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Is there anything to help sleep anxiety?
Ok, my history class is organizing a trip to Berlin to see things like Hitler's Bunker, the Berlin Wall, etc.. I'd love to go but it's 4 days away from home and on previous overnight trips I've had incredibly bad sleep anxiety,...
3 / 4 by trappedinthedollhouse
Do you have bipolar disorder?
I have Bipolar Disorder and its really hard to live with I'm just wondering if I'm not alone.
4 / 0 by Mystic_Moon
Why do people do this?
So, you know how people are like, always telling "late bloomers" that its okay to be matured lately? Well, how come nobody ever says stuff like that to early bloomers? EX: "Its okay to be matured early, don't worry." How come...
1 / 0 by NobodyReally
Anyone else (1)
I know I'm a transgender guy so I'm not exactly like the other guys physically so i would have a rough time winning a fight against a physical male but I'm the type of guy who is willing to be there for a girl and protect her a...
1 / 1 by maka12345678
Is it bad that I sometimes feel like I am attention seeking when I am not?
I can bend my fingers back far-ish, is that normal?
is it normal to bend you fingers back far, my fingers can bend back further then 90 degrees to my hand
2 / 0 by SillySantaSausage
Do you have any allergy's or conditions?
I have allergys and a condition
4 / 0 by Underswap_lover101
Is it bad to be afraid of the dark?
I'm 15, and still can't handle the dark. Is there something wrong with me?
3 / 0 by LilianaTheTiger
What is your dream? (1)
We all have a dream, well most of us do anyway. Whats yours? Is it something you want to achieve in life? To meet someone close to you? To be cured of a disease? Whatever it is, feel free to post what it is, and there will be n...
4 / 5 by HikariGrace_TheEarthDragonSlayer
Why does this happen?
This has happened twice in the past few months that I've visited amusement parks, first case was when I went to Holiday World and Splashing Safari in May, on the bus ride home, I started to get really high anxiety and when I go...
2 / 1 by meilleur
Will people ever learn
This is all for my friend who commited suicide because of being bullied There has been many suicides due to bullying and they still continue even after all the horrible things that has happened in the world and still happen to...
3 / 2 by maka12345678
The struggles
Because of my physical problem I'm one year behind I'm 15 but from a physical stand point I'm 14 it sucks because it takes longer for me to grow and people always mistaken me for younger and people don't believe me when i say I...
3 / 0 by maka12345678
How will you support Beater Lives Matter?
Beater Abuse is no joke. Support now! For every donation you donate, you will recieve 11037 free beaters.
4 / 9 by Kanmuru
What would you do if you were paralyzed?
I posted an answer. Check it out! ;-)
4 / 0 by Lucky_the_whatever_26
I'm starting to feel really depressed and I don't know what to do.
So, I'm just starting to feel really depressed with a lot on my mind. I seem to have these mood swings where everything could be fine one minute and the next I'm on the ground crying from one small bad thing. But it's not norma...
2 / 2 by DipperPinesShades
Is it normal to eat paper?
This is just a random question cus I haven't published something in a long time and to be fair I used to have a problem with eating paper but not anymore...
0 / 0 by ScentedJasmine_101
Anyone feel more wolf then human?
Or animal if you do please join me...
13 / 12 by WolfRavena_CharaLover_UT_FNAF
I think my depression is starting to come back stronger.
My depression hasn't bothered me for a long time, I stopped being as depressed and started putting my life in order. But something happened on Saturday night (not with adrian, family problems.) and ever since I've stopped doing...
2 / 0 by meilleur
Do you hear voices in your head?
anyone hearing voices in their head?
10 / 14 by kageharu33
How old do you wish you were?
5 / 1 by Noir.Kat.Of.Snow
Crazy & Funny :D