Ok so this is the start of sheepy and warning: cursing and poor fish and grammar mistakes

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How to sheepy

It’s not your fault if someone says it is then they can go Fvck a sheep
how do you do a sheep?
* Googles it *
oh no
child no
your shirt fvck a sheep-did not match any documents.
*sighs* I still don’t get it
But I’m still afraid to I don’t want to go on the end of the innocence that there is left
it’s OK this is a private chat so no need to be scared
but I feel like you’re a child XD
teens are still considered a child so you are one two-
(minor) soooooo
you have a point
big brain oWo
mhm I’m listening
I’m not innocent
then why do you wanna know so bad? XD
so I can learn how to do a sheep ;-; uWu
you are such a problematic child
in The best way possible
Is this a good thing or bad thing?
all of the above
Bad and good?
i’m a bad cat Teteteetteret
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