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How did you discover your sexuality? (1)
I found out by a girl walking in my class at age 9 i turned Lesbian for her :)
6 / 10
I need good flirts
OK SO me and my crush started a flirting war and I have no good ones helpp
2 / 1
have you ever came out to your parents and they cried?
this has not hapenned tome my parents where happy
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What is everyone's nickname for me?
Idk who to trust any more...
5 / 5
I need help peeps
Okay so ima be coming out to my mom over the weekend but I don't know how I should.. y'all got any ideas?
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Why is it that certain guys I know don't give a crap about my feelings? (read description)
So I wanted to show my brother something, and he watched until I turned my back.. so literally watched for 2 seconds.. Then completely ignored me to talk with his friends. And there's one other person (whom I will not reveal) w...
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How did you fall in love with your significant other?
The title pretty much explains it. I'm just curious to know how you fell in love with your loved one.
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whats you sexuality?
so im pan so i like all genders so male female and ect
8 / 9
What is Mileven?
I am so confused...
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What do you guys think of me? (3)
I already did one of these, but in poll form. So I'm giving you guys more freedom of speech, I guess you could say. Please be honest, I truly wish to know
4 / 26
Who was your first ever crush?
I am really curious. What were they like? Where did you guys meet? You don't have to give out any personal details but I am wondering how yall found your first crushes
8 / 9
What is your zodiac sign? (5)
What is your zodiac sign? Come here to tell me :D
12 / 14
What would be your ideal perfect date and who would you go with?
Just wondering...It can be anywhere with anybody dead/alive fake/real your choice. Mine would be one of my Idols (J-Dog, Ronnie Radke, Frank Iero, Poe & Kitty, &/or my friend Michael/Kaden) We would go for a hike in the woods a...
2 / 1
What is my REAL name?
9 / 14
Cutting mai hair...
I'm going to cut my hair VERY short eventually. So short that the sides of my head are shaved. People who saw my pics.. what do you think of that? Should I? The pic is what I want it to look like, except its not dyed. My mom ...
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Ight "Sirius" question! ams I cute?
HP Fans be like: I see whatcha did there but like fr.
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UPDATE on the love problem!
So I told dani i didnt mean to hurt him, and he went on about how my boyfriend was better for me and how he would only end up hurting me. but he didnt even know my boyfriend, and in the end i THINK i convinced him to stay. im n...
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