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How are you feeling?
A little under the weather? Like you've got the flu? That would be the ricin I gave you.
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Why does everyone come to me about their problems?
So the question makes me seem like a bit of a jerk, i know. But to get things cleared up, I don't mind helping people out at all. If there's a way I can help, I try my best to do it. But recently the past day or 2, several peop...
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Is self-diagnoses ok?
im talking about when you dont make i tyour whole personality- basically- like for things like autism or other things. i kinda wanna see, and personally i'd say as long as it's not your entire personality, you have enough knowl...
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What are your pronouns?
Just trying to freshen up the home page qwq
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i wanna die
should i die or not cause idk no f*cking more
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Is embracethelight a troll?
I'm genuinely unsure at this point
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Obvious question(dont read description if easily triggered, it's my question)
Trigger warning; fat shaming, slef harm So yesterday and today I got fat shamed, the person didnt apologize but there's multiple users on this account. I don't want to speak to them for a bit but I also do and don't know what ...
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Have you ever had more then 4 or 5 dreams in one?
if you have be welcome to talk bout them or not lol??
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How do you bounce back after a bad day?
Tell me!! I need to know!! Please!! :(
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What are some Gender-neutral names?
no comment
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Is forgetting what you're trying to say and then blurting nonsense out normal?
I don't think I need a desc..
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What is the difference between tics and Tourette's?
So i have a friend with Tourette's and met one with tics before, so I'm curious since I haven't talked with them in a while. I've also been really curious especially considering it might possibly help with a job I'd want in the...
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Do you guys have any sleeping tips?
I have not been able to fall asleep earlier than 10:00 for the last couple years (yes i am actually being honest, most people dont believe me when i say this) and it is partially my fault bc i read, or play games or listen to m...
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What's your phobia?
TeLl Me!! *REEE*
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ay yo someone do my biology homework please and thank u
i'll give u a bedtime kiss if u do this for me
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Who has crippling depression?
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When your parents are fighting are you the person to sit their trying not to cry Or are you the person who finds solutions?
I’m not trying to get in others business but I want to hear what you do so I can try, I’ve tried drowning that obviously didn’t work listening to music doesn’t work either so I’m interested to see what you guys do.
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