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how good is your hearing?
watch the video in the comments and how many hz can you hear?
3 / 1 by MilkAndHoney
What does it mean when you bleed from your eyes?
What is it like to live with a lifelong medical condition?
I know that everyone has different experiences, but I found out a few days ago from my doctor that I might have diabetes and I'm a bit scared as to how much my life would change with this condition. I know it's probably not a b...
5 / 9 by cairngorm
What is the best thing you like in yourself?
Self appreciation time! Tell me about what you like in yourself best! . It can be your small habits, your features whatever but related to you!
4 / 1 by Cressellia.effect
There is no point
I have what’s called dissociative identity disorder previously known as multiple personality disorder) is a rare complex psychiatric condition the alters are previously known as personalities During my dissociative a alter t...
3 / 0 by maka12345678
Is it PTSD?
So, basically I have this problem, and I believe that it could be PTSD? I don’t want to be that person who self diagnoses over the internet but I just want some input. So in middle school, I had an incident where I went into s...
2 / 2 by GhillyFeels
I want to lose weight fast
I am almost 13 and I was thinking that since it is fall it is the best time to lose some weight but thanksgiving is soon so is Christmas so if you have any exercises that help lose belly fat and weight plz share them. My goal i...
4 / 1 by purplecats
How far can you jog without stopping?
Last time I checked, I was able to go about a mile (very light jog)
6 / 0 by
Advice? (Please?)
I dunno where else to really ask for advice on this, I am. For quite a while, I’ve been feeling a bit of uncomfortableness with my back. Haha, weird. It feels like I have terrible posture, and sometimes, a bit of pain...
2 / 0 by DipperPinesShades
Is it normal to work better on 2-3 hours of sleep then 7-8 hours?
the pic is my friend Gigi's oc
1 / 1 by ToriTheShark
Are you allergic to something?
I know some of my family are allergic likemy mom is allergic to peanuts and my aunt is allergic to eggs
12 / 13 by BatimGal11
What is your hairstyle?
Well just curious and I’m not stacking you. Plus I brought up this idea because of Starlight’s post about having shiny brown hair.
10 / 20 by BatimGal11
How do you smirk?
Hello, this is for myself and all people with friendly faces out there. You see, I have a friendly face. People think I look like a shoujo manga character. Apparently, I cannot look mean. Along those lines, I cannot smirk. Some...
0 / 0 by michelle_not_michellie
Did anyone get any scars or scrapes?
Well I just had this thought and who knows if anyone of you do
9 / 12 by BatimGal11
What is the worst you've ever been sick?
Whenever you think 'Life just can't get any worse' Life just says 'Challenge accepted.'
0 / 0 by Jump4theSun
Contact lenses
I hate contact lenses i never wore them in my life and i never will i heard to many horror stories about them i believe noting belongs inside your eye like what if the contact lenses slip up and behind your eye does anyone else...
1 / 0 by Usernams733
Did anyone have any injuries?
I did when I was 4 in 2010 before my birthday. I had a broken arm which was the right and it hurts so bad! Luckily we went to the hospital and got a cast. It was removed 2 months later.
9 / 10 by BatimGal11
Crazy & Funny :D