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I want to give Sam a name like the way she calls me "nerd"
But I have no original ideas
4 / 0 by Bridge.Over.The.River.Kwai
why can't i find the one?
i'm only asking cause I've been waiting for about 5-6 years to be in a real serious relationship but they don't ever stay they go find someone better that can give them more than I ever did.. But I stayed loyal to them and made...
5 / 5 by babydoll12
If a Person who was a girl who is now a "guy" (they haven't had the surgery) and they date a girl does tht make them a lesbian?
Im asking for my Dad because i told him about a friend of mine.
4 / 0 by ToriTheShark
Can you please share some wedding decoration ideas?
5 / 7 by Bridge.Over.The.River.Kwai
How to deal with a creepy guy at school?
So there’s this guy in my grade level— Ever since he first talked to me (I don’t even know how I met him, he just came up to me in the hall I think?) he has given me really bad vibes. I’ve always just kinda brushed it off. Well...
5 / 7 by chesspacito
Would it be weird if you dated me?
I don’t know what I’m saying but all I know is that I’m saying something cringy!
7 / 7 by Batim17
What do you think are bad names/overrated ones and what are some good names for kids?
Who is your crush (s)?
9 / 10 by Broken_soul
at what age did you have your first crush/love?
i had a small crush when i was in 9th grade. How about you guys? and what is it that made you like that person. just asking. just for fun
10 / 17 by SHIRAZURE
Did anyone got friendzoned?
I actually wasn't since I didn't have a crush on my friend and I heard a song with that name. I'm also curious if this happened to you.
10 / 14 by Batim17
Do you people respect gay rights?
Why do people have such a problem against gays and their rights? People are really rude just because they're in love with their same gender! Is there something wrong with that?!
15 / 31 by Tabby.da.artist
What do single people do on Valentines Day?
So I’ve never had a boyfriend which meant Valentines Day was never a big deal to me. It’s like any other normal day. So I just wondered what all the rest of ya’s do... Chocolate? Hang with friends?
6 / 3 by Cashmere
Two girls, one love
I have a crush on two foals, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. Scootaloo is kinda mean when I joke around and Sweetie Belle is nice when you don't get on her bad side. Scootaloo is defence while sweetie belle is offence.
1 / 0 by Starlight_the_crusader
What do i do? My moms boyfriend joe is a jerk to me and my brother
Joe is in a motorcycle club, its more like a gang, cause they sell drugs, and joe is super tall and really fat. he hurts my brother and me, joe calls me gay cause of my short haircut. What should i do, i called the police and t...
6 / 2 by JaeLovesAnime
I need boy advice ASAP!
Alright, so there's this guy in my class, right? And we're both in 8th grade. I really like him, but I'm afraid to ask him out because half a year ago, I asked him, and he said he wasn't ready to get into a relationship at the ...
3 / 0 by Silent_Ivy
Have you ever been asked out?
10 / 2 by Broken_soul
What are some moments where you wished people kissed?
Watching a movie. Just kiss already! And then they don't. It's very annoying
4 / 0 by Broken_soul
How Do I Flirt/make a person fall for me face to face?
hello everyone, so everyone knows that in the past seven months, ive been fixed on quite a few people who lives hours and hours away from me. People ive never met. (except my ex girlfriend of course) Recently I met this guy and...
2 / 0 by meilleur
Do you think Bendy and I are a perfect couple?
Bendy and I are a family of three, but some of my friends think were not perfect together...what do you think? Bendy: BTW I'm not attackin' her in this picture...I'm protectin' her! Me: But I don't need protectin'... Bendy: ...
3 / 1 by FuntimeBendy1234
What kind of boys do you like?
What types of looks and personality make a boy someone you would date
4 / 0 by Broken_soul
Crazy & Funny :D