Brotherly Bonding

Brotherly Bonding

This is just a bunch of one-shots based on Jamie & Harry before Thrown in Purposefully.Also some Sirius,Harry and Jamie bonding moments.

published on April 14, 20139 reads 6 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.

Harrys 5th year,Jamies 4th year-The Blood Quill

14 year old,Jamie Black strolled down the corridor.It was 9:00 pm and most of the students were in the Common rooms.Those who weren't were probably serving detention.Like Jamie.Earlier that day her and Ginny had complained about the new Defense Against the Dark Arts technique.But since Ginny already had a detention with Snape she had been off the hook.Now,Jamie was walking towards Umbrigdes classroom.When she reached the door,she stood there.She didn't dare knock on the door.After a while,she decided she better do it.She raised her hand and was about to knock when she heard her name being whispered.She looked around and saw no one."Jamie..."the voice hissed again.Wait a minute,she thought,I know this voice."Harry!"She whispered.He took off his cloak and embraced her."I'll stay out here.And...if I hear you being hurt i'll definitely jump in."Harry told her.Jamie smiled."Thanks Harry.Now,put the cloak back on."She whispered.After the cloak was put securely around Harry,Jamie knocked."Come in!"Umbridge called.Jamie opened the door."You'll be writing lines tonight."Umbridge said in that sickly sweet voice."I-I left my quill in the common room.I'll just go back and-"Jamie started but was cut off by Umbridge."You can use one of mine."Umbridge said.Jamie nodded weakly and took a seat at the table.Umbridge handed her a quill."I need ink,Professor."Jamie explained."No.No ink."Umbridge said continuing to grade papers.Jamie shrugged and started to write.Then,she realized she didn't know WHAT to write."Miss Black is everything alright?"Umbridge asked."Um...what am I supposed to be writing and how many times?"Jamie asked cautiously."You will write:Harry Potter is a liar and you will write it until I think you understand."Umbridge cackled.Jamie started to write.The ink was red which was very strange to Jamie.She finished the first line before realizing that her hand ached.She looked down and saw the words "Harry Potter is a liar" etched into her skin.She whimpered a bit hoping Harry would hear her but he didn't burst in.She continued writing.When she reached the 7th line she couldn't bear it any longer.She cried out in pain and,as soon as she had,Harry burst in.His wand was held up and he looked around.Jamie slowly walked over to him the hand burning slightly.Jamie would later compare this burning sensation to the feeling of her Dark Mark.As she reached Harry he quickly bombarded her with questions."Where are you hurt?How did she do it?Do you feel okay?Can you walk?"Harry frantically asked.Jamie sighed."On my hand.With a blood quill.Yes and Yes."Jamie answered all the questions.Harry took her right hand and studied it as intently as Hermione studies books when exam time comes.He relaxed a little and,with one final look at Umbridge,he dragged her out of the room and into the Gryffindor common room.Harry sat down on the couch and Jamie curled up beside him."You're the best brother ever Harry.I couldn't have asked for anyone better.I love you."Jamie said smiling."Love you too Jamie."Harry smiled.The two fell asleep in the common room together and were awoken the next day by Ron Weasley.
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It's good tho I thought Jamie was a boy cos of the title brotherly bonding so bit confused for a bit
on February 17, 2014
on April 14, 2013