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Tell Qfeast something about you.
If you want to, tell me and other people something about you. Maybe your favorite color, your gender, I don’t care just whatever you want to do. You don’t have to, though.
9 / 1 by Warrior_Cats1252
Has anyone ever tried Voodoo ?
I tried voodoo several times. I don't know if this is just a coincidence, but I tried to curse Florida with a hurricane when Irma became a tropical storm and was still far away from here. The reason why I tried it was because a...
1 / 0 by Kendall_Descalzi
Is 7th Grade Math hard ?
I started 7th grade on August 13th and math is already starting to get a little more hard. On my first PACE Test, I had a 75% as my score and anything under 80% is considered failing. My teacher allowed me review my test and I ...
3 / 0 by Kendall_Descalzi
What is your favorite musical?
I have a lot
3 / 1 by NiaLaBeada
Does anyone like Trap music?
Well I hear lots of trap music these days
3 / 3 by Batim17
Does anyone like Dubstep music?
Well dubstep is still part of the EDM family and I'm just wondering since this was one of the ideas I have
3 / 4 by Batim17
What was the scariest time in your life?
It can be anything, something as small as something you mistook for something else, or it could be a near death experience, if you’ve ever had one.
3 / 1 by NiaLaBeada
What's the most disgusting thing you've seen on Kitchen Nightmares?
Gladioli Arts
so i made a page for this but it drowned in the newfeed so probably is unknown. There's a story for this. just make an oc and put it down. story: The students, each of them from four groups groups, Team Ichigo, Caramel, Cocoa, ...
2 / 2 by Hikari_Chan
Is this cute? (1)
Well what do you think about it?
4 / 7 by Batim17
Does anyone like Phantom Of The Opera?
Well my dad and my older sister watched the play yesterday. Also my parents, little sister, and I watched the movie today.
4 / 2 by Batim17
Do you like Latias?
Latias is the sister of latios and is the cutest!
3 / 3 by Starlight_the_crusader
Do you like Latios?
3 / 5 by Starlight_the_crusader
On a scale of 1-10. Whats your favorite color of the alphabet
Seems pretty straight fowards
8 / 13 by Derpyderpjuice
Own Character Auditions for New Story!
First of all, thank you for clicking! Second, hello and welcome! This is a chance to get one of your OCs featured in a interactive story I've been wanting to write. It's a short 'horror' (give or take) story where the reader, y...
9 / 9 by sapphirethehedgehog
Is fixing some broken ass relationship even worth it at this point?
Oma= Grandmother. I call her that, but I'll try to use grandmother. Sorry if I forget. Reasons we are lowkey enemies: She acts as if other people don't have lives. (I'm ten at this moment) We're at the store. The teenage cashi...
1 / 0 by Bridge.Over.The.River.Kwai
do any of the old qfeasters miss the drama?
to be honest i miss some of the old qfeasters i used to have lots of fame and lots of drama with lots of old users and i kind of miss the fame and drama of users that have now left. i miss when this place was so active and cont...
4 / 1 by memes_and_communism
Do you like forklifts?
2 / 4 by FireSpark56
Is That Safety Shoe Protects Me From Accident?
Planning to some safety shoes in order to prevent accident. Please leave some suggestions on my confusion.
2 / 0 by bobbyadmas
if you could wish for anything in the world?
if you could wish for anything in the world, what would it be and why?
7 / 13 by FireSpark56
Crazy & Funny :D