My Asian Aunt is Against Abortion

My aunt who is from South Korea is against abortion. She wants it to be illegal worldwide because she’s a Christian. I had a dream about her talking on the news about opposing abortion.

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My Asian Aunt is Against Abortion
Chapter 1.

Introduction and My Views on Abortion

So, I had a dream about my aunt being on the news talking about hating abortion. I know she’s against abortion being she’s a Christian. She is born in South Korea and is married to my uncle who is my father’s brother. Both of them are raised as Christians. My father is an Atheist and my uncle is still a Christian. I am not mentioning any names. Anyway my aunt and uncle go to church every Sunday. She is very anti-abortionist. I’ve never had an argument with her about abortion. I just had a dream that she talked about opposing abortion on Fox News.

I’m a liberal myself and I’m not exactly an Atheist. I used to be. I’m more of an agnostic like my mother. My parents and I are very different than most of the family.

I don’t think abortion should be illegal. I think it’s mostly necessary for rape victims and incest. If I were a girl that’s been raped, I would get an abortion if I get pregnant because I don’t want to be force to have a kid that is from a rapist. If I were a girl that’s got impregnated by a cousin, I would get an abortion because the kid would very likely have birth defects. I also think abortion is necessary for people that are not responsible enough and unwanted pregnancies. I don’t believe abortion is killing a baby if it’s under a certain number of weeks. Only if it’s over a certain number of weeks. I’m not an expert on the number of weeks. I just have my liberal opinion on abortion. If you disagree, that’s fine with me. I don’t want to argue about it. Anyway, I’m going to explain what my dream looks like in the next chapter.
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