The book of my theorys

In this book, you'll be learning ALL about my theories, where they came from and such.✍✍✍ There'll be at least one chapter a day.

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Chapter 1.
About dreams

About dreams

➩The reason I came up with this:

➩once, I was dreaming about a robot guy and it flung me into the neighbors yard. I woke up with a bloody nose.

➩My hypothesis:

➩My hypothesis is that the nightmares you have might mean something bad is gonna happen to you.

➩the reason why I still believe this hypothesis:

➩This happened to me again and again.

➩things to do to avoid these things:

➩don't sleep without thinking over the things you did. If you find out something that might be bad, you'll at LEAST be prepared. then, you don't need to get a nightmare for warning! If that still doesn't work, You must've forgotten about the bad thing or have an untrustworthy brain.
➩make sure your pillow is NOT over your head. If it is, you might get stressed out and that is the mos plausible way to have nightmares.
➩sleep with the lights on and/or the door open. This can keep those who are scared of the dark less scared.
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