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Anyone wanna be a friend
I got heart broken and back stabbed from my friends. Can u be a friend?
17 / 26 by cinnamon.snacc
HELP! why is jay the cutest worm in the world
enjoy this high quality pic of jay
4 / 5 by SneeSnee
Who tf is even active on this site?
I just want to have people to talk to and shiz
10 / 0 by Blazkowicz312
how do you be happy?
it feels like i´m lonely without friends that care i need help
3 / 0 by briannacullencc23
What's something you've done this year that you're proud of?
So I think my mental health is better! Not good necessarily but... better! I still have to do a lot of things to improve myself but I'm one step closer now and it feels great ^-^ What about u guyyyss?
7 / 5 by orbit
This dude at school is confusing... Help, please?
A guy at my school (who I happen to really like) does weird things. He sits near me, if I move he sits where I was. He'll bring up random shit to me. He keeps touching me with his foot (probably by accident)... wtf is going on ...
3 / 0 by TinyOtaku
just so everyone knows Im here for you if you wanna talk about your problems
Guys I care about you guys no matter what I want to help you guys have a healthy state of mind and also just to chat if you want to if you dont its ok
8 / 7 by Samanthavs.Zero
Nickname ideas? (1)
I always wanted a nickname :3 How about you guys come up with some for me ^_^
4 / 3 by YandereQueen
If I was only to told you the things below, how would you react?
A new girl in town was bee-you-tiful. Although she is very ambitious, everyone adores her. She bosses people around, but acts like she is grateful. She does nasty things to people who hate her. She somehow knows. WHAT WILL YOU DO?
1 / 1 by Cute_Strawberry_Lemongrass_Jelly
Have you ever written a character based off yourself or someone you know?
I got this question idea from somewhere... not important
2 / 0 by Hurrivoi
Which Mean Girls character do you dislike the most?
You can answer freely to this question. Just don't write insults, pls...
4 / 0 by Cute_Strawberry_Lemongrass_Jelly
Have you ever invited your friends to your birthday party?
I did and still regret about it.
5 / 6 by Hikari_Chan
Do looks matter? (read desc)
I am highly confused if looks matter, my friends do not like it when I'm vain but I have to! I got teased for appearance 100> times, I got unfriended 100> times too, even my art teacher said I looked sloppy before and all teach...
7 / 10 by Sparkle_Heart
Why is being called 6-9 (a character?) a insalt?
i was talking to one of my friends and she was crying because she was called 6-9
2 / 0 by ToriTheShark
Why does drama even exist?
Theres alot of drama going on and i want to know why it exist!
5 / 1 by kirsten.bennett
Describe your friends in one word
5 / 4 by Broken_soul
My nickname from a few friends is Bread... Is it weird? A lot say it is.
I personally like my nickname.
4 / 0 by TinyOtaku
What's a phrase you associate your friend(s) with?
i just want more rep point, ok
6 / 2 by temperance
Crazy & Funny :D