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If you looking for Insane online friend >?
I am a college student and don't have many friends. But hell yeah I like to have some online insane dudes to join. I am Scifi geek star wars and star trek dude and also In the same field of later working on ai .
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Will somebody...anybody be my friend
I absolutely love life we are all stuck at home in quarantine I have nobody to give my darkness too and I probably have PTSD life is a amazing! Oh God that's enough of that geez how do people put up acts like that
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Is anyone from Indianapolis
if you are from Indianapolis Indiana please contact me
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Do you want to get to know me?
i want to know u do u want to know me
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ANything anyone want to ask m e?
im kinda bored so ask away will not turn down questions
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how do you deal with broken friendship?
in primary,i used to be the leader of my friend group,now i'm in junior secondary and my friends are shutting me out.always asking to switch seats,and it's annoying. so i joined another friend of mine's group,and it's okay but ...
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I need some friends
Will you be my friends?
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Who here has been betrayed? Or is it just me...
I kinda hope I'm alone with being hurts when it happens...*turns away*
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Anyone wanna be a friend
I got heart broken and back stabbed from my friends. Can u be a friend?
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HELP! why is jay the cutest worm in the world
enjoy this high quality pic of jay
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Who tf is even active on this site?
I just want to have people to talk to and shiz
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how do you be happy?
it feels like i´m lonely without friends that care i need help
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This dude at school is confusing... Help, please?
A guy at my school (who I happen to really like) does weird things. He sits near me, if I move he sits where I was. He'll bring up random shit to me. He keeps touching me with his foot (probably by accident)... wtf is going on ...
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just so everyone knows Im here for you if you wanna talk about your problems
Guys I care about you guys no matter what I want to help you guys have a healthy state of mind and also just to chat if you want to if you dont its ok
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Nickname ideas? (1)
I always wanted a nickname :3 How about you guys come up with some for me ^_^
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If I was only to told you the things below, how would you react?
A new girl in town was bee-you-tiful. Although she is very ambitious, everyone adores her. She bosses people around, but acts like she is grateful. She does nasty things to people who hate her. She somehow knows. WHAT WILL YOU DO?
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Have you ever written a character based off yourself or someone you know?
I got this question idea from somewhere... not important
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