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My Top Tens!
Essentially you can put a request about anything down below like "Hey do a Top Ten My Hero Academia characters" or something along those lines and I will. i doubt this will get very popular though."
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The 100 (Qfeast Edition)
So I posted a question asking if people were okay with being added to the story. So yeah fun X3
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This is initially a book where I disprove everything people want me to. Of course I'm going to start off with Feminism because it's stupid. Yay! I had no idea what category to choose for this XD
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We Made It To The Surface
This story follows Chara the first fallen child. Being bullied by everyone due to the new rumors no one wants her around... What will she do? ((It's my story I say Chara is a girl. So is Frisk. Also this story will contain inap...
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