Fiction and Nonfiction
Ask The Magnificent Sans!
Blue: Hello Humans! Karleen (Sam_Stardust) left me here for everything. So i'm in charge! I knew I was magnificent enough to have so many humans here that enjoy me!
13 reads 6 readers 3 by Sam_Stardust
Ask and Dare Baldi!
Any one can get the chance of asking or daring the teacher who is too obsessed with math! Lol he's burning in the pic
12 reads 4 readers 8 by Sam_Stardust
Ask Cuphead and Mugman!
The two brothers of Inkwell Isle have the chance of getting asks from everyone! (Dares are accepted)
3 reads 2 readers 0 by Sam_Stardust
Ask Koshi Tanaka
Ask Koshi Tanaka from Liar Liar anything you want! This is something out of many things that I want to get success so please ask and make me and Tanaka happy.
1 read 1 reader 0 by Sam_Stardust
the tiny creepypastas
what happens when all the creepypasta are turned into small creatures..and you take them in? will you be able to take their crazy antics? read to find out! I got this idea from AlishaDaWolf go follow them on W a t t p a d. ...
7 reads 5 readers 0 by xXMystery_KaideXx
Ask Palette and Goth anything!
I love this ship! And I hope others enjoy it too! So I hope people would have fun asking them stuff! Bye! Have fun!
12 reads 7 readers 7 by Sam_Stardust
Ask Yukari Minamida
Who wants to give the Yandere girl an ask? Whoever wants to is welcome, I'll make sure that no questions are left out!
1 read 1 reader 0 by Sam_Stardust
Ask/Dare Tobias Schneien
Hi everyone! Today i'm bringing Tobias here to ask some of your questions! Tobias: I never asked to do this... Me: Come on, Tobias. Tobias: ... Fine. I'll do it. But only because of your nagging behavior. I'll be answering your...
6 reads 3 readers 5 by Sam_Stardust
Hes my nightmare and tormentor (vampire story)
This is a story about a human girl who winds up having vampire move into her house. As they stay there she starts to get nightmares every night. Read and find out witch brother is tormenting her.
6 reads 3 readers 0 by Nikuya2009
Lionized||an Adam Taurus Love Story
No one knows what it's like to be feared, not only by the people who oppress you, but by your own people. Steel Blue only had a few people who weren't afraid of her. When one of them leaves, they meet again on one of Steel's mi...
3 reads 3 readers 0 by DavieFoster
Jeff x me smutty stuffz
TW: contains minor blood This is a storry about all teh smutti tings Jeffie did to meh lat nite. If ur under teh age of 11 then dont read this uwu. Very explisit adult contentt 18+ sexxy stuffz.
32 reads 25 readers 1 by Peachy.Princess
Insanity (Sam's Story)
Samantha's story of hardships she had faced. There may be harsh language and moments.
4 reads 4 readers 0 by Queenofshadows
Maraya's Big Dream: The Sequel
This is a sequel to the previous story "Maraya's Big Dream" that I wrote last summer. In this story, Maraya dreams of running into her best friend, Ms. Carolyn, again but this time it's in a different place and that place is in...
8 reads 4 readers 0 by maraya
The wrong side of heaven
My sister keeps begging me to make a story about Charlotte... So looks like im making Charlie's origin... Or something... I suck at writing heh heh... But hey enjoy I guess ...
10 reads 6 readers 2 by Queenofshadows
The serum
this book is a file of all of the experiments on dark wielders, how the serum was made, how it works, and what happened if cured correctly
1 read 1 reader 0 by the_sleepy_wolves
The Past Of Mayla Dawn
As requested I made a story about my oc, Mayla Dawn . Just like in most role plays I use her cause it's easier she's based off me but her past is more darker than mine was but anyways enjoy and warning there will be mention of ...
37 reads 6 readers 15 by WolfieGirl12
New Jersey girl
A girl... shattered dreams... life falling apart seems about right for this small town girl.
4 reads 4 readers 0 by MilkAndHoney
Rise of the Undead
Slash is a water dragon, driven from her destroyed home by evil zombie dragons. She struggles to survive among strange dragons, and to cope with her memories, which haunt her day and night. Meanwhile, the zombies' attack contin...
2 reads 2 readers 0 by MysticHorse27