Fiction and Nonfiction
Seventeen-year-old Jacob has been with the academy for about five years. He enrolled when he was seventeen and got his ninth partner at seventeen. At just seventeen years old, he's nearly finished his mission. Keep in mind that...
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Her Christmas
Maya has a very busy Christmas this time. She has a guest coming over, a party to attend, costumes to prepare. Can Maya Santa-Chan do this all in one day?
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Holiday [Izaya x Violet/Everyone Else?]
(Alternate Title: Izaya Needs To Not Or She'll Take Back The Care Package And Give Him That Hat Shaped Like A Butt Instead) Izaya really needs to stop trying to learn everything about her. That family of hers is completely ins...
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The Show! ( 18 + )( 1 / 5)
The Show is a Morbid story about a ( what they call ) a simple show in a dangerous country, Tim and the team attempts to make it what the viewers call fun in order to make money, LOTS OF MONEY , they're scarce of the green stuf...
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Birth month stuff
Well, the title is bad, right? I couldn't think of a good one. Well, this story will be about stuff like: your anime role based on your birth month. Stuff like that. There might be some that are kinda the same but that's becaus...
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Attack of The Mini Hot Dogs
What happens when Loki wants some more hot dogs? Well, lemme tell you, it's a sight to behold.
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Stupid Things People Say
My friend dared me to make this wonderful book. Actually it's a sad book. So this book will contain of different categories. I'm not listing them due to laziness. ON TO THE BOOK THINGY!
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A day in the Life of Liliana
Got bored and this was born! This is typical things I deal with on a daily basis. Some of which are extremely humorous to people. Have fun laughing at my life.
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Q: The Musical
WELCOME Ladies, and Gents, Genderfluids, Tran kids, people of all sexual orientations, and sexualities. Behold, the one and only QFEAST THE MUSICAL! Average time on the q, is almost 24/7 for some users. Most of us leave, but t...
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Camping trip
it is a short story about 2 brother who like to fight a lot whose parents are worried about them.
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The Travelers
3 people jumping through portals, entering different stories and being apart of it. Each time the story changes so does the actual book. Griffin, he always goes into the story and falls for Syrianna, while another Michael goes ...
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Turtle just Turtle.
Turtles, Turtle just Turtle. It's just about Turtles. Or maybe Other mini rants.
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Just A Normal Hetalian Conversation
End me now this conversation is just...end me. I'm ready to return back to Hell...I'm sorry to all readers
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Freddy fazbears High School
What would happen if all the Fnaf animatronics went to the same school? Haha! This is what would happen!
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Diary of help me
I'm not very interesting. I wouldn't advise reading this, but do whatever you want I guess.
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Hetalia Middle School
There are always HIGH SCHOOL things for Hetalia. But, how about Middle School? This story is literally crack. Everything is random. Nothing makes sense. Someone please stop me from making anymore stories. Kms I want to die.
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Warriorcats dares
Post in the comments below what you dare a warrior cat to do, pls no sexual, dirty, or anything inappropriate. Say what warriorcats you dare and what you dare them to do! I'll write what happens when they do the dare! You will ...
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