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Why would your period stop if you're not pregnant?
If im not pregnant, not on drugs, and still young, why haven't I had my period in six months? It's been worrying because before, it was on a normal schedule.
5 / 3 by Spider_fam
I am getting a new puppy she is a dalmation but i don't know what to name her
She is hapyer and funny and sweet
3 / 0 by Lunathesnowwolf
can wishes become true
Guys and girls I really want to know your thoughts on this so please comment
6 / 12 by rshw1005
Does anyone else think its weird that all us Americans know nothing about Ilvermory but could walk around Hogwarts blindfolded?
So I just wondered and wanted to know if anyone else thought of it? I am Hogwarts all the way, though!
0 / 0 by Cashmere
What do you want most for your birthday?
Favorite fnaf song or custom fnaf song like one night at flumptys
Hey look he title says it
2 / 2 by Firey_the_human
What is America like?
I'm moving to America on may 17th after living in Asia for the majority of my life. (8 of 13 years 2 B exact) so what is America like? Positives, negatives, I'm really looking for personal feelings. Is one of my classmates guar...
6 / 2 by Spider_fam
Do you like coffee? (1)
Coffee save my life. It keep me awake. Me is only get 4-2 hour sleep. School work cut into time. It save me. Coffee save you? plz tell me? I is just a fox.
5 / 0 by LukasFox
Do you like fortnite?
If you do like fortnite you can tell me all about it 😁
13 / 34 by ScentedJasmine_101
What is your favorite Anime? (10)
this can be a game or a show, anime is every where! my favorite anime show is Aho Girl, and my favorite anime game is Yandere Simulator! whats yours?
11 / 8 by YettyTube
Doing a warriors fanfic and I need names
I already have: Frostpool Spiderstone Firestorm Cedarclaw Rowanbranch Roaringbrook Ashfeather Eagleclaw And ferntail
8 / 12 by Redtail_warriors
What is your least favorite emoji?
5 / 1 by ABgaminggirl
Do you eat straight up sugar?
4 / 5 by NicoDiAngleo
Who still likes SAO?
Feeling like I'm the only SAO fan left, would be nice to know if there are still some fans out there
3 / 2 by HikariGrace_TheEarthDragonSlayer
Favourite dead meme?
Key word DEAD
10 / 12 by Wasssuuupeeps
who is the mean one?
so i have kind of a tough situation with someone rn. so there is a game you may know called animal jam and in school i let her use my old account (cause we were allowed to play it) and of course i knew the password so back then...
3 / 0 by kittyandkendal
Has anypony watched Infinity War?
I just watched it about, 5 minuets ago. I want to know if you watched it. I was surprised by the ending (no spoilers for people who didnt watch it yet)
9 / 2 by Starlight_the_crusader
What's the shortest amount time you've ever slept this year? (in a night)
this description made no sense before, but i've stayed up a whole night. i've gotten like 30 minutes of sleep, but that was in the morning after pulling an allnighter.
4 / 4 by JustAThought
Crazy & Funny :D