Fiction and Nonfiction
The Ultimate Guide to Mary Sues
Have you ever felt that your OC is a Mary Sue? Have you ever wanted to change a Mary Sue into a good oc? This is the book for you!
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Song Lyrics (2)
Have you ever wondered what the lyrics to a song was? Well, boom. Find them here. You can also request a song. :3
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Automated Survival guide
Hello! I am your Automated Survival Guide! I am here to help you survive the oncoming polar vortex! Good luck!
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love comes in many forms
This is the story of Todd. Todd feels like he may love someone. and the chances are great that they will never love him in return
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All About BTS
This is your key to understanding everything I post! It includes short biographies about the members, theories on their songs, and links to their interviews and reality shows!
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Tracie Parker used to be an unpopular girl. But now that a man secretly gave her a makeover, she's determined to become friends with the popular crowd. Except things change when she meets a cute geek at the mall and gets his ph...
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Truths the Kardashians DONT want you finding out!
Shocking truths uncovered from the Kardashian Klan, brought to you here on Qfeast. Weekly Updated UNCENSORED Kardashian truths and secrets - Dont risk missing a thing and Follow!
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Character File
This is if you want to make a character, I use it a lot and it helps. At least, it helps for me. So, yeah...
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Types of Qfeasters
This is inspired by IIsuperwomanII for her types of people video and I've seen some pretty weird people.
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The Cliques
Oakwood High has a very strict policy - no mixing. That means you can only interact with people in your clique. The clique you were assigned to. But Ali is determined to change that.
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My Character Generator
This will generate a character for any story you are writing. So, yeah.
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The Silver Reign.
Warning: Some characters will be killed off in this story and I won't personally be deciding. This is going to be told through either first person or my point of view.
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To write love on her arms
This is a non profit organization please help and like spred the word look up the site to write love on her arms
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Dear Gamers...
This story is to relate to all gamers alike so this is my personal little message.
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12 broken hearts.
This is just a story about revenge so yeah :P lol and other stuff that I can't remember. BTW not all the girls mentioned in this have dated Brandon but I needed extra girls.
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Mackenzie coming to my house!
OMG guess who just showed up at m front door.. still guessing? too slow ,it was Mackenzie Hollister my all life enemie I heard the doorbell ring from the living room, and I was SHOCKED when I looked out my window and saw her o...
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When Life Shatters (1)
10-year-old Emma White spends her days gathering eggs from chickens, milking cows, riding horses, climbing trees, and picking apples, on her large farm out in the middle of nowhere. It's the perfect life, to her. But one day, l...
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Elementism Manifesto
Elementism is a religion which I have come up with. It is the belief in the four main elements - Earth, Fire, Water, and Air - as things to "worship." Technically, we do not worship them, but we do things like find our element,...
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My Final Exhibition Mock Trial
So, I wanted to post this and if I'm any good I'll make more. Don't be too harsh, I made this in grade 5.
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Story Character Generator
Are you writing a story and need characters? Well, no worries! This story will give you a detailed character - and it's different for every person! The character includes first name, last name, age, eye color, hair color, hair ...
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