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Friend confusion?
HELP! So my friend (let’s call him Paul) and I did something that’s kind of bad. We were drawing and writing bad things on a paper and the teacher got ahold of it. They weren’t horrible they just said like 2 or 3 swears. My oth...
4 / 3 by ABgaminggirl
Why does drama even exist?
Theres alot of drama going on and i want to know why it exist!
5 / 1 by kirsten.bennett
Describe your friends in one word
4 / 0 by ABgaminggirl
My nickname from a few friends is Bread... Is it weird? A lot say it is.
I personally like my nickname.
5 / 0 by TinyOtaku
Is my guy friend my gay friend?
So my friend...let's call him Johnny. So Johnny and I are pretty decent pals, so we talk a lot. I have suspicions to think he's gay because of 3 things he's done... 1. He was talking about how he rejected a girl who liked him ...
6 / 10 by aeipathy
What's a phrase you associate your friend(s) with?
i just want more rep point, ok
6 / 2 by aeipathy
Is it possible?
Is it possible to treat someone one way because you have been treated the same way multiple times by different people? If so how would you describe this in a better way or in a saying?
4 / 0 by Lil_Queen
How do you get rid of a boy or girl that annoys you?
Just wondering.
6 / 0 by ToriTheShark
How do u get over being stabbed in the back?
one of my friends stabbed me in the back and talked shit about me behind my back.
2 / 0 by SillySantaSausage
My friend is rude...
My Friend, let's call her Eli, has been pretty rude and caused quite a few fights. The main one I want to address it that she doesn't care about how I feel. (As in when I'm sad or mad about something, she laughs at me for it.) ...
5 / 2 by TooMuchQuestions
What Would You Do If...? (2)
You were sat with a friend on a lunch table, and there is 1 space next to YOU and 2 spaces next to your friend. 2 of your other friends come up to you, and ask "Hey, can you please move up, we cant not let Archie (for example) ...
1 / 0 by PinkiePie8
Should she be mad at me?
I had a friend that I would invite to pool parties and she said she wasn't too comfortable because she didn't go to our school and didn't know my friends. She told me that she doesn't want to attend them but if I wanted to hang...
2 / 1 by Xdizzle
How would you describe your best friend?
What's your best friend like?
8 / 0 by Lucky_the_whatever_26
Who do you like in high scho?ol host club.
Tamakie Karo Hikaro Honey Hurih koyo morie
2 / 0 by ZoeytheWolf24
Have You Ever Done Something Really Bad and WASNT Forgiven?
Who are you more likely to give attention to?
This is not meant to offend anyone. OK so are you more likely to give attention to someone who is unhappy with their life or someone who is a good person?
2 / 1 by ASadExcuseForAHuman
How many friends do you completely trust?
So many people say they're your 'friends.' How many of them do you completely trust?
9 / 2 by teen.idle
Anyone at Sacred Hearts Academy?
Does anyone go sacred hearts academy? Don't answer if you don't go please.
0 / 0 by OsakoLi
Crazy & Funny :D