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How does one obtain a wap?
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Feminists always seem to turn a blind eye to the oppression happening in the Muslim world
There are laws in Islam opressing woman There false god allah married a 9 year old girl Honor killings Woman are from young ages forced into marriages In Saudi Arabia there is no age of consent The Taliban rule wild over the...
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What's your fave anime?
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Who up playing with they worm?
Whats the best solution to eating placenta?
Should mine be cooked? Or should I go raw? I've been thinking about asking the doctors for it raw, but I want to know if there are really more health benefits for doing this
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Have you ever bleed through your clothes at school?
I have what is your story n how you handled it
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Why would your period stop if you're not pregnant?
If im not pregnant, not on drugs, and still young, why haven't I had my period in six months? It's been worrying because before, it was on a normal schedule.
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Question for girls
So let's say a girl was on her period and it stoped for like a month and it came back and she didn't know how to hello her parents this and she went to her school and everything was fine no one knew and she went to her aunts ca...
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How old were you when you had your period?
Medical Advice about nausea?
So for a while (especially after I possibly caught the flu a little over a month ago) I've been having this issue of nausea. I've been to the nurse's office twice (one time getting sick, the other time just feeling nausea) in a...
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What word do you say when your angry? (You can do joke answers too)
I say “Zoinks! >: (“
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i cant blush?
for some reason i cant blush, any ideas why?
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When will I get my period? (5)
I'm 13, turning 14 in a couple of months. I have all of the signs of getting my period except for cramps and spotting. My mom got her period at 10 years old so I thought I would get mine around there but I haven't. During the ...
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is pregnancy very painful
i am very tensed i am just 13 not pregnant .had not,or will not have sex for the next 12 yrs but one girl told me 45%i of pain is too much a person can bear but pregnancy pain is 55% i am soo scared about the future and i am wo...
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Is It Normal To Have Small Boobs at Age 13 ?
I mean i started puberty in 5th grade when I was 11 . Im VERYYY self conscious about my body , and i get body shamed sometimes in the locker rooms . So i go and hide in the showers then change there . But is it normal ? My mom ...
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When will I get my period? (4)
I'm 10 1/2 and I get discharge. My boobs are in their 4th stage. My vagina is hairy. I get cramps every once in a while! I'm so scared! Girls who have their period...please help me!
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How to get skinnier?
I feel like I'm fat and I really want to be skinner. I have a huge eating problem (I eat a ton) and I don't know how to stop. I went to the doctor's and they said there was nothing wrong. I think I'm a bit fat and I really want...
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Did I get my period?
About 6 months ago I had tons of discharge and a brown spot in my underwear then it abruptly stopped... anyone know what happened?
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