Fiction and Nonfiction
Yandere Story
There will be a chapter listing all the terrible names i came up with ENJOY
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It's Been A While...
I've been away for a while. Well, actually a helluva long time. This is just a disclosure for what i've been doing...
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Battle of the gifted few season 1 meet the cast
Okay there are 10 characters each season the 1st elimination it's characters vote and then the rest is you guys vote and the host for this season is jack
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My BFB predictions.
This is my BFB predictions, not much else to say. So... dont disagree with me, its all my opinion.
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The Last Person Standing! #4
Hhhh Hi Bro Niergga Okay qfeast is it long enough for your standards
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Merge madness 7
I recommend these games, Msm, Minecraft, Mcsm, Battle camp,, Roblox.
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Merge madness 6
As 2 of the challenges tie, one will be decided by the magical die. Hey! Im a poet and didnt even know it XD
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Pokemon Truth or dare Part one.
The Name says it all. Charters: ALL CHARTERS! Oc's: Scarlet, Star, S, Samil, Seri.
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Last Person Standing! #3
Do y’all have any suggestions of the music I should listen to while making these? Around where I live a lawnmower is about as loud as a plane, so it’s kinda hard to focus. ;-;
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The Last Person Standing! #2
Is it just me, or is the song Sincerely me really great? I cannot description.
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The Last Person Standing! #1
20 cool dudes competing for something! I don’t like descriptions :[ How many bees can I fit in my mouth
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The story of Derp
Not his full life, only parts of it and his problemed childhood. Uh ud.
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We Got Screwed Over By A Kidnapper
An unimportant, insignificant group of various characters are kidnapped by a guy with a cupcake obsession.
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Rep points
Based of bleshou’s story because I wanted to be cool. I need rep points and I need to express my rage
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