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Why do people say dont give info about yourself?
All these people say don’t give people your full name and stuff like that?
5 / 1 by JaeLovesAnime
Medical side of qfeast, send help?
I might have an eating disorder and I don’t know. I haven’t felt hungry in months and it’s not from “Oh I’m well fed!” I literally do not feel if I get hungry or not. I eat anyways just in case but I’m still concerned.
3 / 0 by Orange.Soda
How do you add text to a picture?
Whenever I upload a pic it automatically uploads without giving me the option
2 / 0 by Jrenner
Do I have an eating disorder? (tw?)
So for a while, almost a year, I’ve noticed a major change in my eating habits and I’m worried it might be a disorder? I usually go for ate without eating— usually two-three days, but some of my episodes of fasting can last up...
2 / 0 by NiaLaBeada
Need Merge Madness vocals.
I need some people to do voices for merge madness chataters. If you want,you can submit one. There wont be a spacific place. I will do the vocals using editing on my DS and video or somthing else. I also need someone to help wi...
7 / 4 by NetherWorks
911 Energy I need your help!
I am making an oc and I need help.not on the oc but on it's friend.i need to know what the personality will be and if it is a boy or girl and what should he/she will look like. It is going to be a creepypasta oc just a heads up.
0 / 0 by Lullaby_Lucy
funny life stories?
so i made a post on my wall about something funny that happened and keep comenting on it with other funny stories so i decided that i should just make a thing to put them on AND TELL ME YOURS
8 / 6 by Blue_star
is drawing basically just scribbling on paper?
What fandom would I be? (read description)
If I were the human version of a fandom, what fandom would I be? It can be any fandom
1 / 0 by Casual_Red
what if you were in inuyasha anime?
what if you got sucked into inuyasha as a guy what would you do?
1 / 0 by angelkiss
what if you could meet black butler characters?
what if you got sucked into black butler only to be a guy and to be flirted with by sebastian and undertaker/and claude / and william t spears /basically all the dudes flirt with you but your a guy not a girl
0 / 0 by angelkiss
best question ever
what if you got sucked into anime as a hot anime guy instead of a girl what would you do if you met your fav character from the animes ouran high school host club/ vampire knight/ kamisama kiss/ kiss him not me /inuyasha/bl...
4 / 0 by angelkiss
A dum dum nerd needs your help!
Help me out of this pickle by giving me your credit card info. All of it. I want to know the 3 wacky numbers on the back, squiddos! Fr don't do that. This is what I need help with. Want to çrąçķ the Qfeast account's password ...
4 / 0 by Bridge.Over.The.River.Kwai
Whats your main fandom?
Again, very self explanatory
9 / 1 by Jrenner
how do yoy change a profile pic on here on a phone?
Im trying to figure out how to change the pfp plz help lol
2 / 2 by AutiWay
what creepypasta boy is your fav and why?
A. eyeless jack B. bloody painter c.jeff the killer d.the puppeteer e. ticci toby
5 / 3 by angelkiss
riddle me this (1)
i am a live but i am dead i am something that can get in your head i am dark but calm i am something terrifiying to come im that nightmare that waits to strike and fill you dreams with fright what am i ?
4 / 3 by angelkiss
Does anyone read wings of fire (WOF)?
How much rep do you have?
Hmmm this one is oddly specific
7 / 8 by Jrenner
Crazy & Funny :D