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Why is my head so screwed up?
It’s been happening for a while I’m a sufferer of frequent severe headaches. They get so bad all I can do is sit around and suffer in a room with the lights off
0 / 0 by ViveLaVida
who knows the pals?
if you d'ont know it is a gaming YouTube channel
0 / 0 by Jessethgamer
What is the difference between Boris and Tom?
I mean, the Boris before Alice took him. Tom looks exactly like Boris except for the brown thing Tom is wearing. What about their faces?
0 / 0 by SparkleHeartOwl
Do you watch The Doggie Six?
The Doggie Six is a series on YouTube. If you watch it, are you a super duper fan or just a fan? Make sure to share with friends and family too, if you like it.
0 / 0 by Elory
Do you need to rant or get advice?
Just comment and me and hopefully others will help you!
0 / 0 by SillySantaSausage
Who remembers Mr.meaty?
I don't remember much about this show but all I remember is they're puppets that work at a mall I think, they were on Nickelodeon and in one episode one of the guys had a tapeworm inside of him.
0 / 0 by anime_rabbit13216
What weird hat would I wear for no reason?
I know it said I had to do this QW
0 / 0 by ManiFlare
song lyrics?
hi so yeah i need song lyrics GOOD ONES be serious and it would be especialy super altra awesome if they were somehow related to a song called no partying on the job thx <3
0 / 0 by Blue_star
Does anyone dislike Disney channel movies
I used to like them and now I hate them a lot! The only one I’m fine with is the highschool musical series!
0 / 0 by Batim17
Helping weather migraines? (P urgent)
Okay so you know how bestfriend gets those headaches, right? He’s prone to them (genetics, 6 concussions) and they’ve been pretty bad. Any ideas on how to ease his symptoms? He’s found that Zophran oral works for the severe ...
0 / 0 by twinkle.dinkles
accountable for dissociation
If you haven't join my page about dissociative identity disorder awareness let me explain Dissociation is a mental condition caused by trauma in childhood the person develops alters almost like different personalities when they...
0 / 0 by Usernams733
Why did you say that?
why did you say that im am a person with feelings you know
0 / 0 by vuravurakd
Who watched degrassi next class or next generation?
Most favorite thing that I ever done
Just wondering
0 / 0 by Firey_the_human
How do I prevent getting tape burns from twirling?
Y’all know me— Twirling Drum Major. Mace’s pretty, and all wrapped up in tape. But my probem happens to be, when I twirl, the tape that marks the middle of my mace runs against my hand and causes a sort of rugburn. Does anyone...
0 / 0 by twinkle.dinkles
Has anyone seen this?
So there is this tv show called Speed Racer. I don’t like the show but I like the movie despite its occasional cheesiness... just wondering if anyone else has seen it? And look, it’s Christina Ricci!
0 / 0 by Cashmere
Does anyone else like the card game Hearts?
Anyone else watching boku no hero S 3 ?
I am and waiting for the episode 4. And do you think U.A has any kind of traitor? Who do you think it is. What do you feel about this season? Any manga readers can tell me more about this arc and hints about traitor? (i don't ...
0 / 0 by Hikari_Chan
What's Your Opinion on the World?
Just wondering... Ignore the unrelated picture
0 / 0 by Demolition