Retelling of Rooftops (a septicplier fan-fic)

Retelling of Rooftops (a septicplier fan-fic)

be warned that some swearing is involved however this is a comic on deviantart and its awesome so go check it out if ya wanna see it. I do not own this comic! I wish but I don't so don't give me credit for other people's work. Sadly Pewdiepie is in this but I will be doing his part because its kinda interesting.

published on March 19, 20165 reads 3 readers 1 not completed
I Saw Him On The Rooftop

I Saw Him On The Rooftop

Mark's P.O.V.
"Ugh my stomach hurts, maybe some fresh air will help," I groaned and held my stomach. I felt queasy but opened my window and stepped onto the roof. I heard a sniffle and turned my head to the noise. A guy was huddled a few feet away, crying. It was that new exchange student from Ireland named Sean. I walked over and asked him what went wrong. Just as I was about to, he turned his head, his eyes were red as more tears rolled down his cheeks. "GO THE F*CK AWAY!" Sean snapped at me, whipping his head and torso in my direction behind him. I stared at him shocked. "I...I just wanted to help you." "You can help by going the f*ck away." Sean glared me, wiping tears away with the sleeves of his shirt. "S-Sean," I started. "Jack! My name is Jack!" He yelled glaring me. "Don't f*cking call me Sean." "I'm sorry J-Jack, I just thought I could come over and-" I cut myself off as I felt the same pain in my stomach again. "And what?" Jack asked looking at me as I held my stomach and crouched down. The next thing I know, I puked. Ugh the pain. I groaned as I heard Jack yelling something. "Fischbach?" Jack said before I blacked out.

Jack's P.O.V.
He had seen me cry. I looked at the bottoms of my shoes which were covered in bile. I was so tempted to leave the him on the roof but something compelled me to do differently. Surprisingly I had enough strength to carry his arse from there to the hospital. As I saw him get hooked up to all sorts of machines I stood by the window, near the curtain with my back to the door. I heard a groan and turned my head towards the hospital bed.

Mark's P.O.V.
What? What happened? How did I get here? I snapped my head as the door swung open. "Mark Fischbach if your pain was this bad you should've come here sooner!" "Hi Ms. Minx," I replied. "If I'd known it would've gotten this bad, I would've came sooner." She handed me some pills. "Take these, it should help the pain but make you a little bit drowsy." I nodded. "Thank you." "Don't thank me, Mr. McBoss was the one who brought you here." I heard someone call for her and she left. "Thank you, Jack." I replied seeing the bottom of his shoes. Did I do that? "Just listen to me," Jack replied grabbing me by my shirt. "If you tell ANYONE about what you saw, I will make your life a living hell," Jack threatened. I nodded as he walked out of the room.
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jack sounds......mad

please finish the story
pweaaaaaasse :3
on April 16, 2016