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Theory Book
What description?!??!! Why is this here okie a few more words to get accepted. Anyway the picture is my cat? Very important information
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When The Shadows Walk
This is just the epilogue of my book, so please no hate but I definitely want your entirely true answer.
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Creepypasta Headcannons
I have TOO MANY, oh, well, im bored either way so well see how long I do this!
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The world inside my head
I just need a place to write and their ain't no way im writing it on discord- so yeah I might make it public but idk yet lol if it is ig im just proud
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FNAF Headcannons
This is where i copy over the fnaf headcanons because I don't want the storage quota to run out 0-0 (Not my headcannons)
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Among the Sheep (Michaels Journal)
When Michael randomly manifests powers on his fourteenth birthday his parents worry. His parents automatically buy him buy him a journal the same day of his birthday and tell him to keep track of everything that happens after h...
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the dragon
dragon what is it my book tell you more ok ha and look my quiz for fun ;3
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My Danganronpa AU's in a book!
This book is me ranting about all my danganronpa AU's! This is AU's of V3, THH, and GD. And of my own danganronpa fan games! So... enjoy!
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Povs with music and short stories
I create POVs to go with a song, and write a short story about it. My writing isn't the best so please be kind! <3
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City of Suits (not completed) By Reid H and Mira H
The entire world has been split into four quadrants. That might seem unbelievable because what you, the reader, knows the population of the world is around 7.8 billion people. Well now the population is around 10,000. In the y...
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Swimming in Dark Waters
A twist on the typical werewolf story --- without werewolves, and without your typical female main.
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War of the Wolves: Prisoners
(This is my first finished story so I hope you enjoy) War is among us...the spear wolves and blade wolves are at war. The land is in chaos...meanwhile enemies battle the scepter wolves are doing something mysterious behind the ...
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A Untamed Beast (WIP)
A adventure and fantasy story with plenty of twist and turns. "Being shunned for being a monster...but what had Sirius done to deserve this?" (Still working on the first chapter. But I hope you guys enjoy the first part of the ...
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MCYT Fanfic
yeah. um just read the title, like i dont even know. also, i've hit a dead end, i dont know where to go from here
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NOT READY!! Long ago the gods had mighty stones that give you elemental powers. Then, one of the gods wanted all the stones for his own. After a long battle the stones were lost, and a couple of humans wanted to help the gods ...
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Dragon Nights
So this is on a google doc me and my friends have for the story and I figured I'd put it here.
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Ask/Dare Legacy
Someone asked me to make this so yeah lol. Enjoy bishes. Ask away. OK DESCRIPTION THEY GET IT-
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The Founders Origins
A girl who lost everything can bring back everything just by trying.We have been separated but together again we will bring back our home!The Light can guide us out of the dark...But all light has a dark shadow...
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Legacy Character Info Thingy
This has all the information about each character. There are minor spoilers for people who are not up to date with the book series. But in this story I will give you the general idea of each character, and even leave a few hint...
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