Thrown in Purposefully

Thrown in Purposefully

Get ready to find out what happens when a 16 year old girl is forced to change her life.Read to find out how & why.

published on March 23, 201357 reads 16 readers 2 completed
Chapter 1.

Life as I know it

My name is Jamie Black.I'm the one and only heir of Sirius Black.I'm 16 years old.Almost a fully grown witch but dad says that even after i'm 17 he's not letting me move out.I hope he's kidding.I have big plans for after i'm grown up.Me & my boyfriend are going to take Malfoy Manor.Of course,i'd have to be a Malfoy which I will be.Draco Malfoy is my boyfriend therefore I will be a Malfoy.I'm a Gryffindor.But I fell in love with Draco and now...well,we're inseparable.Of course,naturally,Harry almost killed me.Harry is my Half-brother.He's 17,so just 1 year older then me,yet he thinks he's WAAAAAY older than me.Cedric Diggory,Seamus Finnigan,Luna Lovegood and Dean Thomas,my closest friends,calmed him down.You're probably wondering how me and Harry are half-siblings,am I right?My mother is Lily Black/Potter/Evans.So is Harrys.James,Harrys father,was furious when he found out mum had cheated on him.He literally forced Peter Pettigrew to bring Voldemort.But in doing so,he put his own son in danger.So he ran off.Mum didn't survive.But me & Harry did.Nobody knows where James Potter is now.Dad took Harry in,though.And as long as I can remember Harry has kept ME safe while I kept him safe."Jamie?Jamie!"Dad called.I turned to him smiling."What were you thinking of that was SOOO important?"Harry asked curiously.I shrugged at him."Just..Draco."I answer which is partly true I guess.Harry rolls his eyes."I still can't believe you like that Malfoy git."Harry murmured.I stood and went to the window." kind and sweet and very,well,protective."I defended.Harry laughed."Malfoy?Kind?Sweet?"Harry laughed so much I felt like he was going to die of laughter.I rolled my eyes at him and turned back to the window.An owl was flying toward me.I stood quickly as the owl flew in and landed on the table.Dad reached out and grabbed the letter.Harry walked over to his side and they read the address to themself.Dad looked up and handed it to me."It's for you."He said simply.I took it and looked at the handwriting.It wasn't Dracos or Seamus' or Deans or Cedrics or Lunas or even Hogwarts.This had...different handwriting.I opened it and read the first line out loud:"Dear Miss Black,please join us at WizTech on September the 7th."
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Comments (2)

on April 24, 2014
Severus bloody Snape! That cracked me up! Great story
on August 24, 2013