Fiction and Nonfiction
Ask M.e Anything
Ask me anything that you wish, I will also answer questions about my books. As long as it's appropriate and not too personal I shall answer your questions truthfully U.U P.S I am very bored qwq
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Ask/dare Tom
Idk people have just been doing it so yeahh Tom: okay, but you didn't have to make it ...but I wanted to Tom: well I'm not doing it YES YOU ARE Tom: fine...ask me whatever
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NO'S part 1 stinky cheese
IT'S ALL BOUT NO'S ADVENTURES IN WOUNDER Lundy he kepts saying and unny
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the poor part 1
this is a lonely story and a bit sad with no food. lets see how we can survive!
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Fnaf This Will have cussing and strangeness and more i do have 2 1 is were ennard is possessed 2 is were ennard isnt possessed and instead has Ft.Freddy bon bon and Ft.Foxy.👌
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Ok so this is the start of sheepy and warning: cursing and poor fish and grammar mistakes
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Letter for the groomer lovers
Really, I've been wanting to write this for a while, so yeah. If you aren't an groomer lover, you can read this as well. (THE PHOTO IS RANDOM!)
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bio analysis
shortly after catboy released their story, yuzu changed their bio. im going to analyze the new bio
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Time And Time Again
Chuck Letterman is a has been; There’s no argument there. At the age of 33, he’s struggling to keep his career afoot, and would do basically anything to keep himself relevant; And that includes a typical Hollywood spoof relatio...
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My fictional crushes (1)
All my fictional crushes go here because why not- i have a lot so grab snacks and drinks uwu
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My Weird Stories
I'm feeling weird (nothing new) so I decided to make some weird stories. Enjoy!
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Ask/dare us twins!
Yeah we are twins! Alex, and Alice! Alex: Hi! Me: shush... Alex: no you!
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The Story of Bob
in memory of bob my middle finger. He died on this very day due to my grandma. This is Bobs story
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My cleverbot conversations
Like it says. My time on cleverbot was funny lol. My life sucks... yeah.
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Bread bank script but i changed the characters
tbh i wanted to do this because i was bored and the vid is even funnier if you ask me so ehm yeah TwT Not my own but i just switched in my characters
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Alex's Backstory
Here is Alex's Backstory If you are confused about her life here it is now read.
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Dear McDonalds
oh god WHY do I have to write this no one reads them anyway -_-!! WHYY and done!:)
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What if FNATL 1-3 phone calls are transcripted?
Finally, we have transcripts over the internet of Phone Guy's calls from every night in every game! Employee #3 is voiced by TinyThyMelon while Tommy is voiced by GameSalmon.
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