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What word do you say when your angry? (You can do joke answers too)
I say β€œZoinks! >: (β€œ
13 / 12 by Mataways
i cant blush?
for some reason i cant blush, any ideas why?
2 / 0 by SillySantaSausage
When will I get my period? (5)
I'm 13, turning 14 in a couple of months. I have all of the signs of getting my period except for cramps and spotting. My mom got her period at 10 years old so I thought I would get mine around there but I haven't. During the ...
1 / 0 by Anxiousballoons
is pregnancy very painful
i am very tensed i am just 13 not pregnant .had not,or will not have sex for the next 12 yrs but one girl told me 45%i of pain is too much a person can bear but pregnancy pain is 55% i am soo scared about the future and i am wo...
5 / 0 by rosalie13hale
Is It Normal To Have Small Boobs at Age 13 ?
I mean i started puberty in 5th grade when I was 11 . Im VERYYY self conscious about my body , and i get body shamed sometimes in the locker rooms . So i go and hide in the showers then change there . But is it normal ? My mom ...
13 / 8 by miss.smol.bean
Would You a Consider Yourself "busty"?
Would you consider yourself to be "busty" or have "an hourglass figure"? But most of all, does size really matter?
5 / 0 by Keeps.Changing.Fandoms
When will I get my period? (4)
I'm 10 1/2 and I get discharge. My boobs are in their 4th stage. My vagina is hairy. I get cramps every once in a while! I'm so scared! Girls who have their period...please help me!
5 / 1 by Jbarzano23
How to get skinnier?
I feel like I'm fat and I really want to be skinner. I have a huge eating problem (I eat a ton) and I don't know how to stop. I went to the doctor's and they said there was nothing wrong. I think I'm a bit fat and I really want...
6 / 6 by DipperPinesShades
Did I get my period?
About 6 months ago I had tons of discharge and a brown spot in my underwear then it abruptly stopped... anyone know what happened?
4 / 5 by LightningRandom
When will I get my period? (3)
I'm turning 12 on thanksgiving day, I have breasts and pubic hair but not in my armpit. I have slight almost painless cramps once in a while. Am I getting my period soon? Also I have a little vaginal discharge
4 / 1 by LightningRandom
Hi i!m ten and 2 quarters and I have all the signs of getting my period. My mom got hers when she was 12 will it happen to me so
I'm new to qfeast so I could use some valuable info.πŸ‘βœŒπŸ’œ
5 / 1 by Periodgal123
When will I get my first period? (8)
I am 12 years old. I am turning 13 Really soon. I have size 34A boobs. I think I have had cramps before. I like guys. I have pimples. I started puberty at 10. I have full on pubic hair. I have little tiny black dots for armp...
5 / 0 by Breaking725
When will I get my first period? (7)
I am 13 next month and I have all of the symptoms! I have pubic hair, armpit hair, leg hair, arm hair you name it I got it! I've had discharge for over a year and half, and also breasts (size A). I'm super super irrefutable and...
4 / 0 by thelovebuzz
Do you think you are pretty?
6 / 0 by Michelleiscool
when is my period going to come for the first time?
Hi i'm Grace, i made one of these with the same question yesterday but i thought of more to ask. I have not gotten my period yet and i would like to know when it would come. I am 12 years and my mom got hers at 12 years. My sis...
3 / 3 by OJgirl2003
When will I get my first period? (5)
Hi I'm Grace, I want to know when it would be around right to get my first period. My mom got hers at age 12 and I'm turning 13 in June. I have no spotting but have got discharge that Rubin's my underwear. The quizzes I took sa...
8 / 17 by OJgirl2003
Why havent i gotten my first period?
I have been getting bad back aches and stomach cramps since august (2015), i am almost 13, have size 32 a and need a larger one, i have hips and i am fairly tall... i am older than when my mom got it and i have been getting d...
7 / 0 by unknown12345678
How to reduce your belly without doing exercixe ?
When will I get my first period? (4)
Hi guys! I am 11 years old and I have almost all of the symptoms. Here they are!: Hair: under my armpits, I have blonde, thin hair. Down there, I have dark, thick hair, and I have so much it looks like a forest! I and getting ...
2 / 2 by gcris12
Crazy & Funny :D