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Did anyone watched Anchorman?
This movie is pretty funny!
2 / 1 by BatimGal11
In what year did Stan Lee (the creator of Marvel) unfortunately pass away?
I know the answer to this, do you? possible answers: 2017 2015 2018 2016
2 / 0 by Lila888
Which of these heroines do you like most?
From left to right: Katniss (Hunger Games), Rue (Hunger Games), Foxface (Hunger Games), Cressida (Hunger Games), Annabeth (Percy Jackson), Clarisse (Percy Jackson), Hermione (Harry Potter), Luna (Harry Potter) Clove (Hunger G...
0 / 0 by spookiness1e
what if you were in inuyasha anime?
what if you got sucked into inuyasha as a guy what would you do?
0 / 0 by angelkiss
best question ever
what if you got sucked into anime as a hot anime guy instead of a girl what would you do if you met your fav character from the animes ouran high school host club/ vampire knight/ kamisama kiss/ kiss him not me /inuyasha/bl...
4 / 0 by angelkiss
Is Mother Gothel (from Disney Tangled) left or right handed?
I am just curious for various reasons... Also write how you got your answer
0 / 0 by CUPCAKE2004 what's your favorite anime boy can be it can be from any anime but must be a boy
image has nothing to do with my question lol
6 / 4 by depressingchild
What's your favourite movie? (2)
3 / 1 by UmbreonTheOdd
Did anyone watch the Hunchback of Norte dame?
I did and it’s pretty dark but good at the same time!
4 / 2 by BatimGal11
What is the best Mean Girls quote?
Which Disney movie scared or disturbed you?
I just watched a Ms Mojo list that was called Top 10 Darkest Disney Movies and it made me interested!
3 / 1 by BatimGal11
Do you agree with this FROZEN theory? (This is my original theory, not the game theory guy's)
I theorise that Elsa is actually mother Gothel's daughter! Now hear me out first. We know that Frozen and Tangled take place three years apart and that Repunzel goes to Elsa's coronation. So the too stories aren't too far apart...
2 / 1 by CUPCAKE2004
Does anyone have a favorite sugar rush racer?
I do and it’s vanellope
2 / 2 by BatimGal11
Does anyone know Shes all that?
The movie is ok and my parents showed me this!
1 / 0 by BatimGal11
Does anyone like the Disney movie Tarzan?
I watched it before and it’s pretty good. Also to those who didn’t watched it should one time.
1 / 0 by BatimGal11
Does anyone like the Disney movie Hercules?
Well it’s based on Greek mythology in Disney’s version
3 / 2 by BatimGal11
Does anyone like Tangled?
Well I do but it’s not really my favorite!
4 / 3 by BatimGal11
Did anyone watched Crazy Rich Asians?
I did and it’s so funny but also some scenes are sad. However I won’t spoil you if you want to watch it. It’s even based by a novel with the same name. Hope you guys answer this!
2 / 1 by BatimGal11
Does anyone know Office Christmas Party?
I do and my parents showed me this, however they try to make sure I didn’t see the inappropriate scenes since this is rated r!
1 / 0 by BatimGal11
Does anyone one like Star Wars?
I do and I watched all the movies! What about u?
4 / 7 by BatimGal11
Crazy & Funny :D