Dear Blank

Dear Blank

So I'm ganna write letters to people about stuff. I will be taking requests but later. In the mean time enjoy. It's just for humor don't get uppity about this.

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Artemis and TwinBlast buff

Dear Epic Games,
Hi...I'm Josh. You don't know me but I know you very well. You have created my most favourite game of all time, Smite. That and along with it Paragon. The two first and only full on Mobas for console, Overwatch not counting because it's a FPS. However I can't help but notice that you really hate Carry type charaters. Which is...Bullshit!

Allow me to explain. A carry is a ranged charater that should push a lane forward with no trouble other than enemy players. And some can't do that as well as others. I get that because some are used to DESTROY A PLAYERS HEALTH WITH 3 SHOTS. But there are two charaters I've come to talk about. Artemis, the God of the hunt or whatever. The bitch with the bow the community comes to know her as from Smite. She has been said to be the WORST CARRY in Smite. And also TwinBlast. The guy who has two guns as bound goes NO DAMAGE. The worst carry in Paragon.

So as a carry you should be able to push a lane late or early game. Well these two can't! See at the start Artemis does about 40 odd damage and Twin does 26 Damage. 40 and 26? No that can't be right? I hear say. Well it is. See I'll compare. Artemis compared to Appollo does way less damage Appollo doing 50! You may say and what? But that is a lot when it comes to later game when Appollo is hitting 700 Criticals and Artemis is hitting 600. And Artemis has no clear moves. Yes she has a arrow rain move that does NO DAMAGE. And a attack speed increaser but that is for getting out of a tuff spot too so it's not to be wasted on minions. Then there is TwinBlast who compared to Sparrow, the Artemis rip off who is probably better at everything than her too. TwinBlast hits 26 while she hits 40. That is a huge gap. Then come late game Sparrow is hitting near 600 critical is done right and Twin hits 490 or 510 and that depends if you built critical chase because of how little damage you do. The only thing is that TwinBlast has a really good escape chance unlike most other carries but that still doesn't mean he should be shooting peas out a GOD...DAMN...HANDCANNON!

Okay so yeah they can be good if played right but on the charaters they are Intermediate. Meaning they should require you to spend days upon days finding what works for they and what doesn't. Hours training yourself to deal with the targeting you get early and late game. And even longer trying to find a game because everytime you pick these guys someone leaves and the queue restarts!

Maybe I'm over thinking. Maybe I'm just bad at these games even though I often have to carry the team to the win with unknown skills. Maybe I'm just being fan boy of my two favorite charaters in these games. But still you need to fix this BULLSHIT.

Joshua Summerell
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Way to kick some ass
on October 04, 2016
on October 04, 2016