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The Legend of Super Sally
So during my time playing xenoverse I had one primary charater which I named Sally. So this is just kinda the story I've built behind her. I'll add the looks of her progression as I get the screen shots but I don't have them rn.
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The Unseen War
The ATI, Anti Homeland invasion, team are a force of few team that specialise in dealing with Homeland threats before and after they even happened. The teams consist of 5-6 people. Delta squad are one of the best teams to run a...
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Last hope
In one final struggle for Earth, two great friends are offered great power, beyond that of God's. When power is against all, we achieve higher.
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A world under constant attack from monsters and villains that want to stop the peace. (Totally not a OPM rip off) A hero's company was formed to gather people, strong or different to fight this evil.
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Darkest Era VR
Five friends, play a game together. A game that takes into itself. But something goes wrong and they get stuck. And know it's their life or their death.
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Dear Blank
So I'm ganna write letters to people about stuff. I will be taking requests but later. In the mean time enjoy. It's just for humor don't get uppity about this.
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Three people of the future of different technique must fight one mighty being. Whether they can do it is down to their ability.
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Songs Of Life
Songs based off my life. Hopefully I can get a could thumbnail too. Enjoy!
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The Ashen One
In a land where hollows go to die. One man has to push himself to light the first flame. But in this land anything could happen.
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Pain Can Be Pretty
A city under constant darkness must fend of wave after wave of attacks from mutants, big and small. However some are more fit for this than others, two teams of super humans have been used to help. But one man, knows more than ...
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The Immortals (1)
Four Immortals have to fight that of a god. However with each people species past, this could prove to be a challenge.
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My Original Songs!
So here I will be writing songs. Simple, I may do some covers too. Like how I would like the songs lyrics to go. I mainly focus on Rock. So picture it as that. Bye bye and enjoy.
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We Fly And Fight together
(To sum this up, stars wars rip off XD) So one mechanic has to take control of his first ever ship. He must overcome his fears and past to fight for home. Mechs, space ships and lasers, he knows how to make them, but can he use...
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The True Metal War
The True test of man vs metal, as metal shall be clashing in epic conflict. The story is about a young boy Joshua Smith...Sound familiar? Well this is the same guy. But! This is if he had changed his life. Instead of becoming a...
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Responses to things that have been said about me.
Hahaha f*ck the haters, in this story I will be going over comments, messages, things that have been said...And turning them into dust, wrecks, useless words in which you have wasted. And you're lucky I'm not on youtube coz I w...
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One Last Fight
Josh Smith, the one man army, is back for one last fight. He has no idea what he's up against but with some help from a very old person from the past, they and many friends fight for what little planet they have left. However, ...
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The story of fights
So, as Oc fights was...Surprisingly popular, I had this. As i am, well was a fan of death battle, until they stopped doing the right research. So I, yours truly Spinner, will be making fights of what you want, oc's or real char...
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Never Ending Wars
A hybrid, shunned from the rest of the other Angels, Light and Dark. As he goes on, he meets people. People who will love and hate him. And some of his own kind. But can they all stop the unstoppable powers coming there way.
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Prepare to cry.
This is where I talk about sad things about OC's, mine and yours if you want. This is going to be sad and depressing. Maybe, but enjoy the secrets that you may have never have known about Oc's.
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OC fights (V 2.0)
Due to a few issues the first OC fights died off, i am sorting these issues personally.
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