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Essentially you can put a request about anything down below like "Hey do a Top Ten My Hero Academia characters" or something along those lines and I will. i doubt this will get very popular though."

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Chapter 1.

Top 10 Youtubers

#10: CrankGamePlays: I'm a big fan of crank. I'm also a big fan of Let's Play Youtubers and... this is what most of them are, but CrankGamePlays A.K.A Ethan is a Youtube game commentator with nearly a million subs. He does videos on mostly Gamejolt games or Indie games but sometimes branches off.

#9: Cryaotic: His voice is so melodic and he's also open about his sexuality which makes me feel better about mine. He's very funny and good at the games he plays

#8: MangaMinx: She was actually the Youtuber who helped me come to terms with my sexuality and I'm so thankful for her. I love her content and she's pretty funny.

#7: Roomie: This guy is plain and simple REALLY talented. His singing is amazing, he can rap surprisingly well, and is just pleasant to watch.

#6: Kapital Pixelated: This guys was my first friend when I moved to America and despite not having very many subscribers he's still a really funny guy and is surprisingly talented.

#5: DudeIt'sSam: Other then Kapital Pixelated this guy has the lowest subscriber count on this list. He has (As of this moment) 5,410 subscribers. He typically does First Person Shooter games and is really funny.

#4: Logan Paul: Despite all the controversy surrounding him and his brother I legitimately enjoy his content. He has a bubbly personality and is just pleasant to watch.

#3: Boyinaband: He is by far the best rapper on this list and is ridiculously funny. He also teaches us to be ourselves.

#2: Skydoeseverything/Netnobody: Adam is a YouTube powerhouse. He sings, he raps, he vlogs, he does chalenges, he does let's plays, he does pranks, and he collabs.  what more could you ask for. He's supremely funny and is also quite attractive X3

#1: Markiplier: He is by far the greatest YouTuber of all time. He looks good, he sounds good, he's funny, and he does everything as well. He is an amazingly kind person and is just way too much fun to watch. Plus he speaks Korean. He and I could have a conversation. Cause uh.... I can speak Korean too.

I hope you enjoyed reading and just. Give me suggestions as to what to do next have a nice day
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on December 14, 2018
on December 14, 2018