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how do you stop dark thoughts?
i have them and its freaking me out... i used to self harm and i never had them then but now i do my life is shit and its getting worse FAST!
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how do i get more sleep?
im struggling to sleep and when i do i toss and turn all night
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How has COVID-19 affected you ?
How has COVID-19 affected you and your life?
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how to cope being angry without music ?
got my headphones taken away
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How do you get rid of scars?
I just started using honey, but if you have ever used something and it worked please share :)
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do you care that homo sapiens are going extinct?
what plague do you wish never to come back?
what plague do you wish would never ever ever come back?
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do u have any problems?
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does anyone wanna hear about my plant collection and also be my gf
i collect lots of things, like buttons, old italian books, and very much more- but i love talking about my plants. they all have names and backstories, and many people tell me to choke on a cock and die when i try to talk about...
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Why is China such a hotspot for novel diseases?
The Asian Flu in 1956, SARS in 2002, H7N9 in 2012 and NOW COVID-19 makes disasters on Earth What's happening with China? Why this country is a birth place for so many fatal diseases in past years?
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What time is it right now where you live?
i just want to know
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Do you think that the Chinese authorities exaggerated with the anti corona virus actions?
Some of the actions took in China: closed cities, forced quarantine for the possible infected, transport restriction, closed factories, closed stores
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THC gummies are stupid
Why the heck is it that when I take only one thc gummy, I don’t feel shit, but the moment I take TWO of them, I’m no longer able to distinguish if I’m dreaming or still awake?!
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Do I deserve to be loved?
I always feel like that I don't deserve to be loved...knowing that I shouldn't be... :'(
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What Are Steroids?
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Is a 50 dollar eyeshadow palette the size of your hand and a manicure double the price more important than bandages?
According to my mother, a 50 dollar eyeshadow palette the size of her hand and a manicure double the price is morw important than bandages I actually need. Is this usually the case or am I acting unreasonable by being annoyed w...
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