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Who wants to be in Qfeast High?
Just sign up your oc for my newest story Qfeast High :) Name: Username: Age: Looks: Favorite song: Fav candy: Fav color: Likes: Dislikes: Ect:
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Qfeast Red Queen parts for story?
This is kinda like a red queen retelling of the first story in the series so of course there is going to be a main character but I am going to tweek it a little bit so that you get to see more of the powers if you wanna find th...
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Opinion on: Galactic Kids Next Door?
From what I heard this is coming to us. I think that with the darker story we're used to and the characters being older, well at least Nigel is, I am personally, very excited to see what will happen since the original creator i...
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Opinions on Yo-Kai Watch?
Personally I've been watching the show and it has a good idea but it seems like Pokémon mixed with ghost busters. Its not really that original in my opinion.
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Should I make a qfeast WWFFY? And do you wanna be in it?
I mean like make a qfeast wwffy using profiles about us like in my Qfeast crash story so no Sonic ocs or anything animalish. I really don't want to use that subject but if you do wanna be in it heres the form: Name: Where you ...
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Who wants to be in my story: Qfeast Crash?
This is similar to another Qfeaster but she deleted her story. Anyways this story is about all of us Qfeasters meeting up to stop the Qfeast creator from deleting our favorite fandoms. You can have any oc (pkm, cp,eah, ect) EXC...
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What is your favorite Creepypasta story?
By this I don't mean characters I mean actual stories. Mine is Enjoy Your Stay which is read by MrCreepyPasta on youtube.
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Anyone wanna be in my werewolf/vampire survival story?
Okay this is a survival story like the title implies but instead of zombies your dealing with vampires and werewolves and it doesn't help that the two clans are at war. I don't want Sonic ocs/any other ocs, I wanna know your pr...
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What Do You Do When You Are Upset?
I sleep, yep whenever I am upset I sleep, that's how I slept for 14 hours straight, no joke.
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What is your favorite youtuber queot?
Mine is from Coodoo17's video: Hedgehog Race. Coodoo: Leave him alone ya curly haired b*stard! He's just a smoov!
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If I do another quiz series what should it be about?
I'm not sure and I want to hear your guys' opinions.
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Who wants to be in my new sonic wwffy?
This one instead of the Quiz taker falling in love with the guys its going to be with the girls and up to 6-8 oc will be allowed.
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What is your favorite healthy desert?
Mine is whipped cream and apples.
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What do people see in MLP?
Really like what is it? Cause I only liked it when I was 6 at most.
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Who inspired you to join Qfeast?
Just another thing I'm wondering.
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What am I known for?
If you say Shadexis or Gummy bears I'll delete your answer. -_- I wanna know.
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What is the first movie you ever saw?
Mine was Sharkboy and Lavagirl, it was awesome. ^-^
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Want to be in my Sonic mystery story?
I actually made a script for this for a sprite video but this is as far as I've gotten. Victim: Queen Aleena. Investigators: Sonic, Tails, Sonia, Manic, and Knuckles. Suspects(I only need 7 because Alexis and Amy are two suspec...
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What helps you sleep at night?
This is basically what the title says. What helps me sleep actually is imagining my worst fears surrounding my bed and I go to sleep. Its weird but it works for me.
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