Fiction and Nonfiction
Dragon Nights
So this is on a google doc me and my friends have for the story and I figured I'd put it here.
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Songs For Me And My Siblings
So these r some songs that remind of me and my siblings so i hope u guys enjoy!
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Ask/Dare Legacy
Someone asked me to make this so yeah lol. Enjoy bishes. Ask away. OK DESCRIPTION THEY GET IT-
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The Founders Origins
A girl who lost everything can bring back everything just by trying.We have been separated but together again we will bring back our home!The Light can guide us out of the dark...But all light has a dark shadow...
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Legacy Character Info Thingy
This has all the information about each character. There are minor spoilers for people who are not up to date with the book series. But in this story I will give you the general idea of each character, and even leave a few hint...
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Ask/Dare Izteray
HI and you guys can ask or dare him anything you want i don't really care! <3
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This is just a story that i've been running with in my head for awhile now and I thought you guys might like it. If you have any ideas or anything let me know!!
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What if Princess Joined Thunderclan?
If you are a fan of Warrior cats, then you must know Princess. What if she decides to join Thunderclan? Will stuff change or stay the same? please don't be mad at me if you don't like princess's warrior and/or apprentice name a...
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This is the second book of the Legacy Series, which I hope you all have been waiting for. If you haven't read the first book please go check it out first. Bye!
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Ask or dare Hp characters
Ask or dare the harry potter characters! YAYY this will be so much fun and i will be including me!
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Alice and Alex's story
So, you’re all wanting to know the story of Alice and Alex, 2….rather odd pairs of twins, who became Creepypastas….here’s how it started.
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who would have guess love?
okay so people that actually know me knows that i love the weasley twins. I have found a great story about a girl named Mila Caulin with a lot of drama and other things
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this is a aftons au its my au... sorry if bad..yup bad MIKE WILLIAM ELIZABETH CHRIS CLARA
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Ask/Dare me!
Im so bored and i wanted to this and well i thought this will be fun so enjoy!
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Forest's living nightmare
Forest touches a certain rock that makes his day a total nightmare. Will he find the rock before more bad things happen?
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sea of time
fire emblem fanfiction from like last january i think. sorry man i want the rep
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This is my most progressed book. It was originally based on a roleplay, and it has taken off from there. I hope you enjoy~ Also, I would really appreciate it if you could leave your opinion in the comments. I am always open to ...
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My gacha life
I will show you guys my gacha life! And im in it and i made friends too! (sorry if you can't see well my gachies)
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Ask/Dare Me! (bored)
Hello and u can ask me or dare me cause im bored so ENJOY my good friends!
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My theme songs!
Hello and these are my theme songs so yeah...i hope you guys ENJOY this! :3
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