Akuyaku Concerto (4KIDS version) Lyrics

Akuyaku Concerto (4KIDS version) Lyrics

The 4KIDS dub of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure presented some very interesting lyrics for their songs, especially Akuyaku Concerto! Let's take a look at this odd translation, shall we?

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Chapter 1.

Oingo Boingo variant (Oingy Boingy Brothers)

[Oingy] I'm a funny man!
[Boingy] I'm a funny kid!
[Both] Oingy Boingy Brotheerrrsss!

My name is Oingy, I'm a funny maaa-a-aaa-a-a-a-a-a-an!
I can turn into many things, watch me as I do it now!
I can turn into a dog, or even an old man
I am so funny!

My name is Boingy, I love to read my booo-oo-ooooo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-ooks!
But this comic I am reading can predict the future too
I wish people would believe when I tell them.
Maybe you can trust me?

[Both] Here we go! Here we go! We'll stop JoJo!
[Oingy] The comic says so, now ain't that right?

[Boingy] The comic I have shows us stopping him, so we can be the best hero team
[Oingy] So, remember kids, we can save the daaaay!
[Both] We like to fucc fat people!
[Oingy] So don't fuccing judge!
[Both] Oingy Boingy Brotheeerrss!

[Oingy] I'm a funny man!
[Boingy] I'm a funny kid!
[Both] Oingy Boingy Brotheerrrsss!

[Both] Now we are getting really siiiick, but don't worry, we just have common cold!
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