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What is your most popular quiz you made?
What separates cult from religion?
Anyone got old games they still like to play?
If you could tell what year, and on what console.
8 / 4 by Derpyderpjuice
Would you play fortnite sometime with me?
Warning I'm only level 12 so I'm not really that good at the game I'm okay at the game it's kinda fun because my sister and brother bother me also I only play ps4 and my name is cenalater86
4 / 3 by Firey_the_human
How do you get your pervy crush to notice you?
So I have a crush on this VERY perverted guy. Who talks about what girl he wants to give him head. and all that and I just want to do something to GRAB his attention
2 / 3 by DEATH_CP
What should 1 do for tdc?
This is for challenges. Plz give me some to pic.
4 / 9 by Starlight_the_crusader
Are we all dead inside?
5 / 8 by Soulreaper1987
Who's your favorite The Amazing World of Gumball character?
Just wondering what your fav is. Mine's probably the star himself, Gumball.
5 / 13 by Luigi25
Why is my little pony popular?
WTH why is my little pony so popularitz not even near good. Like if a 3 yr old watched it then i would fart if a 5 i would lol so hard i would cry... DON5 WATCH MY LITTLE PONT ITZ SO BORING WTH... HMMM? HMMM?
5 / 9 by Lovingmiacatflat1
What's Your Favorite Store? (1)
Just wondering what your favorite store is. It can be any store. A clothing store, a gaming store, a pet store, any store! :)
9 / 16 by Luigi25
i want to make a you tube video but i need song sugsetions
I would prefer if it wasn't k-pop or rap
6 / 5 by ToriTheShark
Can parents see my history
Can my parents look at my internet history in any way if I am using Incognito mode on my own iPhone5 hooked up to my own Apple account? I don't do anything gross because I am asexual and im only 12 I just am curious because so...
6 / 3 by Alare
What is your biggest fear? (3)
10 / 14 by Derpyderpjuice
Voting time read description
These are all types of stories I like writing but I’m wondering what you would like to read. Vote for your two favorites out of these choices. 1) c.y.o.a (choose your own adventure) 2) romance 3) crime 4) Yandere simulator 5) s...
3 / 1 by ABgaminggirl
Goodbye! (Not a question, I know)
My mom doesn’t want me online anymore so this is goodbye 👋
3 / 2 by Cashmere
How was everyones Memorial Day? (For those of you in America)
My family usually does a parade and Memorial service, and then we have a picnic at a park. This year we had the picnic at my grandparents. Between my surgery, my sister being sick, and my mom’s surgery, we almost didn’t make it...
4 / 1 by Cashmere
What's your high-score in Mopeio?
Just wondering what your high score is in Mopeio! Maybe you even got into the top 10!
2 / 2 by Luigi25
What's Your Slitherio High Score?
Just wondering what your high-score might be! Maybe you even made it into the Top 10!
3 / 7 by Luigi25
Crazy & Funny :D