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Who is EXO?
I recently asked a question about BTS and my friend was talking about this 'XO' which i recently discovered is actually ('EXO' lol) as well so i thought i would ask (im probably sounding obsessed but... oh well...)
5 / 0 by ScentedJasmine_101
Who is BTS?
I know they are a korean bans but like does anyone know much about them, like how did they even become famous, because to me they just popped out of the blue lol 😂
5 / 8 by ScentedJasmine_101
what did melanie martinez do?
people keep talking about it im confused i use to love her music what happened
4 / 10 by PeachyKeen
How do you download a video from YouTube?
Can someone please tell me how to download a YouTube video, it is just so hard to say which tube you are talking about, Online or App?
2 / 1 by Sweetiedrops
Who is your celebrity crush? (2)
I wanna know what people's celeb crushes are. (IN THE PICTURE IS MINE)
4 / 0 by LilBlizz
Does anyone know when Simon Cowell first started on America's Got Talent?
Anyone know any GOOD Youtubers?
I need someone to cure my boredom! X3
5 / 5 by SamanthaKittyCat
Who do you think should have won Britains Got Talent 2017?
I personally thought Ned Woodman should have won
1 / 0 by SamanthaKittyCat
Do you miss Michael Jackson?
His dancing, his singing, his songs! COME BACK TO US!
4 / 0 by TheSkysTheLimit
What do you think about Taylor Swift?
What's your opinion on her?
4 / 8 by Hikari_Chan
Do you like Donald Trump as a president?
Do you like Donald Trump as a president? In your opinion, is he a good president, or is he a bad president?
15 / 49 by danielle1007
Does anyone on this website obsess over bratayley?
Do you really know bratayley?
This quiz is just for fun to test your knowledge to see how much you really know bratayley
2 / 2 by BratayleyFanGirl
Do you know her?
heres my fav song called fighter she made-makes me that much stronger!-verse
2 / 0 by Acmontage
Do you Believe in Santa Clause? (1)
Do you believe in Santa? Why, or why not?
6 / 0 by Kat2005
What about the "New" Miley Cyrus?
Everybody keeps on saying she is bad. Well, here's my thought. As she gets older she change more, that is how she is. Although I miss the "old" Miley, she grew up and she's still there. I do miss her old songs and used to watch...
4 / 1 by shygirl23
Who is the best president of the USA?
I think George Washington Abe Lincoln and Regen were good guys!
6 / 0 by Redpandaddaj
Which disney princess did NOT fall in love?
Be it belle or merida or even anna?! 🤔
4 / 4 by ScentedJasmine_101
Crazy & Funny :D