Things Come Around

Things Come Around

This a contest.Using the characters/plot/places I give you I want you to make a story.Then,give me the link in my comments and I will read it.

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Start your story with idea I gave you.All the rest of the rules were basically in the summary so here are the 3 ideas:

1.Harry Potter,famous Boy-Who-Lived,was sitting in High School."Bloody Hell,Harry!This place is righteous!"Ron exclaimed."Ron,are you going hippy?"Harry asked."What's hippy?"Ron wondered aloud.

2.Hermione Jean Granger hadn't expected to fall in love with him.Some (*cough*Harry*cough) might say that it was an accident.Others,(*cough*Ginny*cough*) say it was destiny.Whichever way it doesn't matter because Hermione was in love with him and determined to make him hers.

3.Voices...I don't understand them.I open up my stormy grey eyes and look around.Everything is quiet.Nobody's!He is here.Harry's here.My godson is here.I slowly try to sit up my head aching.

Alright!So there you have it.Pick whichever one you like but before you do,I have a couple of side notes...

#1:Sorry that this one was so short I really wasn't thinking hard enough but i'd like to read anyones story.

2.My sister wrote this one.I liked it,actually.But the *cough* things I added.Anyone doing this one might (and i'm just suggesting) wanna do a flashback to when Hermione started to fall in love with whomever you choose.Also,i'd like to see some Ron/Hermione,Harry/Hermione,Draco/Hermione,etc.

3.Today,me and my friends were wondering what was behind the veil that Sirius fell threw.So this is basically just him coming BACK through the veil.Complicated I know.Oh,and he's at St.Mungo's,btw.Harry can be there but he may also be just an illusion that Sirius has created from being tossed around in that veil *wink,wink*.

Okay.I have just a few more rules for you before you can start writing.I know,i'm really stalling you.But here they are:

1.Please type how many chapters there are so far in your review.

2.I will do this every Sunday if you all want me to.

Alright?Alrighty then.I'll let you get to your imagination/writing.Hope to see lot's of good stories.Can't wait!

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