Fiction and Nonfiction
See Ya Soon (Maybe) Qfeast!!
OKay, so... I'll be leaving for a little, and really, this story tells your everything you need to know.... Just so you guys know:) Like, if I was chatting or something with you, and then suddenly stopped, well, this is why:) H...
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Things Come Around
This a contest.Using the characters/plot/places I give you I want you to make a story.Then,give me the link in my comments and I will read it.
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Abandoned Dogs
This is a thing I'm writing about abandoned dogs. Not just on the streets, but in the most unexpected places.
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BackToHumans' Rants
I'm in the mood to rant about something. You guys can gimme suggestions if you wish. The whole point of this is for you to have something you can agree with.
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Top Girl names- A-Z
These are all of my fave girl names and meanings in alphabetical order!
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