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Joanna Hearts High School
In a world where everyone is magically gifted, these young apprentices soar high above your everyday folk. They are the Hearts High Hellhounds, the cream of the magical, slightly irradiated crop. And news flash; they're better ...
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The four musketeers
this is one of my stories on Q i write with my friends. i do not own the pictures.
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The reason I'm not on
Okay this will say what I'm not on I'm probably not going to be on a long time I'm sorry
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Once upon a night...
Okay so Im just gonna write something now and make sure i can run a good story before I start making Some characters Backstories
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BFDIA predictions
This is my predictions for if BFDIA continued. I say this is pretty unaccurate though
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The Absolute Worst and the Loudest Silence
Post Canon Harry Potter Fanfiction. FULL STORY! The wizarding world may have cheated death and won against the dark wizard Lord Voldemort, but nothing could have prepared them for the new protagonists taking the stage. A Huffle...
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The Story of Usiku (The Lion King Fan-Fiction)
Long past the reign of Kovu and Kiara is now the reign of their great-great-great grandson Rasut and his mate Maisha. Now, after many months of trying, Rasut will finally have an heir to the throne. His mate gives birth to trip...
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creepypasta the true story of nightmare thrill
hello so you came to hear my story well lets start from the begaing my name is emillo i died at sixteen i know right so young full of life you would be suprised i was bullied at school for being able to hear voices well en...
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Into the headless horsemen
Celti, a girl, or in this case the headless horsemen has been searching for her head over the years with her brother ed, severing countless of heads of humans as a reminder of what she is. Nothing more than a demon.
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The Absolute Worst Shorts and Junk
Post Cannon Harry Potter Fanfiction. A story sketch dump sort of thing. NOT THE FULL STORY JUST SOMETHING TO GO ALONG WITH IT! A Hufflepuff with no magic, a Ravenclaw with no reason, a Gryffindor with no honor, and a Slytherin ...
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dollie x hoodie
a long lost.friend? why did slendy send me instead of masky or toby or someone else?
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The Last Dragon
This story is based upon a dream I had in 2017. A young girl by the name of Serafina is called to work under the royalty of her kingdom - but has no idea her adopted parents gifted her with the most magical gift of all time! Jo...
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Where the Water Glows
An inspiring new artist by the code-name Ayako comes to Newberry Glade, a town situated in a valley between two mountains. She is suddenly accused of something she didn't do when the nearest body of water, Deergrove Lake, begin...
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Moon Children
Juniper June's days were average, but her nights were far from ordinary. It was only during the time where most people went to sleep that Juniper truly felt alive. She thought that this was her own unique quirk until one night ...
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This is a Pluckin Hot Fanfic
So I'm not gonna finish 57 pills ever and Bostyn still wants me to make a fuccin fanfic so i made one about making fiends.
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The Burning World
When Venemorh captured the kingdom’s capital with his army of Tenebers, the four royal families; Conils, Patermurs, Soricems and Tuterets have to organize an attack to take it back. While they are idle, either refusing or unabl...
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Queen of stone
A queen is offered a deal by two strange men, when she refuses she is turned into stone, and her memory is gone, will she ever remember what she needs to to save her kingdom? (Also sorry for the awful art and any spelling mista...
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Maraya's Big Dream
One night, Maraya has a big dream, where she and her grandma go out to the Goodwill and run into one of Maraya's favorite people: Ms. Carolyn. Then they go to her grandma's house to hang out for a while and have fun.
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PENUMBRA is a Reaper, like generations before her - but her true calling is to the Light. AURORA is a Light-Bringer, like all of the rest of her family - but she can't help but feel the pull to the Dark. PENUMBRA has just escap...
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Breaking Point
Life is a cruel thing that takes and takes until there is nothing left. When everything appears to be falling in order, the reality of it crashes in the ground. Lucinda, a high school senior, only dreams of the perfect normal h...
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