Mephiles Nightmare.

Mephiles Nightmare.

Yes this is a more darker and serious Sonic story just by the title so don't be surprised.

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Chapter 1.
Out Of The Shadows

Out Of The Shadows

???'s P.O.V.
"Thunder! Can you hear me?" I called up from the bottom of the cave. No response. I tugged on the rope around my waist. I felt a tug back and smiled. GUN was here to see if there was any proof to support that the scepter of darkness was made here. However they lost it. How on Mobius do you lose something like that? My gloves hit something hard. I poured water on it and found the scepter. I kicked the ice with a firey kick as I grabbed the scepter. "Pull me up! I got it!" I yelled tugging on the rope tied firmly around my waist. I could hear Roberto and Thunder cheering but I didn't really care all that much. I just cared about getting back home. "Did you really get it boss?" Roberto asked seeing it in my hands. "Never doubt me," I said tossing the scepter to Thunder. He caught it and growled. "Easy dude, do you know who's-" I cut him off sharply. "Mephiles, I'm sure you know his niece, Roberto." He nodded as we got into the submarine.
I grabbed the scepter as soon as I could feel my fingers and held it up. "Here it is boys, one step closer to ultimate power," the three of us chuckled as a black fog wrapped itself around my arm. I suddenly felt dizzy. "You okay there, D" Thunder asked not looking back since he was driving the sub. I stumbled back something broke, I don't remember what? Everything faded to a dark black.
Mephiles P.O.V.
Finally! Some fools have found me, they're so stupid to think that they can control me. All I need is for them to free me, then I know just the vessel to take over this foolish planet. I will find you and destroy you...Shadow the Hedgehog...
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