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lol lol lol olo guys I can't say anything about this book :3 hope you guys like this Its about a magical Middle school called Tychrom Plz know I'll add more
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The Four Clans of the world (Read Description) (Will add cover Later)
(I have removed Music Clan and made this story more fitting for the Warrior series) Watch as Four clans deputies become leader of their clan, but there’s a secret waiting for them when they pass on to the leadership side. Shal...
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The Story Of Sapphire
A re-write of the original story. This is Sapphire’s past, present and future...enjoy!
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Drarry fic inspired by a Tumblr post. I wrote this randomly, fueled by mountain dew, determination, and a snap.
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We Are Soldiers!
In a world where danger lurks at every shadow, can these cats survive? Humans have begun capturing cats and doing experiments on them left and right. Some show positive signs, making them have powers. And others show negative s...
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The Life Of Cinderleaf
This is a story about a Medicine Cat named Cinderleaf and how she is who she is. -- She has a lot of trouble coming for her in her life ahead. Will Starclan guide her through her life and help her? Or will the Dark Forest try ...
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The Kits
This is a warrior cat fan-made story of mine. The art isn't mine but the story is. -- This is the story about Cindertuft and her sister(s) Brightflame (& Blackfrost). Cindertuft (an apprentice at the time) falls in love with a...
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The Runt That Gets Nothing
Nothing right now. I don't have anything to say about this Story yet. I will put one later though.
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Sans x reader Lost and Broken hope
In this story your mom is Irene your Dad is chad. But they are still in their separate dimensions your mom is in the Irene dimension and you dad is in the nether. But your related brothers are bill and will and they are in grav...
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The unnamed story.
In this world, there's demons and mortals, no such things as Angels. Starting out with everyone and their evil counterpart. Now races of humans and hybrids, as well as their demonic counterparts fight for peace or power. (Also ...
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Hoodie and Dollie
my fiirst story i hope you like it.. now to the story,,jigdsdvnuijgkhbvnh
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The Magic Harp (1)
Originally on my old account, but I lost all the info for it. I'm redoing all my stuff here :-)
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Icy's switch
This is a winx club fanfic i started working on a bit after i made the Scooby doo fanfic (:
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Scarlett Bree Parker just moved down to Bristol, New Hampshire from Charlotte, North Carolina after living with her two uncles when her parents died in a car crash. Her seventeen-year-old life is normal; girls, boys, and Newfou...
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The tale of a not so bad Slytherin
Slytherins have the worst reputation. But do they deserve it? Kianna is just your average half blood girl in Harry's year who gets sorted into Slytherin. She certainly doesn't think she's evil. How does she deal with Hogwarts l...
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I ain't your ordinary wizard...
There's a town in Fiore called Magnolia where a famous wizard guild is based. The name of this guild? Fairy Tail. Within this guild is a young dragon slayer. Her name is Hikari Grace. Hikari has had a troublesome past. How you ...
8 reads 5 readers 4 by HikariGrace_TheEarthDragonSlayer
In this world, there are several continents. These continents are called Hyrule, Fiore, Death Vegas, Hogwarts, Half-Blood Hill, Storyland, and Miscellaneous. There was an earthquake, and, suddenly, everything collided. Their wo...
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About My AU!
I have this AU called LossTale! I just wanted to tell you all about it so you'd, well, so you'd know about it idk!
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The Amulet's Power ( book 2 ) ( Read Description )
All parts of this story is made up and in the Minecraft realm. So enjoy and harsh comments will be deleted. Unless there helpful. I do not own anything in this book, but it's plot,art,and idea. So do not take this story and cla...
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