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Asking Questions:The Marauder way
This will have James,Sirius,Remus,Peter,Lily &,in later chapters,Snape.So come on in and ask them a question.
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Things Come Around
This a contest.Using the characters/plot/places I give you I want you to make a story.Then,give me the link in my comments and I will read it.
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Brotherly Bonding
This is just a bunch of one-shots based on Jamie & Harry before Thrown in Purposefully.Also some Sirius,Harry and Jamie bonding moments.
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My Pets
So this will have ALL my pets.And I have ALOT of pets because my mum and dad are seperated and so my dad has like 5-6 pets and my mum has around 13-15
8 reads 8 readers 4 profile storyby Moony
A Song for you
These are just songs I think would suit the Harry Potter characters.If you have a character/song idea please comment.I will give you credit for your idea.
15 reads 12 readers 4 profile storyby Moony
Malfoys & Missions
Sequel to Thrown in Purposefully.It's when Jamie and Draco are grown up and have children.
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You're the Wind underneath my Wings
A small poem my character Jamie Black wrote for Draco after they broke up in the Great Hall.Read Thrown in Purposefully first.
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Thrown in Purposefully
Get ready to find out what happens when a 16 year old girl is forced to change her life.Read to find out how & why.
68 reads 17 readers 2 by Moony
Ready to see what happens when 24 book characters from 12 books are thrown together and forced into the Hunger Games?I am.Let the games...BEGIN!
24 reads 17 readers 6 profile storyby Moony
Can't Decide..
Good hearted Jamie and Anne Shirley have been going from house to house living with each family for only 1-2 years.When Anne and Jamie recieve there letters from Hogwarts,it seems like a dream come true.No more travels from ho...
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Harry Potter Characters on Facebook
Just some random story I thought i'd post to hold everyone off for my 2nd Generation one.This has ALL generations.
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Guiding You (Harry Potter Fanfic)
Do you think being a normal ol' teenager is bad?Well,meet 12 year old,Jamie Black.She's an orphaned werewolf searching through alleys.And to top it all off she has 4 other siblings:Anne,Ally,James & Austin to take care of.When ...
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