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Qfeast fans: What features would you like to see added next?
We can make Qfeast better than everything else!
288 / 1121 by qfeast
How do you feel for gay relations?
I wanna know what your opinion is!
127 / 667 by HeroRealSkylarV4
Describe Donald Trump In One Word
I wanna know guys just ONE word sorry if ya wanted to rant about him but if you want to then I made another question describe donald trump so ya haha
136 / 651 by Cannibalistic.Sweets
One direction or justin beiber??
witch one?
144 / 568 by kindsoul
One Word for Justin Bieber
What one word can describe Justin Bieber to you? I know this can be very controversial. PLEASE BE (fairly) NICE!
114 / 560 by SoggyWaffles
Who wants a facepalm button on qfeast?
Sometimes there are comments that you read them and you think 'Sweet Mother Of God!!' or other thing.Don't you want a facepalm button for those situations?
188 / 484 by rocker
What are your thoughts on Justin Beiber?
So, I wanted to know who else hates Justin Beiber, and why does he have so many fans? I mean, I seriously don't understand. So, what do you think of him? I WANT TO KNOW. =^O.O^=
116 / 464 by vintagebird
Why do people not support marriage equality/gay marriage?
I know a lot of people who think being gay is a sin, or whatever. I want to know WHY they think that. I know there's something about it in the bible, but there is always adoption. I know you say that children need a mom and a d...
84 / 465 by GalacticBiRavenclaw
Doesn't Zayn Look Sexy With Glasses?!
Do you think swear words are necessary?
This question has bothered me since the age of 7. What do you think?
170 / 369 by MMMMMMM6
are Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber a good couple?
upvote peoples answers to this question. it gives u reputation points.
There was a little confusuion about this, but you get reputation points when someone upvotes your answer to a question. i know its not very clear in the title. sorry about that.
36 / 485 by Hyrule_Castle_Town
how old wr u wen u had yr 1 boyfriend??
i was 10
169 / 350 by lmfaorocks
Is Justin Bieber hot?
128 / 390 by mscutie2020
Do girls really burp and fart?
My girlfriend -a girl- says that they don't
169 / 343 by faceme
Are you agianst animal abuse???
Its super super sad when i hear a story on the news about animal abuse! Answer if you agree that it is disturbing and horrible!
148 / 341 by earth707
Describe Donald Trump
Well if Ya guys wanna rant about him here it is haha and since we have reputation points on here yay -_- I just wanna get my ads disabled plus I got bored haha XD
80 / 371 by Cannibalistic.Sweets
Am i girly (read description)
Hi im a boy i was wondering am i girly? I LOVE pink! text alot! talk alot! love victorious and house of anubis! and always give peps nicknames! I like harvest moon games (mainly marraige and animals) and seem to be always messi...
106 / 323 by jamjar79
what is your favourite girls name?
what is it?
157 / 256 by puppies