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Last Person Standing! #3
Do y’all have any suggestions of the music I should listen to while making these? Around where I live a lawnmower is about as loud as a plane, so it’s kinda hard to focus. ;-;
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The Last Person Standing! #2
Is it just me, or is the song Sincerely me really great? I cannot description.
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The Last Person Standing! #1
20 cool dudes competing for something! I don’t like descriptions :[ How many bees can I fit in my mouth
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And the winner is... 5
I'm not jelly of derp the challenge or starlight the tdc it's just I haven't done this in a long time
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The story of Derp
Not his full life, only parts of it and his problemed childhood. Uh ud.
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And the winner is... episode 3
Episode 3 here it is also people I didn't copy derp it's just I came out with this a long time ago but I deleted it
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And the winner is... #2
For now there will be no diolage for who is out and there will be a recap
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And the winner is... Episode 1 (rebooted)
Based off of bfdi I'll make the 1st show were ocs from different profile will go head to head go to my profile and the winner is... season 1 in the pages to submit a character anyways the ocs go into challenges to win a mil...
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We Got Screwed Over By A Kidnapper
An unimportant, insignificant group of various characters are kidnapped by a guy with a cupcake obsession.
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Rep points
Based of bleshou’s story because I wanted to be cool. I need rep points and I need to express my rage
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A Poem to my Ex
Not a story, just a poem that I wanted to write to my fans. If you like it please share it around.
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Her Christmas
Maya has a very busy Christmas this time. She has a guest coming over, a party to attend, costumes to prepare. Can Maya Santa-Chan do this all in one day?
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Holiday [Izaya x Violet/Everyone Else?]
(Alternate Title: Izaya Needs To Not Or She'll Take Back The Care Package And Give Him That Hat Shaped Like A Butt Instead) Izaya really needs to stop trying to learn everything about her. That family of hers is completely ins...
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The Show! ( 18 + )( 1 / 5)
The Show is a Morbid story about a ( what they call ) a simple show in a dangerous country, Tim and the team attempts to make it what the viewers call fun in order to make money, LOTS OF MONEY , they're scarce of the green stuf...
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Birth month stuff
Well, the title is bad, right? I couldn't think of a good one. Well, this story will be about stuff like: your anime role based on your birth month. Stuff like that. There might be some that are kinda the same but that's becaus...
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