no friends (aka loaf corner aka festival of friends it has three names)
if you have no friends or are loney I FEEL YOU MAN im lonley too so everyone can be here together and post things about being lonley i mostly made this cause im bored and i need loaf
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The book of qfeasters
So I was bored and I had this idea why not make a book about all the qfeasters. You can submit a description of yourslef, you fandoms, funny story's that happened to you. Also write things you like about other Qfeasters who sub...
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Animal Photobombs
Oh dear lordy this is going to be interesting. But anyways have fun, post your pics and have a laugh, and even just chat and socialise with each other in the glorious laughter and fun in this land of animal photojackings
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Harry potter houses
Hey ya'll Im sooo happy today I... um took the sorting quiz on pottermore and I am A HUFFLEPUFF! SDo I jus' wanna know what houses ya'll are in... if its Aok
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Confessions must be made!
ok so we confessok so we confessok so we confessok so we confessok so we confessok so we confessok so we confess
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