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Creepypastas and Oc Parodies
You can read the title, can't you? I'm barely gonna be on here but I wanted to do this one at least.
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Slendergirl's story
This isn't why I chose to persue creepypastas instead of Sonic its just my characters backstory. I don't know if people are gonna like it but I'm willing to try. Btw there will be callbacks to Marble Hornets so.. if you don't k...
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Alexis' Farewell
I decided to make this to say I'm grateful for being in the fandom and for all the friends and support Ive gained over the years.
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The Power Alignment
I decided that since I'm not doing any more Sonic things that I might as well try something new and uh, yeah. So lets do this. If you want to know what the storys about then read it for a little bit. I did get a lot of the idea...
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I'm Quitting The Sonic Fandom
I don't really know what to say about this topic but I am quitting it for my own reasons.
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My Story (4)
This story deals with my almost suicide attempt and I wrote this to get the awareness of suicide out.
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Reunion With An Old Friend
Okay this is just a thing about my old friend Chester or his name now is Lance.
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You Can't Love A Monster
This is not a Shadexis fanfic. This is actually the story of my parents. Not my parents irl but I thought it would be interesting. Be warned that Queen Aleena will not be Sonic, Shadow, and Silver's mom. The three of them are r...
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Retelling of Rooftops (a septicplier fan-fic)
be warned that some swearing is involved however this is a comic on deviantart and its awesome so go check it out if ya wanna see it. I do not own this comic! I wish but I don't so don't give me credit for other people's work. ...
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Worst Youtuber Ever. (in my opinion.)
Okay before anyone says ANYTHING! THIS IS MY OPINION AS IT SAYS IN THE TITLE and I wrote this because I felt sympathy for someone.
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A Summer with "It"
This is just a lame story which I don't really expect to go anywhere and just made for my own amusement but some of this ish did happen to me.
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A Youtube Christmas Carol.
This is kinda late but I thought it would be very interesting to see how it'd work.
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Qfeast Crash.
(Qfeast please don't delete this I wuv you guys so much) Red: At least I didn't have my kids out of incest! Tangle: At least I don't have 17 of them! Me: Both of you shut up! Tangle: Don't you have a story to write? Me: Oh yeah...
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Types of Qfeasters
This is inspired by IIsuperwomanII for her types of people video and I've seen some pretty weird people.
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Things I did as a kid
Okay since I'm 13 I am officially not a kid anymore so this has stupid, dangerous, fun, happy, ect. Just because I'm making a story like this doesn't mean I'm happy.
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Top Ten Things That Annoy Me.
Tangle: (not my oc): Alexis! Me: What? Tangle: Your ranting again. Clyde: You stole our bit! Me: *slaps him*. -_-U
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The Silver Reign.
Warning: Some characters will be killed off in this story and I won't personally be deciding. This is going to be told through either first person or my point of view.
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Dear Gamers...
This story is to relate to all gamers alike so this is my personal little message.
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Mephiles Nightmare.
Yes this is a more darker and serious Sonic story just by the title so don't be surprised.
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No one cares.
Yes this is a bunch of personal stuff so be prepared for feels. I really want my older friends to read this.
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