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New Jersey girl
A girl... shattered dreams... life falling apart seems about right for this small town girl.
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Rise of the Undead
Slash is a water dragon, driven from her destroyed home by evil zombie dragons. She struggles to survive among strange dragons, and to cope with her memories, which haunt her day and night. Meanwhile, the zombies' attack contin...
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Journey to Iceland
Three horses. One goal. Iceland. This is a book I'm currently writing. As I may publish it later on, I will only post a couple chapters. I enjoy the idea and story and thought others might as well. As a side note, this is ent...
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Fanfic #1)  Gasoline
This is my first Fanfic So Don't expect anything good haha... Maybe Help me out with Feedback.Tom is Jess's Older brother in this One. Here's some background: Jess overdosed and Had to go to the hospital her family is worried a...
12 reads 9 readers 5 by Samanthavs.Zero
This is a story I wrote that includes a horse (of course!). I'm planning on later turning into into a book, so there are several mysteries that you will have questions about. Sorry if you're really curious about the answers, th...
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Mirror Mayhem! (an eddsworld fanfic)
It's just another day with the eddsworld gang. Until all 150 of Matt's mirrors go missing. Teaming up with people they never thought they would, It's up to Edd, Tom, and the brave and handsome... wait a minute... I never said t...
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A little more time
Haven Lane had a different life then most teenage girls, but then she was kidnapped by strange people. Because of the kidnapping she now has a small pocket watch that has changed her life entirely. With the help of her new fr...
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My life as a creepypasta
I really really wanted to do one of these this is my first story don't judge me. Also I am not trying to copy anyone so don't say I'm copying people. Btw I don't own Creepypasta's and idk who does.
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Percy and his journey
Just a short draft on my upcoming story. A story of an ordinary boy which ended up gloriously.
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The four musketeers
this is one of my stories on Q i write with my friends. i do not own the pictures.
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The reason I'm not on
Okay this will say what I'm not on I'm probably not going to be on a long time I'm sorry
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Once upon a night...
Okay so Im just gonna write something now and make sure i can run a good story before I start making Some characters Backstories
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The Absolute Worst and the Loudest Silence
Post Canon Harry Potter Fanfiction. FULL STORY! The wizarding world may have cheated death and won against the dark wizard Lord Voldemort, but nothing could have prepared them for the new protagonists taking the stage. A Huffle...
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creepypasta the true story of nightmare thrill
hello so you came to hear my story well lets start from the begaing my name is emillo i died at sixteen i know right so young full of life you would be suprised i was bullied at school for being able to hear voices well en...
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Into the headless horsemen
Celti, a girl, or in this case the headless horsemen has been searching for her head over the years with her brother ed, severing countless of heads of humans as a reminder of what she is. Nothing more than a demon.
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The Absolute Worst Shorts and Junk
Post Cannon Harry Potter Fanfiction. A story sketch dump sort of thing. NOT THE FULL STORY JUST SOMETHING TO GO ALONG WITH IT! A Hufflepuff with no magic, a Ravenclaw with no reason, a Gryffindor with no honor, and a Slytherin ...
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dollie x hoodie
a long lost.friend? why did slendy send me instead of masky or toby or someone else?
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The Last Dragon (Work-In-Progress!)
This story is based upon a dream I had in 2017. A young girl by the name of Serafina is called to work under the royalty of her kingdom - but has no idea her adopted parents gifted her with the most magical gift of all time! Jo...
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Moon Children
Juniper June's days were average, but her nights were far from ordinary. It was only during the time where most people went to sleep that Juniper truly felt alive. She thought that this was her own unique quirk until one night ...
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This is a Pluckin Hot Fanfic
So I'm not gonna finish 57 pills ever and Bostyn still wants me to make a fuccin fanfic so i made one about making fiends.
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