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What are Queen Elizabeth II's duties?
ddlc or yandere simulstor
Witch is better ddlc or yandere sim
0 / 0 by Justmonikaexe
U get high on wead? Like, flower weeds?
0 / 0 by Ice.Moon.Melting
What would your dream woman be like?
Go ahead and tell me your dream girl and what she's like.
0 / 0 by Mikland1232
Do you like "Sweet Home Alabama" memes?
The memes, not the song.
0 / 0 by Alexandru
Who is your favorite Steven Universe character ?
We all love Steven Universe. The show is entertaining and the characters are great. Who is your favorite ?
0 / 0 by Kendall_Descalzi
Which of these heroines do you like most?
From left to right: Katniss (Hunger Games), Rue (Hunger Games), Foxface (Hunger Games), Cressida (Hunger Games), Annabeth (Percy Jackson), Clarisse (Percy Jackson), Hermione (Harry Potter), Luna (Harry Potter) Clove (Hunger G...
0 / 0 by spookiness1e
Aesthetic Editing
radical.radish what is that or better yet what is a good aesthetic editor I can use
0 / 0 by JayAnime
911 Energy I need your help!
I am making an oc and I need help.not on the oc but on it's friend.i need to know what the personality will be and if it is a boy or girl and what should he/she will look like. It is going to be a creepypasta oc just a heads up.
0 / 0 by Lullaby_Lucy
what if you were in inuyasha anime?
what if you got sucked into inuyasha as a guy what would you do?
0 / 0 by angelkiss
what if you could meet black butler characters?
what if you got sucked into black butler only to be a guy and to be flirted with by sebastian and undertaker/and claude / and william t spears /basically all the dudes flirt with you but your a guy not a girl
0 / 0 by angelkiss
Can i do an ask blog on qfeast?
I what to do an ask blog for Understudies but I don't know how or if its allowed on this website
0 / 0 by KindHuman
Why is my husband having an affair with another man?
k so they were doing "finance" during math and it made no sense so i asked "hOW DOES THAT WORK?" then caled said it could be a gay relationship when i meant the finance so hes cheating on me with K Y L E
0 / 0 by KoopaQueen
Is Mother Gothel (from Disney Tangled) left or right handed?
I am just curious for various reasons... Also write how you got your answer
0 / 0 by CUPCAKE2004
Title ideas
tired stressed grumbling* I need to change the title of my story "Living With The Pastas (part 1)" and chapter two might take a while. (yes, i'm finally going back to it) I need ideas on new titles for it
0 / 0 by Casual_Red
How do you smirk?
Hello, this is for myself and all people with friendly faces out there. You see, I have a friendly face. People think I look like a shoujo manga character. Apparently, I cannot look mean. Along those lines, I cannot smirk. Some...
0 / 0 by michelle_not_michellie
What three nations knigs where cousins?
I know but do you know Hint(year 1914 europe)
0 / 0 by UmbreonTheOdd