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Qfeast fans: What features would you like to see added next?
We can make Qfeast better than everything else!
288 / 1139 by qfeast
How do you feel for gay relations?
I wanna know what your opinion is!
127 / 703 by HeroRealSkylarV4
One Word for Justin Bieber
What one word can describe Justin Bieber to you? I know this can be very controversial. PLEASE BE (fairly) NICE!
111 / 590 by SoggyWaffles
Describe Donald Trump In One Word
I wanna know guys just ONE word sorry if ya wanted to rant about him but if you want to then I made another question describe donald trump so ya haha
128 / 571 by Cannibalistic.Sweets
One direction or justin beiber??
witch one?
145 / 541 by kindsoul
What are your thoughts on Justin Beiber?
So, I wanted to know who else hates Justin Beiber, and why does he have so many fans? I mean, I seriously don't understand. So, what do you think of him? I WANT TO KNOW. =^O.O^=
121 / 471 by vintagebird
are Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber a good couple?
Do you think swear words are necessary?
This question has bothered me since the age of 7. What do you think?
172 / 369 by MMMMMMM6
Doesn't Zayn Look Sexy With Glasses?!
how old wr u wen u had yr 1 boyfriend??
i was 10
169 / 340 by lmfaorocks
Do girls really burp and fart?
My girlfriend -a girl- says that they don't
167 / 337 by faceme
Are you agianst animal abuse???
Its super super sad when i hear a story on the news about animal abuse! Answer if you agree that it is disturbing and horrible!
148 / 345 by earth707
Is Justin Bieber hot?
126 / 340 by mscutie2020
Who wants a facepalm button on qfeast?
Sometimes there are comments that you read them and you think 'Sweet Mother Of God!!' or other thing.Don't you want a facepalm button for those situations?
183 / 276 by rocker
Why do people not support marriage equality/gay marriage?
I know a lot of people who think being gay is a sin, or whatever. I want to know WHY they think that. I know there's something about it in the bible, but there is always adoption. I know you say that children need a mom and a d...
76 / 376 by GalacticBiRavenclaw
what is your favourite girls name?
what is it?
152 / 257 by puppies
upvote peoples answers to this question. it gives u reputation points.
There was a little confusuion about this, but you get reputation points when someone upvotes your answer to a question. i know its not very clear in the title. sorry about that.
30 / 370 by Hyrule_Castle_Town
Describe Donald Trump
Well if Ya guys wanna rant about him here it is haha and since we have reputation points on here yay -_- I just wanna get my ads disabled plus I got bored haha XD
79 / 303 by Cannibalistic.Sweets
What is a good age to start dating?
I have been wondering this for ages!!! I think it depends on the person but I want to know what you guys think!!!
136 / 242 by MMMMMMM6