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Can you name a girl more attractive than Matilde Marroni?
Matilde Marroni is the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen in my life. I know that most people disagree with me. For those that disagree, feel free to name who you think is more attractive than this girl.
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What are your goals for the 2020s decade?
The 2020s are coming soon. My goals is to not get into any fights, not have too many problems with people, improve my YouTube channel, figure out the best career for me, get a wife, and have as much fun as possible. The saddest...
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Marry, One Night Stand, and Reject (Matilde Marroni, Piscues, and Kate Martineau)
Which girls would you marry, have a one night stand with, and reject? I replaced kill with reject because I think it’s too offensive and harsh. List of girls from left to right: Girl #1 - Matilde Marroni Girl #2 - Piscues ...
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