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Welcome to the Q & A rules will be explained. Only trusted users are allowed to take the pass. Bye

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Chapter 1.

Rules #1

-you need to  be  one of the genuine users and someone who's been around for a while and someone who is not bitchy enough to change password .
-You are allowed to make NSFW posts
-No changing password
-Real life events are encouraged
- You shouldn't reveal your name that's the point
- You shouldn't edit  it except your question or your answer to a question
- I can take down questions and answers which violate the rules
-put tw and nsfw warnings when on need
- I don't have to give u the password if I don't trust you but most likely if u are a genuine person I'd give you the pass even if I don't talk to u
- don't give out the password to anyone even if it's a friend. If your friend is interested ask them to approach me
- cursing in a limit  is allowed lol but q doesn't let
-just don't be a bitch please we had enough of them
- your answers to a question shouldn't be threating
- if someone answered you and made your day make sure to reply to make their day back <3
- no trolls or predators allowed. You should be a genuine user as I said and someone I atleast majority of people on here trust
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