentices Kits Deputy's Loners
2 / 0 by Brambleclawrocks
My nickname from a few friends is Bread... Is it weird? A lot say it is.
I personally like my nickname.
5 / 0 by TinyOtaku
Do you like horror movies? >:^]
If so; why and, which movies do consider to be your favorites? If not; what don't you like about them? -personally, I adore them-
4 / 2 by Crab_Cake
Cherries or strawberries?
I don’t know.
2 / 0 by Mataways
Do you like Pingu?
2 / 2 by EmilyTehPancake
Who is best girl? | DDLC
Who in your opinion is best ddlc girl? :00 Natsuki?, Yuri? In my opinion Monika is best girl and needs more love ;;
7 / 10 by White_Rose
Chance at Yugioh?!?
Have you tried to play Yugioh? Would you like to try the game, if you have not done it yet? Is it fun, or boring to you?
2 / 2 by shygirl23
What is LIFE? (4)
What is your definition of life guys? Tell me please, in the comments.
3 / 3 by shygirl23
I just started a new school. But my friend keeps warning me about things.
I am using fake names! I started a new school and had to shadow a girl named brook, she keeps telling me to stay away from these girls named eve and libby. They are both really nice. they sit and talk to me and make me feel bet...
4 / 0 by SillySantaSausage
Top three favorite youtubers!
I know loads of people have probably already asked this,but I'm new so could you please answer.My favorite is Jacksepticeye,and my other two are Markiplier and classy reviews!
7 / 1 by Personwhoisawesome
Who remembers Tobuscus?
Seriously who remembers this guy? I'm so upset his career got ruined because some stupid girl who accused of rape.
4 / 0 by Pj_The_Doll
Do you know any good books?
I LOVE to read. I spend most of my money on books. So I like fantasy and crime with some romance. I like young adult books.
2 / 0 by ABgaminggirl
What's your favorite aesthetic?
Just put your favorite kind of aesthetics! (I.E: Color scheme, cliche, ect.)
3 / 0 by CherryFlavoredGalaxy
Are you depressed?
It is the time we help each other and eliminate depression Literally
2 / 0 by Mataways
Who's your favorite undertale charater?
For me its either Papyrus or Sans i love the others as well but...I love them so much!
4 / 0 by CrazygamerWolf234
What're your favorite memes?
Just as the title states. (I'm literally only making these for Rep. Points...)
1 / 0 by CherryFlavoredGalaxy
Funny school moments
What funny and weird things have happened at your school or your friends.
3 / 0 by ABgaminggirl
What is my cat doing?
So I’ve had my cat for over five months now, and today she started acting really weird. She’s all of the sudden very vocal. Some of her noises are loud, calling meows, almost like yowls, But she’s very happy and playful as ever...
3 / 1 by twinkle.dinkles
Crazy & Funny :D