Funny warrior cat stuff

funny stuff about warrior cats. like, secrets about how the cats really died and funny stuff. P.S: Only up to the 6th book. I might get the rest of the series but thats a pretty slim possibility.

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How scourge died and how Firestar lost his first life.

How scourge died and how Firestar lost his first life.

Once upon a time, Scourge went to a battle and got killed by Firestar but, in this story, Scourge is dying from another reason: Covid! If you want to know it all, then keep reading...

In the battle by fourtrees, Scourge was attacked by many cats. Those cats might be the sick and weakened shadowclan, or the Caats of thunderclan who inhaled the fumes of the fire. The claws raked scourge from all sides and then firestar appeared, ready to give scourge a blow that would send him to death. Before that though, Scourge let out a humongous cough and sneeze and Firestar backed away at the nick of time. "Get me a face mask!" Scourge yowled. Suddenly, a face mask is flung from the air. Firestar snapped his hesad around and stares at Cinderpelt. "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!" He yowled. "Scourge has covid-19. We need to give him that face mask otherwise everyone else is gonna get infected to!" Cinderpelt repied calmly. firestar growled deep in his throat and slashed at Scourge. As he did, firestar gets covid too! He wakes up with a start and looks at scourge. He is unconscious. Fiirestar wants to kill scourge but he learned his lesson from that. He cautiously steps back and waits for Scourge to wake up. Finally, Scourge grans and sits up. He takes out his phone and dials 911 but by then, it's already too late. Firestar stares at the body in triumph. He Yowls and all the clan cats gather around him. "Scourge has died of covid. This disease is not normal. We shouldn't go anywhere near Scourges' body until we can be sure its safe." He mewed. He suddenly had an idea! he reached for his own phone and dialed: 032 945 1756(funeral service) and waited for the van to appear. "hello rocktail(the funeral service guy). I would like you to bury scourge and read out this page I wrote while we were coming to fourtrees. *rocktail reads the paper* The paper says: Scourge, the tiniest leader I've ever known is hereby dead because -- Covid killed him. (Firestar scratched 'I' out) he well be honored for his stupidity and dumbness. The clans will never forget him. Rocktail finished reading and does an amused snort. "Yes, I'll take him to the funeral service and I'll read this." "Ok" Firestar replies.

(I don't have any really good ideas other than this one. Pls give me some suggestions in the comments.)
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