Fiction and Nonfiction
The book of my theorys
In this book, you'll be learning ALL about my theories, where they came from and such.✍✍✍ There'll be at least one chapter a day.
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Mia's Advice Book
I just put advice in here for things I learned. If you want advice feel free to DM me, or leave a comment, I'll do my best! (Please note: I approach all problems logically and don't really look at the emotional side of things, ...
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Songs by NEFFEX
Just like the title says this just has a bunch of songs made by NEFFEX
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Just some Cool Song Lyrics
This just has a bunch of song lyrics if you ever want to listen to a new song you can just search these up.
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Stories of the Untold Part 1
This story is multiple different stories in one with many different backgrounds and characters. From a noble hero to a deadly vampire story this is where you can read fun stories of all genres. Currently working on the 5th shor...
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Songs by Imagine Dragons (WIP)
Just a bunch of song lyrics by Imagine Dragons. Not really much but hope you guys enjoy! All Credit to Imagine Dragons (Work in Progress)
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Exam Format of PTE Academic Test
PTE Academic Test is Pearson’s Test of English. It is a computer-based examination to test your proficiency level in the English language. If you plan to go abroad for further studies or have a plan to migrate to Australia or N...
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Legacy 3: Soap edition
Hey guys, this is my story, legacy. The third part! Written with my new soap line
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somg abt estella
this is a blink 182 song in prettybsure and they wrote it from the point of view of damier
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Songs by Bands that I Like
Just like what the title says. I'll try to add some lyrics to a few songs every now and then but don't count on it.
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juleish x uboa ficfan
FOR JULISH mis kobyashi dagern made lookouh and jel frum kewfeest dot cum
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The Plague Dogs - book review
a book review of the book 'the plague dogs' published by richard adams
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My FNaF songs
I really love FNaF, and the songs are amazing. but I hate singing so here are the lyrics!
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Essay i made for my class
Essay the i made for my class just really random it kinda weirda most of them are from 7th and 8th. I suck at writing so enjoy!!
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The lonely girl (2)
She's trapped in her own prison, dark place, the only key to escape is to free herself, she says to herself: let me go … **drawing using ??????? by @???????**
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FNaF anamatronics wierd things
Just like it says. I will go through each individual anamatronic and write down the funny little things they do.
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Life is a game
I don't need a description thank you very much qfeast please don't read with hoping it's good
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All characters in FNATL
I know this is a timeline of FNATL characters, so I'm gonna show you some stories of FNATL.
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