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Ask Tori anything!
Qfeast demands words ok even MORE words is that good enough qfeast? clearly not ok there we are
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The world of anons
Welcome to the Q & A rules will be explained. Only trusted users are allowed to take the pass. Bye
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My Top Tens!
Essentially you can put a request about anything down below like "Hey do a Top Ten My Hero Academia characters" or something along those lines and I will. i doubt this will get very popular though."
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Lose Yourshark
A parody of Eminem's Lose Yourself except it's about the Sharkenge and the OCs in it.
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Greasy (Pizza Parody)
This is a parody of the song Humble by Kendrick Lamar, but the lyrics are redone in pizza style.
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Akuyaku Concerto (4KIDS version) Lyrics
The 4KIDS dub of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure presented some very interesting lyrics for their songs, especially Akuyaku Concerto! Let's take a look at this odd translation, shall we?
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Ruby's Hunger Games
In this fanfic prequel to the Hunger Games, follow Ruby, District 1's idiot tribute, in her fight for survival in the 70th Games.
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qfeast wants me to post
qfeast won’t leave me alone oh my gosh why what the heck do you mean i need more words
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Slendergirl's story
This isn't why I chose to persue creepypastas instead of Sonic its just my characters backstory. I don't know if people are gonna like it but I'm willing to try. Btw there will be callbacks to Marble Hornets so.. if you don't k...
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The Power Alignment
I decided that since I'm not doing any more Sonic things that I might as well try something new and uh, yeah. So lets do this. If you want to know what the storys about then read it for a little bit. I did get a lot of the idea...
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The nightmare kingdom Book 1: The Rise
I'm only going to do three books of this so I hope you enjoy. Okay you can go now description. Sorry my English sucks. ( This is not related to Fnaf. )
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The Lover of Nightmares
Nightmare Moon has been alone her whole life, even before she was banished to the moon. But, when she was "destroyed" by the Elements of Harmony, she was sent to the human realm, where she met a human named Jason Mardon. (This ...
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Vocaloid Songs as Stories
I've done some digging into Vocaloid songs I really adore, and I've found that some songs have hidden stories behind them. As such, I've managed to construct these songs into stories that convey the song's meaning as best as I ...
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Song Writers (read description )
Hoi~ do you have trouble writing songs? Well not anymore, I made this to help people, basically it has a bunch of lyrics for songs. Hope you like!
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Dear Blank
So I'm ganna write letters to people about stuff. I will be taking requests but later. In the mean time enjoy. It's just for humor don't get uppity about this.
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Short stories (3)
This is going to be a lot of stories in one book. So have fun reading! I guess... I will upload stories everyday. (Pics will be later...)
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Impossible Love (An TAWOG Fanfic) (Gumball x Tina)
Is it impossible to fall in love with your bully? Even more so if your a blue kitten and she's a T-Rex? Well, that's exactly what happens with Gumball Watterson. Will this end in happiness or sorrow? (Teenage Years AU (My own A...
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Gravity Feels Oneshots
Basically Gravity Falls feels oneshots. (Possible more-shots, but it's unlikely) I'm going to make 'em with feels. It can be AUs, normal Gravity Falls, or after the series is over. DISCLAIMER: Alex Hirsch owns Gravity Falls.
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Twins of Royalty
Locked inside the royal castle for all their lives, Dusk and Dawn can't say much about the outside world. And when they are about to leave, what evils do you think follows? Fueled by imagination and stories, these twins have to...
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