Fiction and Nonfiction
Hanahaki Disease: A Writers Guide
This is a guide about everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the Hanahaki Disease [My interpretation of it]
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The Outsiders Sequel
This is my school project so far.I want us to know why I'm so busy.So anyway enjoy.
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Clouds of Visions (1)
Sibuna traded away his sight for godhood. He traded everything away for power. But will he abuse that power? Will the world around him fall apart because he couldn't save a girl?
5 reads 5 readers 1 by Furry_Ass_Crusty_Ho
Warrior Cat Name Generator
Using different signs, initials, and other stuff, we can provide you with a warrior cat name! This was not my original idea, so credit to everyone who has done this before me!
67 reads 13 readers 5 by Otter101
Jake never knew of the world that laid above the sandy shores. Never had he known that not every human wanted to hunt his kind. He never wanted to meet a human. But sometimes, curiosity gets the better of some people.
16 reads 7 readers 1 by MysteriousLiarBoy
Wanna Stay Awake
I am afraid to sleep, afraid to close my eyes, nightmares will come dancing around again.
15 reads 14 readers 7 by intoBoth
Life of a abandoned cat
Rick, a tortoiseshell tomcat, has a great life within his human's household, that is, until they get tired of him. Thrown out into the wild streets of a busy town, Rick encounters dangers he never would have dreamt of, will a c...
13 reads 3 readers 9 by Clawdacat
Liv's Book Of Adjectives
Adjective for the average writer that can be used in daily conversations, stories and more! All from the vocabulary of an 11 year old (lol srry 2 disappoint)
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Mystic Messenger Ultimate Guide
This is a guide on all the routes in Mystic Messenger and all the emails and anything else so that everything is easier for you to play the game successfully.
15 reads 14 readers 0 by Lord_Of_Cake
Pencils and Pens
This story is about an ordinary man, who was ordinary until ONE particular Thursday. Suddenly pencils and pens start speaking to him. Edward could have never expected this!
41 reads 19 readers 9 by Crab_Cake
Problems with Mary Sues
Yep. You heard. The dreaded mary- or Gary- sues. However, its not as simple as it seems. Now, this isnt about why everyone hates them. Im going to take trats from the steryotypes and break them down.
59 reads 20 readers 7 by WaitForIt
Cursed by Death
16-year-old Callista Fox is content with her life. She has a nice house, a loving family, and it's autumn - her favorite time of year. But one day, something happens. It's only the beginning of a long chain of deaths. Callista ...
42 reads 10 readers 4 by GalacticBiRavenclaw
a journal of my sleepless night. I accidently deleted some of it though. that makes me sad
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Rants (3)
All my rants. Could be videos, thoughts, anything. Just things I need to get out and express.
18 reads 13 readers 3 by Thug_Life_As_A_Blonde
Emotionally Driven Movie Reviews: Suic!de Squad
This is part one of an on going movie review series. The EDM review series is a highly biased review if movies. My opinions will be obvious, my logic will be flawed and my analysis pretentious. The subject of part one is none o...
13 reads 11 readers 0 by anonymous-user-GYcSWL
Why Autism Speaks is a terrible organization.
Autism Speaks is probably the most popular autism awareness group in the U.S., but many people do not know how harmful they are to autistic people. Please read this, I hope it changes your opinion on them.
50 reads 47 readers 3 by dresimi
Prompt Stories
These are stories for a writing club I'm in started by Luna, and I, and a few others
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