Dear Gamers...

Dear Gamers...

This story is to relate to all gamers alike so this is my personal little message.

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We are all alike.

We are all alike.

Ah video games. The things that have lead to the stereo types of nerds and geeks everywhere. Weither your computer vs console, retro vs newcomer, or just the simple question of Mario vs Sonic you know what? It doesn't matter. Most of you may say: Well yeah it does; when no your wrong. Video games are all made for the same reasons; to entertain people and make them feel certain emotions. For most of you say that not all video games have the ability to make people feel emotions I point you to Matpat's deadlock episode which talks about the last of us and pacman. Even in video gaming wars gamers will fight to defend their favorite game when they're really fighting over nothing. Why do I say that? Because we all like the same games.
Now you may look at that and think that isn't true but just look at the facts. Most gamers stick to one type of genre of game maybe 2-3 if they really want different things. But here's the thing; we do like games in franchises/genre's that we normally don't play. We like it because it's new and that spreads our love of video games even more. It shows us how diverce we as humans have become. There really are no better video games. While people argue over Sonic being a bigger icon than Mario that's not true either.
And I dare you all to play a different genre of game when you can. So for all you Street Fighter players why not chill with some Minecraft? For platformers like Mario and Sonic why not try some Last Of Us? Assassin's Creed players why not try out some Amnesia, and for all people who play Call Of Duty cause I know there's a lot of you why not try something outside your element and play some Five Nights At Freddy's? Oh and just for those Call Of Duty fans for making fun of me about saying that Sonic is awesome I say you guys should play some Shadow the Hedgehog if you want guns in the Sonic world. Even console gamers I dare you to play some Slender or Super Meat Boy and you PC fans go and play some Star Fox. The point I'm trying to put up is that us as gamers should stop fighting over video games because we all like the same things.
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Can I add something?
Gamers don't have to play video games to be a gamer.
Board games, table-top games (D&D, Pathfinder, ect) and more are also there ^-^
on April 03, 2016
Good story
on August 04, 2015