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How would you love someone to propose to you?
What is your ideal setting for someone to propose to you? Is it in the middle of a field under the stars or when your out doing your favourite thing? This isn't just restricted to us girls! Boys! If you were proposed to, how wo...
1 / 1 by The_Half_Glaceon_Girl
Describe the perfect person for a relationship.
Hello beauties! Do you go for looks, personality, or both? I love a person with an outstanding personality. Looks are just a bonus. I don’t need looks to be happy with someone. What about you?
2 / 2 by Skiesofjupiter
Why do people cheat?
I see no point in cheating(Relationship). I think it stupid that someone would check, If your partner does satisfy you then break up with them. No-one should have to got through the emotions caused by cheating
1 / 1 by Iris17
What will you do if you have a gf/bf?
Can someone pls help me?
Ok, I need help! Because there are 29 boys who like me and I only like 2 of them so can someone plz help me!
4 / 2 by hiiiabcd
I have a friend. I don't really know how to respond to it, and he's been pretty flirty too.  Help?
who I found out likes me, not directly from them. I saw his handwriting in our classroom, on a table that's for writing, that says (his name) + (my name). I don't really know how to respond to it, and he's been pretty flirty to...
1 / 1 by Shaded_Summers
How to tell my friend that a guy likes her?
My friend Alice, (Not her real name) Has a admirer, they asked me to tell Alice, for him, how do I tell her?
1 / 1 by SillySantaSausage
What is your idea or thoughts on rejection?
Because I know how it feels to be... Um... Anyways! I'm so sorry for not posting anything in the last 8 months, school and family problems is killing me. I just want to hear your guys thoughts, and go crazy in the comments if y...
1 / 0 by shygirl23
i want i friend
anyone plz under the age 15 plz im begging you
5 / 0 by RubyRed
How do I know if he likes me?
I like one of the boys in my class and a boy on QFeast how do I know if they like me back? Plz give me a good answer
1 / 0 by pcfootball
Is this a normal feeling?/Relationship Advice
So uh, I feel kinda down. I'm going into high school this year, and I guess I feel kinda lonely. I see all these other girls and guys in relationships and I've never had a boyfriend or girlfriend in my life! I had one crush irl...
6 / 7 by DipperPinesShades
What do you do if your crush is always lying on the piano in the "draw me like one of your French girls" pose?
I've had this problem for a while. My crush is a very nice person ( even though she insults me a lot ), but I always find her lying on the piano in that one pose on her side. I can hear every single key that's being pressed and...
3 / 3 by HopesAndMelodies
who is your Harry Potter crush -Girls only?
titttle says it all
6 / 2 by SillySantaSausage
What is wrong with me? (1)
I feel like something is wrong with the way I act. Sometimes my mom doesn't think I can behave myself when she leaves me home with my older brother. I've also heard the phrase "You know how she is..." I've been told I don't th...
4 / 0 by SmashPrincess
Age gap question. ( read description)
Why is it when an 18yr old likes a 14yr old people think it's weird but when a 22yr old likes an 18yr old everyone is fine about it even though it's the same age gap?
4 / 1 by Cybron
What is your favorite pick up line?
Pick up lines are usually just to make someone laugh before you start talking. What is your favorite/most affective line?
1 / 0 by Xdizzle
Do I seem gay?
I have no clue why I made this. Maybe because I'm not completely sure if I'm straight, gay or pan. I'm very confused. But I think I'm gay because I've only had girlfriends.
2 / 3 by Mr.Toast
How do i know if im bisexual?
I have a feeling I'm big but I'm not positive if so I don't know how to except it is always have thought I'm straight but I think as I get older I'm realizing that I like both genders
1 / 0 by Unknown567
Crazy & Funny :D